**The Beet Transit Test**

**Photo credit: http://www.cuisineandhealth.com/colon-healthy-simple-beet-poop-test-will-seeing-red-literally/

The article link above provides some excellent information on how to check your colon health and to keep it as healthy as possible.  I do a beet transit test each Sunday as part of my mock fecal transplant therapy that I have posted about many times.

For a normal human you should start to see beet red stool after about 18-24 hours of consuming it.  When you have cleansed everything out as I have mentioned before, you see that much faster and you know you are now clear.

This test can tell you a lot of things.

  1. If you never see the beets: you are really constipated and slow moving in the gi.
  2. If you see it too quickly and you have not cleansed, you have IBS-D active.
  3. If you see it in about 12+ hours, you are doing pretty well.

Here is my recipe for today and it was pretty tasty also:

Beet Transit Juice + Choice probiotic

  • 3 small/med beets
  • 3 apples
  • 1/2 bag cranberries
  • 1/2 lemon
  • Coconut water to taste

Please consider the weekly cleanse.  I cleanse out with herbal and PH water.  I drink this juice and take probiotics to reseed the gi tract.

Have a great week ahead :):)


Medication VS Natural Juicing Detoxification

Each time I would arrive at CVS pharmacy and pick up my medication for Crohns or IBS, I would try not to look at the harmful side effects section.  I would only look at the top for the purpose of the drug and then quickly tuck it away in the draw.  I knew there were dangerous side effects, but I just didn’t want to know.  Here are some of the side effects for various treatments:

  • Biologics – increased risk of serious infections that could lead to hospitalization or death. (Wait.. What??) Some people taking TNF inhibitors have developed certain cancers such as lymphoma. (Seriously??)
  • Pentasa/Asacol – These are more on the safe side, but over time they actually cause small holes in the intestines where bacteria can hide and cause even more trouble.  (Leaky Gut)
  • Steroids – These should be taken for only a short time.  These drugs actually harm the growth of the good bacteria that should be helping you get well!!! (What the??)

These drugs are supposed to be helping you and not causing more problems!!! Yikes! Like I have said before, these drugs are only band-aids that cover the problem and never treat the real cause.  

The natural side of juicing and diet addresses the cause of the inflammation in the first place.  It contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that take the place of the drugs you take.  It cleanses out the harmful bacteria and replaces the good to get your immune system back on track.  When your immune system gets back in gear, the inflammatory response turns off.  The vicious cycle ends and you create a pleasant environment in the gi tract.  

If you just do a simple search of the harmful side of drugs, you will see that the doctors are just giving out band-aids and collecting big money from those who sell these drugs.  It is pretty crazy!!

**As always, I never recommend that anyone goes off of their medication on your own. Please consult your doctor and make your own decisions based on how you feel**

“But I love Sugar!!” : Why cutting sugar helps to ease symptoms of IBS/Crohns/Colitis

I am convinced at this point that these conditions above stem from an unbalanced flora in the gi tract.  Strains of yeast, bacteria and parasites take over the system over time and are the prime cause of leaky gut and many chronic diseases.  Why else does every specialist prescribe a probiotic along with handfuls of prescription drugs?? They know that this is the case, but they don’t tell you about diet or how to cleanse this overgrowth out of your system for good.  If they did, they would lose their patient as you would not need to return to them!  

What does this have to do with sugar?? Yeast, bacteria and parasites all thrive on sugar!! They multiply in an environment of a host that ingests a lot of sugary foods.  It is not just the foods that contain a high amount of sugar that you have to worry about.  Many things turn to sugar like carbohydrates (bread products).  

In addition to cleansing my system, I have starved this yeast, bacteria, fungus and parasites by not providing food for them.  They die off due to lack of a food source and then juicing comes into play and totally knocks this stuff out for good!!!  

The juicing provides enzymes, vitamins, minerals and kills all of these unwanted organisms.  This is why it works!!!

If you truly want to be free for good of these above conditions, you will have to make some major changes to get your body back to what it was.  Diet, Detox, Replenish, Regenerate and Heal!!!