Another unexpected juicing bonus!!

Many months ago I wrote a post about my lack of allergies and that it was the first time in years of having few to no symptoms.  I found out that it was the ginger which was a natural antihistamine.  

I have also noticed that I have very little body odor even when wearing no deodorant at all.  I still take one shower per day and I only try this out on the weekends.  So today I decided to go out and get 10 large bags of soil in the 90 degree heat and plant an organic garden wearing zero deodorant.  By the end of the day I still had zero odor!!! So strange right!  

A while back I was watching many Dan McDonald videos on juicing and he always mentioned that if you eat clean and juice daily it deodorizes you from the inside out.  He mentioned herbs like parsley, dill and mint that actually make your sweat smell good!

I have also been experimenting with organic wheat grass tablets because I have not been able to get the supplies for juicing/growing it yet.  I also believe that this supplement eliminates body odors also.  

So if you are having issues with excessive body odor even with deodorant, clean up your diet and get the green juice in your body.  Pretty amazing changes take place!  



Crohn’s Babe : Diet and Flora Control

How to make Kefir at home

I found this great blog and the author Tara Rosas has traveled down the very same path with Crohn’s Disease as I have.  She has also figured out a way to heal herself without the use of harmful prescription medication.  We have both healed ourselves in different ways, but there is one major commonality between our methods. 

My previous posts really go into depth about how the balance of good vs bad bacteria needs to be corrected in those with Crohn’s.  When you focus on this and eat a diet that kills harmful organisms or starves them, you see great results!!  My method for doing this is diet and Juicing!  Her method for doing this is Diet and homemade Kefir

We are both attacking harmful bacteria, yeast, fungi and parasites and it is truly working!!

Please take some time to visit her site above which has great information.  Many people are starting to figure out that pills and surgery are not the only answers. 


Taking ownership of your OWN health!!

It certainly seems that if you want to get back to great health and actually heal yourself from Crohn’s or other immune diseases, than you need to take ownership of your own health.  The doctors who told me years ago that diet and antibiotics have nothing to do with the development of Crohn’s are just simply out of their minds or they simply do not know.  Yes they are very smart and I am no where near being a doctor, but they are not looking into the cause and do not want to look either.  Look anywhere and you will find that many doctors do not take nutrition courses in their schooling. 

It is not profitable to cure people, but to keep them comfortable with life long medication. 

Here is a great article about the harmful effects of wheat/gluten and its link to autoimmune disease.  It was a good summary of what I have known and really tells me to give it up completely and never go back!

If you want to begin healing and curing yourself, start researching!! Try alternative natural methods that I have found to actually work!!

  1. Natural diet(real food) gluten and or dairy free
  2. Anti-bacterial,fungal,viral foods
  3. Anti-bacterial,fungal,viral supplements (oil of oregano) 
  4. JUICING for the balance of flora
  5. A solid probiotic!!!

Going on 8 months soon free from medicine (pentasa) and 8 months of daily juicing!!!