Avoid Costly Future Health Conditions By Juicing


Not only is juicing great for curing many health problems presently, it is a terrific preventative for health problems in your future. Below is a list of common health problems that develop as we age and do not take care of ourselves and why juicing can help you completely avoid them:

  • Alzheimer’s – Juicing provides your brain with the vitamins it needs to remain health and function properly.
  • Arthritis – It helps to decrease inflammation.
  • Blood Clots – It keeps the blood cleansed, strong and flowing freely.
  • Cancer – It has the ability to destroy cancer cells as they begin to start.
  • Depression – It is mood lifting as it makes you feel great from head to toe.
  • Diverticulitis – Keeps your inner lining healthy and cleansed.
  • Gall Stones – Helps you to process fats and prevents stones from forming.
  • Heart Disease – Since you are cleansing your blood and blood travels through the heart – you get it!
  • High Cholesterol – It helps to regulate your bad cholesterol levels. 
  • Kidney stones, disease – Juice flushes your body and cleanses your kidneys within about 10 minutes!!
  • Prostate health – The pure vitamins you get from juicing help to keep your prostate in good shape!
  • Stroke – Since you cleanse your blood daily and flush your body of toxins, chances for stroke are diminished greatly!

If you are just juicing for weight loss, energy or to cure Crohn’s,  you may very well be avoiding something worse down the road.  Just take a quick peek at some youtube videos on juicing and see how many people who have been doing it for long periods of time, never go to see the doctor anymore!! Or you could just give it a shot for yourself:)








Treat / Heal Everything


Why are so many people turning to juicing? The reason is that they are sick and tired of not feeling well.  They are annoyed about taking medications that don’t fully work and give them terrible side-effects. They are tired of taking medications to treat the side effects of other medications – Just Crazy!!  What ever your motivation, weight loss, crohn’s, MS, energy, high cholesterol, ect… This is natural and it actually works!!!

I have noticed that many have asked me for recipes for specific health conditions and when I look all of these up, many have multiple ingredients that treat everything.  This leads me to suggest that if you juice 1x daily and include 1-2 fruits, veggies and herbs you just might experience overall wellness!! 

While treating myself for Crohn’s I also treated myself for seasonal allergies without knowing.  I also cleansed my liver and increased energy levels.  I would imagine there were other benefits that I could not see or other future health problems that might have been avoided. 

I think the point is, what ever your motivation, you will be on the path to overall wellness.  Stop treating symptoms with piles of drugs and start rebooting your entire system with natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and prebiotics. 

If you are tired of going to the pharmacy every other week like I was, start to think differently and start investing your money in health.  So far there are no miracle drugs that I have seen because they do not make money when you get well. 

Do yourself a favor and go on youtube to see all the people who have the same understanding that I do.



Juicing based on Health Conditions

Juicing based on Health Conditions

Click the link above!! This is a website that I use to search for juice recipes that help with certain health conditions.  Just click on the condition that you would like to target, and it links you with juice combinations that address your health ailment.  You can also learn about the juice by clicking on it and then clicking on the benefits and conditions tabs.  You can look off to the right side of the screen and look at the nutrition information as well.  You may notice many of the same drinks pop up on all different health conditions.  This is not accident because these combinations help your overall body for every health problem!! If you focus on detoxification, it might just heal any problem that you have.