Crohn’s: Fueled by Food/Antibiotics?

We are always looking to figure out why we have this disease.  Where did it come from and what caused it? It is not new news that Crohn’s has increased greatly in the last 10-20 years.  The article above seems to place the blame on overuse of antibiotics as children and junk food/processed food.  Both of these impact the balance of good and bad bacteria.

It also mentions environmental factors and genetics.  I do believe that genetics plays a big roll here, but to have such a sharp increase over the last 10 years sort of cancels out the genetic factor for most people.  We turn to look at the food and drug use with that fact in mind.

If our bacteria balance is truly a major factor in the increase of Crohn’s, how do we completely overturn it and keep it that way??

If anyone knows the answer to this question, please chime in and help us out?? So far I have been able to do this to some extent with juicing, antibiotic foods like garlic and oregano and fermented foods.

I think good vs bad bacteria is a very good option for treatment considering the success with high potency probiotics (VSL#3).  This is a treatment, but it does not permanently fix the imbalance.

There almost needs to be a sequence where you cleanse out everything like a colonoscopy.  Next, kill all bacteria with natural methods and then add in large amounts of good bacteria.  After this is done eat food that will keep the bacteria in check and that should induce full remission.

I am still looking for a perfect way to do this, but so far there is no way to keep the balance of bacteria in check forever. It seems like just taking a probiotic is just not enough.

Here is what I would like to try:  I would do a full colonoscopy prep to cleanse everything out.  Next, take flagyl for 2 weeks to a month to kill everything.  Next VSL#3 and juicing daily to repopulate.  I think that would be a good option, but it’s getting the doctor to prescribe the drug and the cost of the VSL#3 that stops me.  

Also, I get myself in trouble to doing things not suggested by my doc ,but sometimes it pays off.


The Breville Ikon Juicer Review

I recently decided to trade in my Omega 8005 masticating juicer for the Breville Multi-Speed Ikon juicer.  Although the Omega was an excellent juicer for juicing greens and wheat grass, I found that I just could not digest the large amount of fiber it put into the juice.  I even strained it after and still could not get the juice completely smooth.

The Breville Ikon:  Retail $199.00

The Look: This unit is composed of stainless steel giving it a sleek look.  It provides the same materials as the Juice fountain plus. The top cover is clear so that you can see the different colors of juice being made.  The mesh basket has amazingly tiny holes to weed out the tiniest amount of pulp.  It is a very nice looking unit overall!

The Features: This juicer has a high powered motor at 900 watts.  The great part is that it has 5 speed settings for different produce.  You can juice soft berries on a number 1 and then kick it up to 5 for beets and carrots.  It also has a smart chip feature that automatically adjusts the power for harder produce.

The Juice: This unit is fast and produces quality juice.  Like I said, it takes out every speck of pulp for a very smooth digestible juice.  The juice is not overly foamy and does not seem to separate as with other juicers.  The pulp coming out is pretty dry.  It doesn’t do greens perfectly, but if you know a few tricks you can get a good amount extracted.

I am pretty impressed with this juicer and I recommend the Breville brand overall.  They have a $99.00 dollar unit, a $149 and then the Ikon for $199.  They also offer the Elite full stainless steel model, but you really don’t need to go that high to get a quality juice.

Today’s Juice: Super good!!

  • 1 large apple
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 beet
  • 1 orange peeled
  • 1 inch ginger
  • 1/2 lemon with skin

Taking Charge of your Own Crohn’s Managment

The more I think about all that I have learned in this past year, the more anger I feel toward the medical establishment and how they have not taught me any of what I know today.  I would still be swallowing handfuls of expensive bright blue pills daily with expensive visits to the specialist. I might even have had surgery at this point!  I am so thankful I chose to take the natural path through Dr. Gotro and began a 20 day juicing challenge just about 1 year ago.  I am also thankful that I stumbled upon a random youtube video that sparked my knowledge about what is in our food, so that I could prevent my family from harmful toxic ingredients.

(I think the medical route is necessary, but I think they are simply keeping us just well enough to keep coming back.)

