There are many activators for Crohn’s Disease flare-ups.  Your diet is a major activator, but it is easy to control what you choose to put in your mouth.  Quality sleep can be another, but you can control the time you go to bed and when is best to wake up.

I have found that stress/anxiety is the hardest activator to control by far.  Sometimes you do not even feel the stress during your day, but it could be there slowly activating a Crohn’s flare. I got to the hospital thanks to stress/anxiety on 2 separate occasions. I was controlling my diet, sleeping fairly well, but work and personal life stress produced a Crohn’s flare that blocked my intestines twice!

After the second trip to the hospital, I promised myself and others that I would take my Crohn’s medication as directed.  I also asked to be placed on a daily stress/anxiety medication: Lexapro and now Celexa.

 I literally can’t control the stress on my own.  I try to mentally do it, but I just can’t do it without medical intervention.  I know it is not great to take SSRI medication, but I just can’t do it on my own and I cannot land in the hospital again. 

I still juice daily and take my turmeric supplements/vitamins.  I eat a lot of garlic and take probiotics here and there.  I find that this natural approach helps to keep tissue healthy and is wonderful for the entire body.  Too many benefits to list!

That said, the medical approach helps to control the stress that the natural method can not seem to treat.

I am sure many of you experience stress like I do and find that it really influences your symptoms.  Send a message and get the conversation going.

Thank you all:)


Fecal Transplant Alternative

The link above talks about using fecal transplants to alter the gi environment which allows the patient to achieve remission from Crohn’s Disease.

The concept of this successful treatment caused me to find an easier way to change the flora weekly.  It is also much easier and very cheap.

The Fecal Transplant Alternative Treatment:

  1. You must find a way to clear out all fecal matter in your gi/colon first.  I use a lot of water and a prescription medicine for a pain I get from constipation (Linzess). The goal here is to get it all out! This mimics the fecal transplant because it is like the colonoscopy prep, but much easier!!
  2. The next phase is re-population of the gi/colon.  I take some probiotics and create a super juice that you will see below.  This mimics the insertion of someone’s healthy flora/fecal matter into your colon.  Again, so much easier!!
  3. Continue to add in extremely health juices and probiotics.  This is done once a week!

If you are weekly purging the gi system and adding in the good stuff to create the ideal environment, you can limit symptoms and keep Crohn’s Disease at bay.

Re-population Juice:

  • 2 apples
  • 4-5 carrots
  • 1 large beet
  • Kale
  • 1 whole lemon with skin

Take this juice and blend in 1/2 avocado with ice!  This will also help with hunger!!


A 3-Day Juice Fast/Cleanse

Since I enjoyed my 1-day juice fast last week, I decided to give a 3-day fast a try.  I did the same thing as I did last week where I cleansed out all of the waste on a Friday afternoon.  I actually made a very red juice with 2 beets so that I could tell everything was all clear.  After this, I took some probiotics to seed the gi tract.  The hardest part of all of this is the hunger that you feel throughout.  The key here is to blend in ingredients that will curb your hunger at the major meal times.

The graphic above is from Joe Cross and gives you an idea on how many juices/smoothies you would consume daily.  I like to blend in either avocado or banana to really solve the hunger problem.  The fresh juices can be between these blended hunger drinks. I did not really follow the recipes above, but I did try to create a good variety for my plan.

Friday: (After work)

  • Cleanse everything out
  • Probiotics/Turmeric Supplements
  • Green Tea with honey
  • Dinner juice with blended avocado and or banana for hunger.


  • Morning Green Tea and Honey
  • Breakfast juice with avocado and or banana
  • Water
  • Lunch juice with blended
  • Mid-afternoon green juice
  • Dinner juice with blended
  • Green Tea and Honey


  • Morning Green Tea and Honey
  • Breakfast juice with avocado and or banana
  • Water
  • Lunch juice with blended
  • Mid-afternoon green juice
  • Dinner juice with blended
  • Green Tea and Honey

Monday Morning:  A light breakfast to bring in solid food.

I have to say that I feel energized and light/agile.  I can’t explain the feeling really, but I feel more aware and clear headed.  It is quite amazing!

Give the one day a try and see how you feel – All the best to you:)


Affordable Manual Juicer

I just had a pretty successful juice out of this machine above.  I choose to use this one over the high speed ones due to how it can extract everything out of greens – like every drop!

Greens tend to get lost in the high speed juicers and without a few tricks to extract the juice, you lose money on the produce.  The power slow juicers are sooooo expensive, but do a great job on all produce.

This juicer retails for about $50.00 and really does  a great job of extracting almost all juice within any item you juice. It can get messy at times and you need to learn some tricks with it, but once you have it down it is a great portable juicer to take anywhere!

Today’s Crank Juice:)

  • 2 apples cut up
  • 1 orange cut
  • 1/4 pineapple
  • 1/2 lemon with skin
  • 2 inch pieces of turmeric
  • 5-6 kale leaves
  • 1 cup of spinach

Running your produce through this machine really gives it a new taste as this is a slow, cold process with little oxygen added to the juice.  I hope you enjoy!


Crohn’s Disease and The Microbiome

We all know that Crohn’s Disease has a large connection to the good and bad bacteria in the gut.  This is called the Microbiome or your second brain. Now did the upset of the microbiome cause the Crohn’s Disease, or did the onset of Crohn’s disrupt the microbiome?

Either way, something must be done to change the health state of the bacteria in the gut. My current mission these days seems to be a weekly removal of the current bacteria and a replacement of good quality nutrients, vitamins and probiotics.

This can be accomplished by a one to two day weekend juice fast:

Friday Mid afternoon:

  • Large Bottle 320z of higher PH spring water
  • A 32oz of apple, beet, carrot, lemon juice:  1 to 2 bags of carrots to flush out!
  • Double up on your probiotic after you flush out to replace.
  • For dinner: any juice along with half an avocado blended in to keep full.

(Your body should flush out this night to make way for all the good stuff coming in)

Saturday Morning/Afternoon:

  • A large cup of green tea and honey
  • A morning green juice – any
  • Good spring water
  • Afternoon – Any juice along with a blended avocado to keep full.

Saturday night:  Eat a  light dinner – include garlic if you can to help purify!

I have to say that I felt so overly energized just doing this for 1-2 days.  I cannot imagine how it might feel if I did it for 30 days!

Evacuate – – – – – Replace – – – – – Heal

Juicing + Blending for Crohns

Instead of arguing if juicing is better than blending or blending is better than juicing, why not just combine them!  If you are doing neither of these, then I suggest you close your eyes and pick one!

Juicing tends to be the best for those with Crohn’s Disease because the body does not need to spend any energy to digest the insoluble fiber. I personally have been trying both and I am enjoying the new variety of recipes.

I feel that when you get to a place where you have healed through the juicing and medical interventions, you can handle adding blending into your juice.

Jason Vale is an absolute expert on this and has created amazing recipes and diet plans. He also runs a challenge from time to time as well.

I love to make ABC juice along with lemon and pineapple, but with blending you can take it a step further and also feel full after drinking it. I also enjoy the natural tan color my skin gets after drinking this one for a while.

Natural Tan Juice (ABC Juice)

  • 2 apples
  • 1 large beet
  • 1 whole lemon
  • 7-8 carrots

**Add all of this to a bullet/vitamix along with 1/2 avocado, frozen pineapple chunks and half a banana.**

This one is sweet and creamy.  You are getting so much nutrition out of this and it tastes great!!

Send me any recipe that you have created or found.  I will give it a try and then make up a post about it, giving you the credit:):)

**Juicing4Crohns Podcast** = *Podcast Link*

The link above is from the podcast interview that I did for Juicing Radio about a few weeks ago.  Shane Whaley runs the Juicing Radio podcast as well as

I was able to discuss the juicing therapy I use for Crohn’s Disease and overall health. Please take some time to listen and share.  Also, please follow Juicing Radio on Facebook and visit the Juicing Post link below for some really great information. = **Excellent Resource**



New Recipe: One of the best tasting yet!

