The Cause of Crohn’s and Treatment = Crohn’s increasing 300% over the past 10+ years!

The article above is a bit scary to know how sharply Crohn’s has increased in a short period of time.  Sure detection methods have gotten better and you can blame it all on genetics you want, but to increase by 300%!! To increase that much there has to be much more to it than just genetics and better technology.

As I read about the MAP vaccine and many other articles, I believe Crohn’s is caused by a bacterial infection.  I believe that our air, drinking water, GMO processed food, Milk and wheat are responsible for causing this bacteria imbalance.  All of these things have changed over the last 10 years and are highly processed.  The chemicals used to keep these foods fresher longer must have a horrible effect on the gut flora balance.

So far, when testing Crohn’s patients for MAP over 93% test positive for the infection! Those that receive the triple antibiotic therapy to kill MAP go into remission rather quickly and that points to infection not heredity.

I remember taking Cipro for a month way back and I remember that my symptoms for Crohn’s greatly reduced.  At the same time though the Cipro was killing off the good bacteria as well.

Everything seems to point to a bacteria imbalance and I don’t think the immune system causes this.  I think the flora imbalance causes the immune system to begin the aggressive attack on everything.

It makes sense that strong probiotic therapies work.  Fecal transplants have worked as it changes the gut flora dramatically. Juicing works because many ingredients are antibacterial and anti-fungal.  The garlic and oregano work because both have anti-MAP properities.

So there are two schools of thought here I guess:

1.  Heredity/Genetics cause your immune system to go on the attack that creates a bacteria imbalance and food/environment has nothing to do with it.  300% increase of Crohn’s this way??

2.  Our food becoming void of nutrients, GMO/Pesticides go into the body and start to slowly change the good vs bad bacteria balance.  The MAP bacteria begin to grow out of control and your immune system starts to go on the attack.  The immune system needs to kick it up a notch and starts to attack everything even healthy tissue. Crohn’s begins and so does the endless cycle.


Immunomodulators:  Suppress the immune system so it does not attack healthy tissue, but the bacteria is still there.

Anti-inflammatories:  The immune system stays the same and creates inflammation.  The drugs soothe the inflammation, but the bacteria is still there!

Anti- MAP:  The triple antibiotic therapy seeks out to kill the bacteria first.  The immune system calms down and does not need to fight so hard.  Inflammation stops due to the immune system calming down.

My Natural Approach:  By taking the Oregano oil(antibiotic) and juicing daily, I was killing off this bacteria that was driving the immune system.  The juicing was also healing and nourishing.

It is hard to say what school of thought to go with.  I think it seems pretty obvious that for most people it is not heredity because there are just way too many cases popping up in developed nations when compared to those that are not industrialized.  They do not have the processed everything that we have:)



Taking Charge of your Own Crohn’s Managment

The more I think about all that I have learned in this past year, the more anger I feel toward the medical establishment and how they have not taught me any of what I know today.  I would still be swallowing handfuls of expensive bright blue pills daily with expensive visits to the specialist. I might even have had surgery at this point!  I am so thankful I chose to take the natural path through Dr. Gotro and began a 20 day juicing challenge just about 1 year ago.  I am also thankful that I stumbled upon a random youtube video that sparked my knowledge about what is in our food, so that I could prevent my family from harmful toxic ingredients.

(I think the medical route is necessary, but I think they are simply keeping us just well enough to keep coming back.)

Thus begins my rant on the medical establishment as I think of these questions : Why didn’t they inform me of all of this? Why don’t they know?

By taking full control of my own health I learned:

  • My Crohn’s medication was simply covering the problem and not treating the real issue.
  • My Crohn’s medication in time would poke tiny holes in my Gi tract, creating leaky gut – Seriously look it up!
  • Juicing is a way to get essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your body without too much fiber.
  • Juicing certain ingredients heals the damage from Crohn’s.
  • Juicing cabbage and other ingredients heals ulcers in the Gi tract.
  • Juicing turns an acidic body into one that is alkaline.
  • Disease cannot live in an alkaline body.
  • Juicing kills bacteria, yeast and allows the good bacteria to flourish.
  • Juicing detoxes your entire body.
  • Juicing kills cancer cells and stops others from growing because of alkalinity.
  • Juicing regulates the bowels for better elimination.
  • Juicing is highly anti-inflammatory and way more effective than prescription drugs.
  • Juicing improves my energy level.
  • Juicing improves my mental clarity.
  • Juicing improves my eye site.
  • Certain probiotic strains are needed in those with Crohn’s or IBS.
  • Digestive enzymes are needed in those with Crohn’s to effectively break down food.
  • Oil of Oregano kills harmful bacteria and yeast to restore the balance of the microbiome.
  • Coconut oil kills candida yeast.
  • Garlic is a major bug killer in your Gi tract.
  • Our food which is filled with immune altering chemicals, is the reason for Crohn’s to develop.
  • I do not digest nuts well due to low stomach acid (the beet test).  Corrected with HCL and enzymes!! 
  • Lastly, the balance of the Microbiome is the key to reversing Crohn’s. 

None of the above was ever discussed with me on any visit to my doctor or specialist and that makes me so angry and also worried for others.  I learned all of this and more in just 1 year of investigation, self-testing and discussions with others.  I will continue to learn and spread the word. I hope that others decide to look past the brainwashing and try some of my methods that have worked so well for me.  Thank you and end of rant:)

I really was not that angry, just disappointed in our system:):)

Apple Cider Vinegar : Digestion

Since I am in this current predicament, I have the chance to write more and to find out ways to improve my own digestion. My plan is to try to eat smaller meals, chew food well and to include apple cider vinegar into the routine at night before dinner.  I am here at the hospital because I was not able to digest all of the almonds, cashews, pecans, nut flour based muffins and it created a blockage.  The good news is that the rest of my intestines look good and that’s medicine free and juicing results for about 10+ months now:)

I plan to select foods that are easily digestible and to try and go a more vegetarian route, but still including eggs, chicken and fish.  I also plan to purchase a slow juicer to replace my high speed one so that I can juice more leafy greens and preserve maximum vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.  Next, I plan to include this very simple recipe about 15 minutes before dinner time.


  • 1 Tbs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother)
  • 12oz of water
  • 1-2 tsp of honey

This mixture seems to be amazing for digestion and a list of many other things.  It provides the stomach with acids to break down the food easier.  It provides enzyme production so the food is broken down quicker and easier.  Here is a good link to 15 benefits:

Seems like ACV is a great option for all individuals to try:)

Acid forming food VS Alkaline

Acid forming food VS Alkaline

Another beneficial life change that I implemented was switching from foods that form acid to foods that are more alkaline and healing to the body.  Foods that are made with white bleached flour, sugar and wheat all turn into acid and over time can cause major problems within the gastrointestinal tract. The link above is a food chart that shows the foods that form acid and the foods that are alkaline.  It is interesting to see that the alkaline side is full of fruits and vegetables and that is why juicing works wonders!!! Everything that you juice is Alkaline and full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes.  The result:  No acid reflux, weight loss, overall feeling of wellness and energy! Your body begins to renew itself and operate at an optimal level.  Take a look at the chart to see what you might be eating that may be doing more harm than good.