***Treating Crohn’s With Oregano Oil***


In my most recent posts, I wrote about how there is a crohn’s vaccine up for human trials and an Anti-MAP treatment using 3 different antibiotics in one.  I tried to contact a few of the doctors who support the Anti-MAP treatment and they were not able to prescribe medication out of state due to obvious reasons.  My local doctor would not prescribe this either as it is too new and not many know about it.

The idea is that there is a specific bacteria (MAP for short) that these antibiotics kill off and those that are able to use this treatment are doing very well.  This bacteria is believed to be present in 93%+ of Crohn’s patients and the possible cause of crohn’s itself!

I got to thinking, what if there are natural antibiotics like Oregano that kills this specific bacteria just like the hard to get antibiotics? I then found quite a few studies that showed how Oregano Oil does very well at destroying MAP bacteria.  

Next, Remember when I started this blog and I was taking my oregano oil along with juicing?  I went into remission without any prescription drugs.  The Oregano oil taken daily killed off the MAP bacteria which stopped its influence on the immune system.  The juicing further flushed and killed this bacteria while healing and I went into full remission for 1.5 years using zero medication.  It makes sense why this happened based on what I was doing naturally.

Now I did have a flare a year later that was stress induced.  I was not taking the oregano and I was still juicing.  When you do the antibiotic treatment and then stop it, the symptoms slowly return because not all of the MAP is killed.  This is where the vaccine comes in to stop the MAP from its return after it is destroyed.

The link above is a great quality product I found on amazon.  This is the product that I will be taking 1-2x a day.  It has the correct form of Oregano and a great potency.  It has very good reviews and gives you a 90 day supply for only $15.

Until they test and make this treatment more available, I will give this a shot once again, but make it more long term.

***Let me know what you think of this logic***


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https://www.crowdrise.com/CrohnsMAPVaccine/fundraiser/amyhermontaylor = United States

https://www.justgiving.com/CrohnsMAPVaccine-MEN9150/ = Other Countries

My goal with this post is to spread the word and help out this organization who is working to gain funding for vaccine development.  The links above take you directly to the donation websites for any country you reside in.

Even if you do not have the means to donate, please pass on this post to others who might be able to help out.  If the word is spread out to many, it might get into some really helpful hands and this vaccine could become a reality.  I would certainly appreciate a cure and I believe it exists!

Thank You!


MAP: Possible Crohn’s Vaccine


I stumbled upon some exciting news, a potential Crohn’s vaccine is in development and it makes a lot of logical sense.  It also gives credibility to why juicing put me into remission for a year along with natural antibiotic supplements.  Above is the main link for the website.


This link takes you to a sequence picture of how MAP bacteria potentially infects the body and manipulates the immune system causing Crohn’s and many other autoimmune diseases.  Basically, animals that we get milk and food from are infected with this specific bacteria.  We then eat and drink from this animal and infect ourselves.  Some people develop greater problems such as Crohn’s from this and some just do not.  There are 3 antibiotics that specifically target this MAP bacteria and remission has been very successful with this treatment. The only problem is that this is a new idea and many doctors just don’t believe in it yet.

The vaccine itself has been very successful in animal trial and is ready for human trial testing.  My guess is that they would treat the individual with these antibiotics and then give them the vaccine.  Those so far that have done the antibiotic route have attained remission, but when stopping the treatment they get their symptoms back.  With the vaccine in place, they are hoping that the symptoms never return and you would be medication free!

Why this all makes sense with Juicing:

When I began juicing and taking my supplements, I was flooding my body with antibacterial, antifungal juice that essentially killed off this bacteria and others.  I also took oregano oil which is highly anti – yeast, bacteria and potentially anti-map.  I stopped the oregano and continued juicing and symptoms came back again slowly.

We shall see what happens with all of this.  I have contacted 2 doctors who believe in this treatment to ask if they might even prescribe the antibiotic protocol to me from a distance.  It does not hurt to try:)

BTW – I drank a ton of milk when I was younger and was on dairy overload throughout high school.  It all started as IBS, but maybe was developing slowly over time.  The research suggests that this bacteria take a long while to fully develop and cause Crohn’s.  Interesting stuff!!

Crohn’s: Fueled by Food/Antibiotics?


We are always looking to figure out why we have this disease.  Where did it come from and what caused it? It is not new news that Crohn’s has increased greatly in the last 10-20 years.  The article above seems to place the blame on overuse of antibiotics as children and junk food/processed food.  Both of these impact the balance of good and bad bacteria.

It also mentions environmental factors and genetics.  I do believe that genetics plays a big roll here, but to have such a sharp increase over the last 10 years sort of cancels out the genetic factor for most people.  We turn to look at the food and drug use with that fact in mind.

If our bacteria balance is truly a major factor in the increase of Crohn’s, how do we completely overturn it and keep it that way??

If anyone knows the answer to this question, please chime in and help us out?? So far I have been able to do this to some extent with juicing, antibiotic foods like garlic and oregano and fermented foods.