Thus begins my rant on the medical establishment as I think of these questions : Why didn’t they inform me of all of this? Why don’t they know?

By taking full control of my own health I learned:

  • My Crohn’s medication was simply covering the problem and not treating the real issue.
  • My Crohn’s medication in time would poke tiny holes in my Gi tract, creating leaky gut – Seriously look it up!
  • Juicing is a way to get essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your body without too much fiber.
  • Juicing certain ingredients heals the damage from Crohn’s.
  • Juicing cabbage and other ingredients heals ulcers in the Gi tract.
  • Juicing turns an acidic body into one that is alkaline.
  • Disease cannot live in an alkaline body.
  • Juicing kills bacteria, yeast and allows the good bacteria to flourish.
  • Juicing detoxes your entire body.
  • Juicing kills cancer cells and stops others from growing because of alkalinity.
  • Juicing regulates the bowels for better elimination.
  • Juicing is highly anti-inflammatory and way more effective than prescription drugs.
  • Juicing improves my energy level.
  • Juicing improves my mental clarity.
  • Juicing improves my eye site.
  • Certain probiotic strains are needed in those with Crohn’s or IBS.
  • Digestive enzymes are needed in those with Crohn’s to effectively break down food.
  • Oil of Oregano kills harmful bacteria and yeast to restore the balance of the microbiome.
  • Coconut oil kills candida yeast.
  • Garlic is a major bug killer in your Gi tract.
  • Our food which is filled with immune altering chemicals, is the reason for Crohn’s to develop.
  • I do not digest nuts well due to low stomach acid (the beet test).  Corrected with HCL and enzymes!! 
  • Lastly, the balance of the Microbiome is the key to reversing Crohn’s. 

None of the above was ever discussed with me on any visit to my doctor or specialist and that makes me so angry and also worried for others.  I learned all of this and more in just 1 year of investigation, self-testing and discussions with others.  I will continue to learn and spread the word. I hope that others decide to look past the brainwashing and try some of my methods that have worked so well for me.  Thank you and end of rant:)

I really was not that angry, just disappointed in our system:):)

The Power of Digestive Enzymes + HCL


I just happened to stumble upon this information the other day while researching for something else.  The link above talks about how if you consume beets or beet juice, it can tell you if you have enough stomach acid to properly break down foods.  If you drink beet juice and a few hours later you notice that your pee has a pink to reddish tint to it, then you do not have enough stomach acid to properly break down your food!! If it is yellow then you are doing okay in that area.

I was pretty shocked to figure this out about myself.  The above happens to me every time I drink beet juice! Low stomach acid can lead to poor absorption, indigestion, gas, bloating, IBS and even autoimmune disease over time!

So I did some research into this and found that hundreds of people on Amazon felt great after incorporating digestive enzymes/HCL before or during meals.  Many said that it eliminated the gas, bloating, pain and indigestion.  Many also said that it helped with their Crohn’s and or IBS too.

This is the one that I bought today at the vitamin shoppe:

This one seems great because it has a wide variety of digestive enzymes.  It has L-Glutamine which helps to keep the lining of your intestines healthy and works to stand up your villi to absorb food better.

Here is another one that I was looking at that has a great variety of enzymes plus the HCL:

I am trying to streamline my personal supplement plan, diet and juicing recipes to only include what I personally need most.

  • Digestive Enzymes x2 a day
  • High potency Probiotic x1 a day
  • 16oz fresh daily juice x 1 a day
  • 1 tsp of Metamucil Fiber x 1 a day

This natural plan should help me to achieve digestive health and balance to allow for greater variety in food choices.  I hope that this information is useful to you and helps you to find relief.  ~Nick

The Processed Food-Crohn’s Disease Link

There are many videos and websites out there that state that food has nothing to do with the eventual development of Crohn’s Disease.  They state ,”eating junk food does not just cause your body to produce massive inflammation”.  They are correct in their statement, but they are missing one major part in the chain of events leading toward IBD.   

