Creamy Sweet Citrus: Immunity


I have made this same recipe over the past few days for a few reasons.  The first is that it tastes fantastic!  The second is that I am shooting for a strong immune system as everyone around me is sick with some kind of sinus/cough/everything else. haha.  The last is that my Breville Juicer broke and I can only juice soft produce with my manual one. I did use a bullet to blend in the avocado though.

Creamy Citrus Immunity

  • 3-4 Clementines
  • 2 Large Oranges
  • 1 Med Apple
  • 2-3 handfuls of Kale

Juice these ingredients and add to your blender/bullet with 1/2 avocado.  Place in the orange or apple first and then build the kale on top of it for high speed juicers.

The clementines have 120% vitamin C in just 2.  The Oranges have less vitamin C, but are still beneficial.  The Kale is also great for immunity and the avocado is a super food!

I love this easy mix and if I had my real juicer working, I would be cranking these out more often.  I hope you enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!!!

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**Juicing For Immunity**

With the winter months coming and the wonderful Ebola virus here in America,  (Don’t get me started on how ridiculous our government is to think that it couldn’t get here and is only now do something to prevent it!!) it is highly important that you create some juices that are loaded with Vitamin C for strong immunity!

Here are some of the ingredients that I have surprisingly found to have super high levels of Vit C:

  • Kale :  1 Bunch 280%
  • Clementines : 1 fruit 120%
  • Oranges : 1 medium 100%
  • Lemons : 1 lemon 50%
  • Bell Peppers : 1 large 300%
  • Spinach : 1 bunch 160%
  • Cabbage : 60%
  • Pineapple : 130%
  • Kiwi : 150%

Also add in a strong probiotic daily and either oregano, peppermint or wheatgrass tablets/capsules.  Make sure you add in garlic to your food.  It is highly antibiotic and is stronger than medical antibiotics.  Now you are increasing your immunity with the above juiced ingredients and at the same time, you are boosting your good intestinal flora.  Don’t forget that you are also creating an alkaline environment for which viruses, bacteria and disease cannot live in.  They need acidic environments to thrive. 

Here is a sample juice combo from above and its total vitamin C level in one 16 oz glass:

Immunity Green

  • Pineapple wedge
  • 2 kiwi fruit skin off
  • 1 med orange skin off
  • 2-3 kale leaves
  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1/2 lemon skin on
  • 1 inch ginger.

Total vitamin C :  About 500%

I have been reading that those with strong immune systems are more likely to defeat viral infections and sickness.  You need to start preparing way before you get sick so it is just short lived.

Build recipes with this link to check on the nutrition of your juice creations :

***Super Immune System Booster***


Here is a nice mix dedicated to strengthening your immune system.  This recipe has over 600% of natural vitamin C and about 140% vitamin A.  It also has about 1,500% vitamin K which is awesome for those with Crohn’s.  This recipe also contains 100% vitamin B and about 18 grams of natural protein.  After drinking this one yesterday I helped my neighbor lift his car to rotate his tires.  haha!  Well I felt pretty darn energized after consuming this one. 

In addition to the vitamins and protein each ingredient has additional benefits for your entire body:

  • Kale – Immunity, detox, anti-inflammatory
  • Oranges – Immunity, energy
  • Bell Pepper – Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-yeast
  • Fennel – Anti-gas and bloating
  • Celery – Acid neutralizer, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-cancer
  • Lemon – Acid neutralizer, Immunity, anti-inflammatory
  • Ginger – A super food = everything you can think of!!!

I am a teacher of 9 years and one day my class got a highly contagious stomach bug.  I had 7 students out by the end of this school day.  I got the hot and cold flashes that day and ran home to make a mix like this.  Nothing progressed from there and I woke up feeling awesome!! Give this one a try and here is a link where you can plug in your ingredients to check the nutrition percentages.