I think good vs bad bacteria is a very good option for treatment considering the success with high potency probiotics (VSL#3).  This is a treatment, but it does not permanently fix the imbalance.

There almost needs to be a sequence where you cleanse out everything like a colonoscopy.  Next, kill all bacteria with natural methods and then add in large amounts of good bacteria.  After this is done eat food that will keep the bacteria in check and that should induce full remission.

I am still looking for a perfect way to do this, but so far there is no way to keep the balance of bacteria in check forever. It seems like just taking a probiotic is just not enough.

Here is what I would like to try:  I would do a full colonoscopy prep to cleanse everything out.  Next, take flagyl for 2 weeks to a month to kill everything.  Next VSL#3 and juicing daily to repopulate.  I think that would be a good option, but it’s getting the doctor to prescribe the drug and the cost of the VSL#3 that stops me.  

Also, I get myself in trouble to doing things not suggested by my doc ,but sometimes it pays off.

Juicing: its role in Crohn’s

Back a year ago, I was excited to tell people I “had”(past tense) Crohn’s, that I healed it.  I did do this through juicing, diet and supplements, but I have learned unfortunately that it will always be there.  Little things like not sleeping enough, a bad diet choice and stress – (a BIG one!) can get it to flare up again.  Stress did this for me and I am having a tough time getting this under control presently.

Everything that I have written about as far as healing Crohn’s,  I still believe to be true.  I think when you juice raw organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and super foods you heal the damage Crohn’s inflammation has done.  It’s the strength of the immune system that attacks the good healthy parts, that is the mystery here.  Is it genetic that our immune systems are on overload? Is it the lack of a certain vitamin or the overgrowth of good to bad bacteria?

The one thing that I do know is that the true role of juicing for crohn’s is ultimate nutrition in one glass.  I am not trying to fight inflammation or bacteria overgrowth anymore.  I am looking to provide the maximum most potent vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and prebiotics to a body that cannot eat that food.  If you provide this nutrition daily, then you have a better/very good chance to suppress Crohn’s and put it into remission.

My diet at this point consists of soft and very digestible foods.  I tried the vegan diet and my body could not break down the salads and fiber.  For me it most likely got stuck causing the last obstruction I had.  I was not happy with this because that diet was so super healthy along with juicing and I felt great!

I still believe that drinking as much raw juice as possible can play a key role in placing you into remission.  You also need to eat foods like garlic to keep the bacteria in check.  You also need to take your medication as directed.  I learned this the hard way 2x, but hey I was being hopeful!!

I drink about 24oz+ of juice 1x per day and I get all the nutrition I am missing.  It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, nutrient dense, energizing and anti-cancer as well.  I take my medicine as I am told to now!  I take a liquid vitamin because I can’t absorb vit B and D very well – who knew!!:)

Now, if you don’t juice like this and you eat a diet void of fruits, veggies and herbs, how are you preparing your body to fight the inflammation or harmful bacteria if you cannot actually eat the food? 

My go to juice: 

  • 2 apples
  • 3-4 carrots
  • 1 beet
  • Kale
  • Lemon
  • Ginger

Enjoy your day everyone!:)

**New** Super Hydrating Juice Recipe

This is quite a good one folks!! The flavor is sweet and color is pretty awesome.  The benefits are through the roof on this one as it is highly alkaline from the watermelon and lemon.  The other ingredients are all anti-inflammatory.  This was just a very good one for taste and health.  Give it a try!  It made a lot of juice too:)

Energy Through Hydration


  • 2 cups watermelon
  • 1 orange
  • 1 lemon
  • 3-4 carrots
  • 1/2 fennel bulb
  • 1/4 pineapple
  • ginger optional

**Current Natural Plan**

I seem to be always changing my strategy when it comes to natural remedies, but I think this whole thing is a changing process.  I have adapted my thinking on medicinal interventions and having natural remedies added has not changed.  You need it!

Diet:  I remain on a soft low fiber diet called Low Residue.  It just means that all food will break down easily and leave little waste to clog me up.  This means eliminating insoluble fiber from fruits and veggies.  Without these, where do I get nutrition? http://www.nmh.org/ccurl/84/948/lowfiber-diet07.pdf

Medical Interventions: I take my Lexapro 1x a day and this keeps the stress down very low.  I internalize all stress and I keep a smile on the outside.  I take Prednisone 2x a day and I will be off to the doc this week to see about weaning down and replacing with a longer term – Which I will Take As Directed!!!! 🙂

Current Natural Plan:  The afternoon when I come home from work is natural intervention time.  This is when I get my maximum nutrition to help with what I can’t eat throughout the day.

  • I make a 32oz mason jar of juice.  It usually ends up red or green, but the key to all the juice combos is to think anti-inflammatory.  Kale, Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon, Beets, Celery, Pineapple, ect…This is when I get more nutrition than the average joe who eats a normal diet.
  • I take 70 Billion Count Probiotic.  I purchased Dr. Mercola’s Probiotic brand because I like the work he does and what he speaks about.  His also has research that backs up some of the strains.  The juice also helps to feed the probiotics with prebiotics to keep it healthy.
  • I take a liquid vitamin. I take a highly potent vitamin from Alive.  It has vitamins, green foods and tons of other good stuff in it. It does not taste awesome, but I have juiced garlic, carrot and parsley once and I can handle it:)
  • I take my Oregano Oil.  This is my natural antibiotic that will only kill any bacterial overgrowth and not harm my probiotic strains. Doctors do prescribe an antibiotic like this, but it might kill your probiotic.

