The SIBO Diet for Crohn’s/IBS

This link above is one of the best organized food lists that I have found on the internet so far.  I was looking for a menu style food list to state which foods are more likely to ferment in your body and which do the opposite.  I have been a bit too gassy lately, with a bubbly stomach and I was wondering what I was eating that was obviously fermenting in my gi tract. Something was not digesting fully and creating this bloating.

I have been eating potatoes lately and I have also added in almond yogurt that I found at the store.  Both of these are on the highly fermentable list.  The potatoes are very starchy and the yogurt has a bit too much sugar in it.  I was also drinking coconut milk and that was on the harmful side as well! Who knew!!

My goal is to use this list and focus on the left side where all of the low fermentable foods are. I hope to get myself back to a calm state again after experimenting with some new food choices.  I am already feeling different after stopping some of the new food choices that I was eating.

Many have asked me for safe food ideas or a summary of what I eat on a daily basis.  I too struggle to find foods that agree with me or not and I am always experimenting.  I hope that this pdf is super helpful to you!!

As always, please let me know if the changes you make give you some relief.  I am always interested to see what food changes do.  Thank you!


So what is the cause for autoimmune disease?

Doctors still have no idea what the cause for autoimmune disease is because they are not looking for it in the correct manner.  Looking into it might provide a cure and big pharm would not like that very much at all.  Now, I am not anywhere near as smart as a doctor and I accept that!  I do feel however, that I am smarter in the fact that I look into all possible options, both medical and holistic methods. 

I went down the medical route and it truly only treats the symptoms. There was never any mention on ways to figure out the cause! Never in all 5 years of trying!! The only mention on nutrition was to identify your trigger foods.  What about preservatives, chemicals, wheat??? It wasn’t until I personally started researching and reading, did I find methods that actually worked to heal and cure!!  It all made perfect sense when I realized what needed to be done.  When it started to work, I was pretty amazed, but not surprised because it just made logical sense. 

There is a very sensitive balance of good and bad bacteria in your digestive tract.  Many things can disturb the balance.  Let’s say you contract a virus and you get diarrhea as a result.  The bacteria in your gut has been altered by the virus and there are certain dietary things you need to do to get it back on track.  Now let’s change the virus to gluten!  The same thing happens and every time you eat it, you disturb the balance.  This happens every time you eat wheat and it is in everything!!! Your body just does not have time to rebound and fix the balance as you keep eating it.

Look anywhere on the internet – Wheat/Gluten is not the same product as it was 50 years ago.  Something has changed in how it is grown and used.  The same thing goes for all of the chemicals and preservatives in the food.  Your gut flora does not stand a chance!!!

I know of someone who cannot eat any gluten what so ever here in America.  When she travels to Europe and eats a similar product – No problems!!! Why??? I’ll leave you with that….




Progress: Anti-Candida/Parasite diet

I have officially been off of wheat/gluten for about 5 days now.  There are some definite notable changes!!! I do seem to have more energy with a less foggy mind.  There is significantly less gas and bloating.  If gas is passed, it is almost undetectable since stopping the wheat.  The same thing happens to me with dairy by the way and I have always avoided that. 

I purchased some freshly peeled garlic from Trader Joes for just about $2.00 and I am including that in meals.  I also have some left over mint capsules that also are known to be anti-bacterial.  Since I don’t eat gluten or bread, my sugar intake is almost zero and the candida/bacteria will just starve.  I start the real parasite cleanse on Monday with Oregano oil and probiotics!  I should not go through a detox period since I am relatively clean from juicing. 

As far as juicing goes I stocked up yesterday.  I have multi-color carrots, peppers, kale, spinach, pears, lemons, celery, cucumbers, cabbage, ginger, oranges.  Not all are for creating a balance, but here are a few. 

  • Carrots – Nourishing to the gi tract and anti-bacterial
  • Peppers – Anti-biotic and anti-parasite
  • Kale/Spinach – Candida and harmful bacteria hate chlorophyll
  • Lemons – The skin contains anti-bacterial properties!!
  • Cabbage – A yeast killing powerhouse
  • Ginger – All over destroyer of evil – haha

Now if you have 30 minutes, watch this video below.  I didn’t think I would watch more than 1 minute when I saw it was a drawing video.  It was so informative that I easily watched the whole thing and it made a ton of sense.  It is about what has happened behind the scenes since the 50’s to food and how big corporations have manipulated the public by designing foods that cause disease = Crohn’s!!