The 30 Day Juice Challenge + Detox

I wanted to bring back an older post about Tracee Sloan and her free 30 day juice challenge.  She was also in a very bad state of health and got herself beyond back on track through juicing and diet.  You can find that article on this blog to read up on her.

This 30 day challenge that she developed gives you shopping lists and daily recipes to get you started slowly.  Many get the juicing fever and go right for the mean green and realize that their taste buds are just not ready yet.  Many just do not know how to combine ingredients to make the juice drinkable.  Tracee has created a plan where you start off simple and a bit sweet with few ingredients to ease you in.  As each week passes, the recipes get a bit more daring.  By the end of the 30 days, most individuals will want to keep going for 60+ because their body would have detoxed and they feel fantastic!! Note: this is not a juice only challenge, you can eat normally if you wish.

Detoxing while juicing for 30 days and beyond

Your body will start to purge toxins and you will go through a detox phase.  The harmful bacteria and microbes die and release toxins into the bloodstream as you flood your body with live juices.  If you are also adding in oregano oil, coconut oil or garlic than this will speed up the process greatly.  Don’t be discouraged and quit! You will need to make it past this point to feel fantastic and truly start to heal.  I had muscle aches, a few cleansing bathroom visits and sometimes headaches.  Please read up on this with this link:  This is for a juice fast, but you can experience some of the same as listed here.

As always, let me know of any questions that you have and I will do my best to help you get through just as I did.  Take care!


Juicing is working for Crohn’s : how I know…

Before I began juicing back in January, I was taking my medicine, watching my diet carefully and taking probiotics as my doctor had told me to do.  I would have a few good days in a row followed by a surprise symptom day with crazy stomach sounds, 3+ times a day to the bathroom and cramping.  I hated those days where I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing, but still had problems that I could not explain.  I know it is gross to look in the toilet after going to the restroom, but with Crohn’s you have to check to see how things are going.  There would be bleeding on various days, shedding of the lining of the gi tract/mucus that are all part of the active disease.

How do I know juicing is working? After drinking about 16+oz per day for almost 3 full months now, I am noticing major changes! First I decided to go off all meds slowly to see how it was all working.  I noticed the following decrease/elimination of symptoms:

  • Greatly reduced stomach/gas sounds with no surprise symptom days.  
  • No bleeding or intestinal mucus in the toilet at all!! This is a big one!! Mucus signals inflammation/Active Crohn’s
  • No pain or cramping – the feeling of a very balanced and relaxed environment in there.
  • My physical color looks very healthy and not gray or sickly looking.
  • I can add foods to my diet that I would never have tried before due to fear of a major flare up. 

I am so tempted to return my medicine (pentasa) (asacol) to the pharmacy, but I keep it as a warning to myself.  If I go back to processed foods and stop thinking about what I put into my body, do I want to take all of this again? These will continue to collect dust as they sit next to the actual band-aids on the medicine cabinet shelf.  I will continue to flood my body with nutrients, probiotics, prebiotics and pure life from the juices I create.  

If I had listened to my doctor and had not taken my health into my own hands, I would never have gotten off of that trip to drugs and surgery.