The Dangers of Immune Altering Drugs

It is widely known that the intestinal bacteria/flora in the human body regulates the immune system.  If you have a strong immune system and rarely get sick, your good bacteria levels are sound.  Many times if someone is always getting sick they have poor flora levels and this stems from the foods they put into their bodies that harms these levels.  

I remember in my first year of teaching that I was never sick. Not a sniffle, cough or anything.  I remember that every single morning at breakfast time I would eat a full cup of probiotic filled yogurt and a large glass of cranberry juice.  In my second year of teaching I did not do this and I was sick a few times throughout the year.  

The internal flora is the key here to keeping your immune system strong.  Some of the drugs that are being prescribed lower your immune system so that the attack is reduced and inflammation is also reduced.  These drugs open up the door to serious infections by lowering the immune response. The side effects of these products are just plain scary!

Doctors are prescribing these drugs that actually can cause other dangerous infections and sickness that would then require the use of another drug or antibiotic!! Crazy!!

If you want to stop your immune system from attacking your body with harmful inflammation, work toward creating a balanced intestinal flora.  When you eat foods that help this balance and juice ingredients that strengthen/regulate the immune system you don’t need to take drugs to weaken your immune system.  Your body will naturally regulate itself through a proper balance of flora.  

Juicing provides: Immunity, detoxification, anti-cancer cells, energy, anti-inflammatory, mental clarity, proper digestion.

It is one of the best things you can do for prevention of disease and a healer of the disease itself!


**Why Crohn’s medications are not working**

**Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that prescription medication does not do its job. It does what it says, but it will never cure you or fully heal you. Doctors know this and it keeps them in business.**

Medications that I was taking like Pentasa or Asacol are designed to treat the inflammation that is caused by the overactive immune system.  This inflammation was caused by a severe imbalance of flora, which was caused by the chemicals, additives and preservatives that we eat.  Why is it that every doctor that I have come in contact with prescribes a heavy dose of probiotics?? My doctor even went with one that controls yeast overgrowth of all things.  Hmmmm! They know there is an imbalance issue, but they have it backward.  They think the imbalance is caused by the Crohn’s inflammation, but it is the imbalance that sets off the chain of events in the first place. 

I have seen many people online that say “I keep to a very strict diet, but I still have trouble with symptoms”.  I have also heard others say “I tried juicing and I still have symptoms, so I stopped”.  Some have no success with probiotics either. 

I have come to realize that taking probiotics, eating a special diet and juicing just was not enough to overturn the imbalance.  These organisms are very strong and it takes heavy herbs to get rid of them. 

Your probiotic will not work until you go through a program to kill the infestation.  This is the key to eliminating Crohn’s disease.  This is not done with antibiotics!!! That would be the worst thing you could do.  This is done with natural items such as oil of oregano, garlic and coconut oil.  It truly works!! I am presently doing this and I am 9 months medicine free!

In addition to this is juicing mainly green ingredients containing chlorophyll.  It is important to keep the juices lower on the sugar as this feeds the imbalance.  Once you create a healthy environment in your gut, then the juicing takes over to keep it that way and heal. 

I used to be on a first name basis with my pharmacist.  I have not been to that counter to see him in 9 months and I am damn proud of that!!!!!

Progress: Positive changes!!

I am having such success with what I am doing that I just have to keep posting to the world so that someone at least tries what is obviously working for me.  I wanted this post to be an easy comparison to see the changes in only 3-4 days.  Once again, although I wish I was making money from all of this, I am not! I am just a poor elementary school teacher who doesn’t accept pills and surgery as the answer.

Eating Wheat/Gluten 1-2x per day -1 month = With daily non-specific juicing, probiotic

  • Stomach noises throughout the day
  • Feeling tired and foggy with headaches
  • extra bathroom breaks an hour or two after the first one
  • Floating stools, undigested food particles
  • Gas all day – horrible odor
  • Small amounts of mucus with stool =inflammation
  • Severe hemorrhoid flare up

Whole foods and 0 Wheat/Gluten = Daily specific juicing, Metagenics Supplements, probiotic

  • Stomach is calm and quiet
  • Feeling more alert and energetic with less headaches
  • Average of 1 morning bathroom break each day
  • Stools sink immediately – proper digestion and no fermentation
  • Gas is basically odorless – Big difference there!!
  • Stool is perfectly formed and water is perfectly clear – Big Difference!!
  • No sign of inflammation
  • Hemorrhoids have calmed somewhat

Specific juicing includes fruits, vegetables and herbs that work to kill harmful bacteria.  Non-specific juicing might be a juice containing all fruit ingredients and would foster overgrowth. 

My goal here is not to sell you products like other sites would do.  It is to show you that these things work and I am testing them on myself daily.  Please give it a try because the flora balance theory seems to be a pretty darn good one!!

Progress: What I am doing is working!!

A short time ago, I was trying to add wheat back into my daily meals and threw my balance of flora off in the process.  I had a lot of gas, bloating and noises coming from the intestinal area.  I had to run to the bathroom more often in the middle of the day.  Stools would float due to the gas and fermentation of the food that would not digest correctly.  Also the gas itself was way over the top in odor.  haha! These are the facts:)

After I completely stopped eating wheat/gluten my symptoms got better, but I still could not bring my flora back to balance even with juicing and probiotics.  Here is what I did to see a complete turn around just a few days later:

  • Juicing daily- leafy greens, bell peppers, red cabbage, lemon, ginger, carrots, pear…
  • Added fresh raw garlic to my meals such as sauce or olive oil and garlic.
  • Started Metagenics Candibactin AR 1 pill 2x a day, Candibactin BR 2 pills 2x a day
  • Started a high dose probiotic Metagenics Ultra Flora 18 billion count.
  • Drinking ginger,cinnamon, green tea:  Grate fresh ginger into pot with cinnamon.  Just heat and not boil.  Add in the green tea bag and let the ginger sink to the bottom.  

All that I can say is this all works wonders.  The key to eliminating Crohn’s and its symptoms is to focus all of your efforts on your balance of flora.  It needs to be 80% good and 20% bad.  I would bet that everyone who has Crohn’s has this reversed.  The gas is now odorless and stools have normalized in just a few days.  

Look into doing this and really research on ways to kill only the harmful organisms and cultivate the healthy ones.  You will start to feel the difference!!!!

As always, please let me know if you have positive results:)  Those that are heavily out of balance might go through a detox phase where your body purges toxins quickly. This will pass and it is called the Herxheimer Reaction.