The part that many do not seem to understand is what this chemical infused food does to your flora balance.  The article above contains some great information on how important it is to maintain a balance of healthy flora with good foods. Honestly, how could a digestive system disease not be affected by food!!!! Has anyone asked their doctor this question? Please do this on your next visit and let me know.  I never got the chance to ask because I found the daily juicing habit! 🙂

Most people do not take a probiotic, eat foods that help to grow beneficial bacteria or even care what they put in their bodies until they have a problem.  This is what happened to me at age 31.  I did absolutely nothing to keep my flora balance in check and I was one of the unlucky ones who developed Crohn’s over time.  It could have been developing for years.  I drank soda, ate dairy, wheat and tons of carbs.  I ate candy and many foods with a lot of sugar.  It was not until I hit a brick wall with Crohn’s that I started to understand what had happened to me over time.  I fear for those who don’t do anything at all to keep their flora in check.

Once your flora is greatly off balance it is very difficult to get it back on track.  Your immune system tries hard to kill the overgrowth, but works way too hard and creates inflammation.  You can try a probiotic, but it just gets consumed by the overgrowth.  The doctors give you antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.  The antibiotics kill everything in your system and you feel a little better until your last dose.  The overgrowth returns and is sometimes more severe.

In summation, I fully believe that Crohn’s stems from our food today.  I think it is the #1 cause!! America wins the search race every single day for hits on this website.  I believe that if a country has the highest numbers for searching, they are in the most need for help.  Japan, China and India I rarely see you on this blog!  They have no need to search for this information.  

How to create a balanced flora to reverse the Crohn’s cycle:

Eliminating Crohn’s Disease by Cultivating Health

Many of the medical methods done today either try to cover up the symptoms/problem or simply poison the body, as in cancer treatments.  I believe that we need this medical intervention to an extent, but we rely on it being the only option for us when something goes wrong in our bodies.

My mission to cure my own Crohn’s Disease has changed after 10-11 months.  I no longer create juice to calm inflammation or heal ulcers.  That no longer is an issue now that I do not put food/drink in my body that causes that to flare up or get out of control.  The mission at this point is to cultivate health so that there is little change for disease to develop at all.

Disease thrives in an acidic unbalanced environment and that is what I had created back in 2009.  I now have a completely alkaline environment and an extremely healthy flora balance.  Disease cannot last in a healthy environment!  Basic colds, virus and flu will prey on those with an unhealthy flora environment and they will hopefully skip over mine.

Juicing has been completely amazing!  It has freed me of my medication and kept me out of the jail that is my bathroom.  It has given me energy and mental clarity.  Most of all,  I have been able to share all that I have done with those all around the world and simply help them.  I have inspired quite a few people to get started juicing.  Some not for Crohn’s and I always wonder if other more serious health problems have now been avoided for both myself and others due to this method.

The only negative part is that during tax time I have no doctor visit receipts to claim for a refund – 🙂

Crohn’s Disease = An Acidic Body


I learned not too long ago that almost all of the food that I was eating actually turns to acid when digested in the body.  Many of these foods were suggested by my doctor as “safe foods”.  Many of these doctors just don’t do the research or do not want to look into it as deeply as someone with the disease would do!  I have heard many people online in forums state that their doctors have said “diet has nothing to do with it”, “just take your medicine!” They don’t know the cause because they are not looking.  They are only treating your symptoms. 

The cause is the food! The chemicals, preservatives, GMO’s, pesticides and unknown ingredients are the problem, but nobody wants to say it.  Aside from all of these additives, there are foods that turn to acid in your system and make your symptoms worse.  Here are food ingredients that I avoid so that my body remains more Alkaline:

  • White Sugar, Corn Syrup (anything high in sugar)
  • White flour
  • Red meats
  • Milk/Dairy
  • Cheese
  • Fast food!!!!
  • Beer, wine and alcohol  – I know that’s a tough one!
  • Coffee

There are many charts that you can look up to see if what you eat is a mostly acidic diet.  If you are eating this way, it is only irritating your Crohn’s even further.  When I juice 24oz daily, I am neutralizing all acid in my system and creating a calm relaxed environment in there.  Alkaline = Healing   Acid = Sickness/Disease