In-depth information on Candida – Autoimmune Link!!

In-depth information on Candida – Autoimmune Link!!

This link goes more into depth than my last post about Candida/autoimmune disease.  It is very possible that a systemic yeast (candida) infection is in fact the underlying cause of many immune diseases.  When this overgrowth is destroyed, symptoms start to improve – just like my experience with Cipro that killed off everything in my body. That was good and bad, as it killed all the good bacteria also.  There is a short video below from the same person who created the above information.  Think about this:  I stopped eating bread/wheat, which turns into sugar in the body.  This lack of sugar starves the candida.  My symptoms improved!  I juice fruit and veggie combos that detox and cleanse the body and kill this yeast.  My symptoms improved greatly!!*****I am on to something!***** 



The Crohn’s Disease / Candida=(yeast) connection!

Did you ever notice that your doctor always seems to suggest taking a probiotic for Crohns management? My doctor always prescribed the probiotic Florastor.  He always asked me when I would visit him for a check up “You are still taking your Florastor right? I thought that maybe he was pushing this one to make some money off of the company in some way.  It turns out that this particular probiotic has a strain within it that specifically treats the overgrowth of yeast/candida!  This strain that controls yeast is called:  Saccharomyces boulardii

I can’t say that this probiotic ever worked for me because if your body is so overridden with this yeast, the probiotic will not work for you.  “You can’t plant seeds in a garden full of weeds”!!! You need to cleanse the body of this candida yeast and then fill it with good bacteria.

I believe that Crohn’s disease or other autoimmune diseases are caused by a great imbalance in your digestive tract FIRST!  It is this imbalance of flora that causes your immune system to turn on itself and pretty soon you get Crohns, inflammation ,IBS, Colitis, Diverticulitis, MS and all other diseases related to the immune system. 

I know this is true because I was prescribed Cipro antibiotic at one point for another health issue and my Crohns symptoms drastically improved during that time.  Cipro is also used to treat intestinal yeast and bacterial infections.  When I stopped taking it, my symptoms came right back again for Crohns.   Don’t go out and take Cipro just because of this!!!! This drug kills every microbe good and bad!!!

You need to kill off this Candida yeast naturally and juicing is one great way to do it.  There are certain fruits and veggies that kill candida and help to create a nice environment in your digestive tract.  Candida also hates garlic, oil of oregano and coconut oil – Look these up!!

Here is a drink recipe that includes yeast fighting ingredients.

The Candida Killer!!

  • 1/4 to half head of green cabbage
  • 1 medium apple
  • 3-4 carrots
  • 2 cups of fresh spinach leaves
  • 1 thumb length of ginger

***All of the green herbs are also great to kill off this yeast***