**The Doctors are Catching up to me!!**


The link above is the latest press release on how bacteria, fungi, parasites have a major role in the development of Crohn’s Disease! Are you kidding me!! Shocking!! I seem to remember blogging about this stuff over and over again fairly recently. 

It is all coming together here folks!! Doctors, glad you can now join me on what I already figured out!!

  • Get a juicer and juice daily
  • Eat food that is real
  • Eat food that kills all of the harmful microbes mentioned in the article!!
  • Take supplements like garlic and oregano to kill off the harmful microbes

My god, their next article is going to be called juicing for Crohn’s most likely!!!

Oh and it’s the processed foods/chemicals we eat that causes the bacteria imbalance.  Let me know when they figure that out!! Gets me angry!



I began my Metagenics supplements today to correct the small imbalance that I created by toying with wheat products again.  I purchased the Candibactin AR and BR along with a concentrated probiotic. The AR is basically oil of oregano and kills candida yeast and other harmful bacteria.  I take 1 pill 2x per day.  The BR also contains components that kill harmful bacteria and I will be taking 2 pills 2x per day.  I will be taking a high potency probiotic to replenish my system as well.  I am also eating fresh garlic with most meal along with olive oil. I still need to get my coconut oil to add to the program. 

There is a lot of research about how SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth) leads to autoimmune disease like Crohn’s.  It really makes sense when you sequence it out:

  1. Processed foods/GMO’s/Stress
  2. SIBO
  3. Immune system attacks
  4. Inflammation/damage
  5. Poor food absorb
  6. Severe imbalance
  7. Immune system attacks all bacteria
  8. Imbalance continues
  9. Crohn’s
  10. The cycle continues until the balance is controlled

When the balance is restored, inflammation reduces and the immune system calms itself down.  Crohn’s is able to finally heal!!! Juicing aides in the detox and the healing, but it needs help if you are too far gone from years of damage. 

My juice recipes lately are directed at restoring a positive balance and including ingredients that are antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory.