The Cause of Crohn’s : The American Diet



As I look at my world statistics for this blog site each day, I notice which country has the most hits and countries that I have never seen yet on the list.  America always leads the pack in web hits by far!  Many countries from Europe hit the list from time to time.  I rarely see countries like India, China or Japan.  One might say that the people in these countries have no need to do a web search for Crohn’s and juicing.  I believe they have the internet in these places – haha. 

It is so completely obvious that the food we eat here that is processed is the root cause.  The diet in these other countries is far different and the statistics for Crohn’/Colitis is dramatically lower.  Also, Crohn’s is a younger individuals disease.  Many who get this ailment are from age 15-35.  It is more uncommon for those who are older to get this.  Maybe because they grew up with real food and not the paragraph long ingredient list of today.  Something to think about I would say. 

Now don’t expect juicing to be the magic cure if you go right out and have a cheese burger and some soda. You have to make a major change to stop the weekly trips to the pharmacy. 

Avoid to Heal

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Anything Diet!!!
  • Bleached white flours
  • High Sugar Foods (candy)
  • Red 40, Blue 1 ect…
  • TBHQ
  • Bromelated Vegetable Oil
  • MSG
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • Tap Water!!

All of these are known Carcinogens that change to Cancer when ingested!!  Go and look this up – It is public knowledge, but nobody wants it to be true!! I am willing to bet that one or two of these above is the cause of Autoimmune Disease. 

When you cut all of the above out and stop poisoning yourself, you start to heal and the juicing gives it a big boost!!!