**Why Crohn’s medications are not working**

**Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that prescription medication does not do its job. It does what it says, but it will never cure you or fully heal you. Doctors know this and it keeps them in business.**

Medications that I was taking like Pentasa or Asacol are designed to treat the inflammation that is caused by the overactive immune system.  This inflammation was caused by a severe imbalance of flora, which was caused by the chemicals, additives and preservatives that we eat.  Why is it that every doctor that I have come in contact with prescribes a heavy dose of probiotics?? My doctor even went with one that controls yeast overgrowth of all things.  Hmmmm! They know there is an imbalance issue, but they have it backward.  They think the imbalance is caused by the Crohn’s inflammation, but it is the imbalance that sets off the chain of events in the first place. 

I have seen many people online that say “I keep to a very strict diet, but I still have trouble with symptoms”.  I have also heard others say “I tried juicing and I still have symptoms, so I stopped”.  Some have no success with probiotics either. 

I have come to realize that taking probiotics, eating a special diet and juicing just was not enough to overturn the imbalance.  These organisms are very strong and it takes heavy herbs to get rid of them. 

Your probiotic will not work until you go through a program to kill the infestation.  This is the key to eliminating Crohn’s disease.  This is not done with antibiotics!!! That would be the worst thing you could do.  This is done with natural items such as oil of oregano, garlic and coconut oil.  It truly works!! I am presently doing this and I am 9 months medicine free!

In addition to this is juicing mainly green ingredients containing chlorophyll.  It is important to keep the juices lower on the sugar as this feeds the imbalance.  Once you create a healthy environment in your gut, then the juicing takes over to keep it that way and heal. 

I used to be on a first name basis with my pharmacist.  I have not been to that counter to see him in 9 months and I am damn proud of that!!!!!



I began my Metagenics supplements today to correct the small imbalance that I created by toying with wheat products again.  I purchased the Candibactin AR and BR along with a concentrated probiotic. The AR is basically oil of oregano and kills candida yeast and other harmful bacteria.  I take 1 pill 2x per day.  The BR also contains components that kill harmful bacteria and I will be taking 2 pills 2x per day.  I will be taking a high potency probiotic to replenish my system as well.  I am also eating fresh garlic with most meal along with olive oil. I still need to get my coconut oil to add to the program. 

There is a lot of research about how SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth) leads to autoimmune disease like Crohn’s.  It really makes sense when you sequence it out:

  1. Processed foods/GMO’s/Stress
  2. SIBO
  3. Immune system attacks
  4. Inflammation/damage
  5. Poor food absorb
  6. Severe imbalance
  7. Immune system attacks all bacteria
  8. Imbalance continues
  9. Crohn’s
  10. The cycle continues until the balance is controlled

When the balance is restored, inflammation reduces and the immune system calms itself down.  Crohn’s is able to finally heal!!! Juicing aides in the detox and the healing, but it needs help if you are too far gone from years of damage. 

My juice recipes lately are directed at restoring a positive balance and including ingredients that are antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory.