The Processed Food-Crohn’s Disease Link

There are many videos and websites out there that state that food has nothing to do with the eventual development of Crohn’s Disease.  They state ,”eating junk food does not just cause your body to produce massive inflammation”.  They are correct in their statement, but they are missing one major part in the chain of events leading toward IBD.   

The part that many do not seem to understand is what this chemical infused food does to your flora balance.  The article above contains some great information on how important it is to maintain a balance of healthy flora with good foods. Honestly, how could a digestive system disease not be affected by food!!!! Has anyone asked their doctor this question? Please do this on your next visit and let me know.  I never got the chance to ask because I found the daily juicing habit! 🙂

Most people do not take a probiotic, eat foods that help to grow beneficial bacteria or even care what they put in their bodies until they have a problem.  This is what happened to me at age 31.  I did absolutely nothing to keep my flora balance in check and I was one of the unlucky ones who developed Crohn’s over time.  It could have been developing for years.  I drank soda, ate dairy, wheat and tons of carbs.  I ate candy and many foods with a lot of sugar.  It was not until I hit a brick wall with Crohn’s that I started to understand what had happened to me over time.  I fear for those who don’t do anything at all to keep their flora in check.

Once your flora is greatly off balance it is very difficult to get it back on track.  Your immune system tries hard to kill the overgrowth, but works way too hard and creates inflammation.  You can try a probiotic, but it just gets consumed by the overgrowth.  The doctors give you antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.  The antibiotics kill everything in your system and you feel a little better until your last dose.  The overgrowth returns and is sometimes more severe.

In summation, I fully believe that Crohn’s stems from our food today.  I think it is the #1 cause!! America wins the search race every single day for hits on this website.  I believe that if a country has the highest numbers for searching, they are in the most need for help.  Japan, China and India I rarely see you on this blog!  They have no need to search for this information.  

How to create a balanced flora to reverse the Crohn’s cycle:


The Full Program Summary : DETOX Crohn’s

I thought the 4th of July would be a great day to start on a new path for many of you. It is time to break away from the same old cover up treatments and try a completely new method and way of life. Here are the steps to take to make it happen for you starting today!!

1. Switch from processed foods to natural(real) foods. Processed foods alter the flora and may be the root cause.

2. Drop Dairy and Wheat: Dairy is not easy to digest and irritates the mucous lining. Wheat/Carbs inflame the intestines and turn to sugar which is food for the yeast/bacteria. It makes them stronger!!!!!

3. Stick to purified water as your main liquid source. Tap water is not the best depending on your area. Definitely stay away from Soda!! That is the worst thing you could drink!!!

4. Now it is time to eat foods that kill bacteria. Certain foods specifically kill yeast and bacteria overgrowth: Garlic, Coconut oil, Oregano, Leafy greens-(juiced)

5. Going through a cleansing program like the Metagenics post I made previously. Totally clear out all harmful pathogens and yeast so that you can now begin the juicing and strong probiotic flush!!!

6. Eat and drink clean and add in the fresh juice daily without fail!!! The juice can now begin to heal and revitalize your damaged system without having to fight off all of that negative bacteria and yeast.

7. Monitor yourself and you decided if you feel you are making progress, but only if you stick to this every minute of the day.

**It is very hard to do all of this (I do it every day!) and it is super easy to just pop pills** You choose!

Juicing for Crohn’s Disease = My CURE


Everyone keeps searching, walking, fund raising and praying or a cure.  For me, the cure is not going to come from medicine or some medical breakthrough.  The cure has been here this whole time and a sequence of events has lead me to it.  The picture above symbolizes all people who are connected by this disease and the individuals such as myself, who have “figured it out”.  By figure it out, I mean to think differently and not to believe the brainwashing of these doctors who only stand to profit from you.  They make you believe that this is a life sentence.  Once you get it, that’s it, you can never heal yourself.  Today I say that they are wrong! I am 100% crohn’s free and I did not use medicine or surgery to get there.  How is it possible that I stopped all medication 4 months ago and have had drastic improvements without anti-inflammatory pills?? The answer is growing all around you.  The fruits, vegetables and herbs are the medicine to reverse and heal.  This is how I found my cure and you need to have a very strong will and mind to make it happen.  This is exactly what I did:

  1. Change your diet completely.  No processed foods at all, only real natural foods = You need excellent will power to do this.
  2. See a natural doctor who will help you flush your system and kill bad bacteria without antibiotics!
  3. Begin to juice 16+oz a day with greens included – Never miss a single day for 90 days.  Continue forever!!
  4. Get your mind in it and research about what these juiced fruits, veggies and herbs are doing for you!
  5. Learn about how the processed foods/chemicals/preservatives lead you to Crohn’s in the first place.

You have a decision to make.  Do you want to let doctors tell you that there is no way out and do the same old thing until eventual surgery, or do you want to take hold of your own health and make the changes to finally get well!!! Get started….:)

**Coming off of medicine was my own decision based on my personal results.  Each individual needs to make their own decision based on their own progress**


Reader’s Suggestions / Questions / Success Stories

Many people are a bit skeptical at first when I discuss the juicing for Crohns therapy.  If they only knew how great they would feel after only 10 days, they would jump at the chance to heal themselves.  Still people continue down the path of handfuls of medication, doctors visits and surgery.  I always found it hard to believe that there was no cure for Crohn’s Disease and for the longest time I believed that from my doctors.  The path to a potential cure is a gradual regeneration of your body and it is a process. 

So what is keeping your from trying this out? I invite you to ask questions, suggest the need for more information and submit a success story if you have taken this path.  I will answer all that post and I will do a feature story on those that post success.   

Autoimmune Disease : An Epidemic!

Dr. Mark Hyman explains the likely cause of all autoimmune disease perfectly in this video. It contains everything that I personally believe that caused my own Crohn’s Disease. He discusses how the chemicals in the processed foods we eat cause our immune systems to go crazy and attack itself. How many doctors only treat the symptoms and not the true cause with dangerous medications and surgical procedures.

He also mentions how cleansing and detoxifying the body will help to reverse autoimmune disease. Remove the chemicals, preservatives and replace with real food. Next, purify the body with juicing of detoxifying vegetables and herbs. Heal the body by treating the main causes!!! I did everything that he speaks about in this video and it has worked!