This new recipe comes from my desire to have a fake orange glow tan – haha.  I do get a bit orange from carrots from time to time however.  This juice leans on the side of taste, but still has some great health benefits.  The carrot juice is amazing for your eyes and is antibacterial.  The apples are colon cleansers and remove toxins that have been stuck there for years.  The clementine has a ton of vitamin C and keeps your immune system strong.  The lemon has anti-inflammatory properties and creates an alkaline environment so cancer cells do not grow.  The ginger is anti-inflammatory and the cucumber is great for your skin.  When I call this one orange glow, it means that you really will have a bit of a healthy glow to your appearance.  This mixture was really tasty!!! Give this one a try and let me know what you think.  

The Orange Glow

  • 2 Apples
  • 3-4 carrots
  • 1 clementine 
  • 1/2 lemon with skin
  • 1 inch ginger
  • 1/2 cucumber

The Candida = Crohn’s Link Part 2

If you recall, I was experimenting with wheat a while back and created another imbalance that required taking supplements again of oregano and garlic.  I finished off a big juice today and some of my last supplements and got a headache an hour later.  This has been happening often as I finish up my metagenics supplements.  I am killing Candida Yeast finally and the toxins are being released!! This happened the first time before the wheat trials and I forgot about it.  I got really sick the last time with flu like symptoms.  I thought I had the stomach bug, but it wasn’t the same as others around me.  

It is really time to start looking at a highly probable cause for Crohn’s disease and other immune related ailments.  The link above begins to discuss how Candida/Yeast can play a major roll in the development of Crohn’s and how it can keep Crohn’s moving in a negative direction.  

This yeast is strong!! It affects the immune system greatly and it is difficult to get rid of.  Once it overtakes the good bacteria in the gut, you need to take drastic measures to kill it and bring the environment back to normal.  

  • Starve the Candida with a low sugar, carb, processed food diet.  These things feed the yeast!
  • Eat garlic, oregano, olive oil, green tea and coconut oil.  These destroy Candida!!
  • Take a supplement with the above key ingredients included!

Juicing and Candida

There are ingredients that you put into a juice that kill Candida Yeast.  You are also flushing in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.  Juicing is powerful, but it does need a bit of help if you have a full blown candida overgrowth problem.  When you starve the yeast with diet and kill it off with supplements, juicing can keep the balance very nicely.  Ingredients such as carrots, bell peppers, lemons, cabbage, beets, ginger… the list goes on and on!

Start doing some research on Candida and you will see how it all seems to link together to your current Crohn’s condition.  

Processed Food/Antibiotic use–>Candida overgrowth–>immune system overactive–>Crohn’s/inflammation—> Pain/Food Sensitivities/Poor Digestion = Cycle!!!!

**Why Crohn’s medications are not working**

**Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that prescription medication does not do its job. It does what it says, but it will never cure you or fully heal you. Doctors know this and it keeps them in business.**

Medications that I was taking like Pentasa or Asacol are designed to treat the inflammation that is caused by the overactive immune system.  This inflammation was caused by a severe imbalance of flora, which was caused by the chemicals, additives and preservatives that we eat.  Why is it that every doctor that I have come in contact with prescribes a heavy dose of probiotics?? My doctor even went with one that controls yeast overgrowth of all things.  Hmmmm! They know there is an imbalance issue, but they have it backward.  They think the imbalance is caused by the Crohn’s inflammation, but it is the imbalance that sets off the chain of events in the first place. 

I have seen many people online that say “I keep to a very strict diet, but I still have trouble with symptoms”.  I have also heard others say “I tried juicing and I still have symptoms, so I stopped”.  Some have no success with probiotics either. 

I have come to realize that taking probiotics, eating a special diet and juicing just was not enough to overturn the imbalance.  These organisms are very strong and it takes heavy herbs to get rid of them. 

Your probiotic will not work until you go through a program to kill the infestation.  This is the key to eliminating Crohn’s disease.  This is not done with antibiotics!!! That would be the worst thing you could do.  This is done with natural items such as oil of oregano, garlic and coconut oil.  It truly works!! I am presently doing this and I am 9 months medicine free!

In addition to this is juicing mainly green ingredients containing chlorophyll.  It is important to keep the juices lower on the sugar as this feeds the imbalance.  Once you create a healthy environment in your gut, then the juicing takes over to keep it that way and heal. 

I used to be on a first name basis with my pharmacist.  I have not been to that counter to see him in 9 months and I am damn proud of that!!!!!