Green Juice and Detox

After posting about the ultimate lemon ginger blast part two yesterday,  I decided to make a smaller version of it in the healthy (crank) juicer.  It made about 12oz so I drank it all down.  It did an excellent job on the leafy greens and I am excited to try it with wheat grass one day when I either buy it or grow it.  

I made my main LGB a few hours later in the Breville Juice Fountain Plus and it made a lot.  It made about 30oz of dark green juice. I drank that down and then had a large lunch made with some garlic added to the sauce I made.  

Toward the end of the night I began to get some hip socket soreness and buttocks muscle soreness.  I get this often here and there and finally decided to do a little research on it.  I came across the same information when I visited multiple websites.  I am experiencing a deep detox at the cellular level.  I had a bit too much of the green juice yesterday and it matches up with this odd hip soreness along with lower back soreness.  

I guess it proves that even after 9 months of daily juicing, there is always more to detox out of your system.  Maybe it takes years and maybe we are taking in toxins every minute that we don’t intend to take it.  I wrote a message about this to the link below and I am waiting to hear back.

Has anyone else experienced this from time to time?  I know everyone is different, but let me know:)



Heal Crohn’s – Don’t just treat it!

When making up a recipe, it is a good idea for those with Crohn’s to include ingredients to treat the big 3: Inflammation, bacteria and ulcerations/irritations.  You should include ingredients to calm inflammation, kill candida and bacteria and also heal any ulcers or irritations.  In the beginning you target the inflammation, but down the road you need to really focus on the bacteria balance.  The bacteria is the key to being free of Crohn’s.  Here is a recipe idea that would fit all three.  Cabbage is not the easiest taste to handle so I will attempt to cover it with some sweet base.  

  • 1 Apple = sweet base, colon detox, antibacterial
  • handful of  red Grapes = sweet base, detox, blood thinner
  • 1/2 Lemon with skin  = Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, flavor
  • small wedge of Purple Cabbage = Antibacterial, Healing Ulcers
  • 1 inch of Ginger = Anti-inflammatory
  • 1/4 bulb of fennel = Anti-bacterial, Anti-gas, Anti-inflammatory

***The cabbage is an ulceration healer, but has a pretty harsh taste.  I cover that taste with apple, grapes and lemon***