In addition to all of this, I still need to take a tablespoon of Miralax with dinner to keep things super easy.  I also take a Metamucil fiber supplement in the morning with breakfast to get my fiber that I miss.


It is not, but it is my current plan and I deal with it daily.  I have a routine and I tweak it if needed.  I am trying and not giving up.  That is the key!! Later ya’ll:)

iquim.org – Photo Credit

So what have we learned??

To start off, it’s great to be hopeful.  There is nothing wrong with being hopeful that the doctors might be wrong and medication is not needed for these issues at all.  Now this got me into trouble and I am realizing that Crohn’s is quite a complex issue. A combination is needed of medical and natural treatments.

I believed so strongly that if I put foods and drink into my system that are 100% healing, my body would not react to it and get inflamed.  Sounds pretty logical, but again I am not a doctor and I am working on hope here that I am right.

Why do I need medicine? I think the medicine is truly needed to keep the unknown away.  Why is the inflammation still happening and I don’t think we really know.  I also think everyone is completely different like a fingerprint.  It could be stress for one, bacteria overgrowth for another and sleep of all things for another.  We need the medicine for the unknown.

Why do I need the raw juice? Now this one I will never stop!  As long as I am able to put this down my throat or IV -haha. This is needed to give you all the vitamins, nutrients and everything your missing by being so careful with diet.  This gives every cell what it needs to help your body stay in tip top condition and heal.  I feel this needs to be prescribed by doctors if it could be.

Why do I need a balanced diet? This is the hardest one by far.  I have struggled with this for far too long and I simply hate it.  I don’t think many really understand how hard this truly is for me.  This is so individualized that it is pretty much impossible to discuss it.  For me I would like to eat a balanced diet and one that would digest very easily.  This means that I would avoid raw foods that are hard to break down and this is why you need the raw juice above!  The juice is going to fill in the gaps of the diet.  I just love it and I don’t care if it takes long to make and clean up.  Who cares!:)

When I get out of here today I will be taking my medicine as directed!  I will be making a juice at some point today and I will still struggle to question every bit of food going in.  It is going to be a daily struggle as usual, but I think i’m up for it.

Take care and keep the tips rolling in.  Some little tip might help somebody out there and give them a moment of relief:)

A Plant Based Diet for Crohn’s

I have been experimenting with a fully raw plant based diet for about 2 weeks now and honestly I feel pretty darn good.  My doctor told me to stay away from foods like you see in the photo and I guess that is true if your insides are in bad shape.

I have been able to maintain my weight at about 160lbs with uncooked olive oil and avocado as good fat.  The calories also come from the fruit that I have in the morning for breakfast and for snacks.

The idea I am working on here is that all of these plant based foods do not activate an inflammatory immune response causing Crohn’s to flare up. I have seen a lot of research out there of foods like meat, wheat and dairy that cause the body to go on the attack for those that are sensitive.  In the process it now attacks your healthy tissue = Crohn’s Disease.  Then again there are those who will benefit from these foods and not receive any ill effects due to everyone being different in they way the process foods.

Many have changed over to this plant based diet and have seen a total turn around in their health ailments.  Just to name a few: fullyrawkristina, Joe Cross, Tracee Sloan and many others.

I am once again Crohn’s medication free and I am trying to use the food as my medicine along with juicing every other day.  I do take a small stress management medication once daily though.  This was very hard for me to do and change to every other day juicing.  I did that because I was eating so many good healing foods that I no longer need the juice every single day!  Plus I am a teacher and I am poor:)

Here is what I have been eating:


  • Oatmeal almond cereal with almond milk – Not Raw
  • bananas
  • melons
  • pineapple
  • oranges/tangerines
  • apple slices
  • dates


  • Salad with power greens
  • avocado
  • olive oil
  • tomatoes
  • oranges
  • apple cookies with almond butter
  • bananas
  • Soaked raw cashews


  • Sometimes a different salad
  • Zucchini pasta with different food processor created sauces
  • Lettuce wraps with veggies

I do need more variety and I do have a few things that are not completely raw, but most of it is ALIVE.  When the food is cooked many of the nutrients and enzymes die at a certain temperature.  Although there are foods that benefit from being cooked such as tomatoes which release more Lycopene then when raw.  These are the components that you need to heal and feel great and your are not getting them in cooked food.

The overall plan is to put in foods and juice that totally create a new environment in the gi system.  Taking a probiotic to try and do that is great, but in combination with this lifestyle it should be amazing.

Lastly, I know that the food is not cooked, but it is incredibly flavorful in its natural state!

Photo Credit:  www.fullyraw.com