My Natural Methods to Treat Crohn’s

It has been 8+ years now since diagnosis and I am still learning and experimenting.  I have been juicing fruits, veggies and herbs/super foods for just over 3 years straight now. My overall goal is to keep this disease from progressing and damaging my gi tract further. Up to 70% of those with Crohn’s will require surgery at some point.  I still take my Lialda medication as prescribed in addition to my natural treatments.

As I continue to include these natural treatments, I notice that I can handle a large variety of foods that I could never before.  My gi tract is not wearing itself away as in the first 2 years.  You can visually see this by looking in the toilet, which is important for anyone to do.

With that said, I practice a lot of natural treatments to get to this point.  I do this to an extent that I might be unique or thinking far differently from others with some of them.

  • The first thing is to learn about what to look out for on a nutrition label.  I am 100% convinced that certain harmful ingredients within food is harming the balance of flora.  This then causes your immune system to attack itself and to cause more imbalance.
  • I try to drink as much juice during the week as possible.  Try for 12-24oz of juice per day.  Yes this might be a lot, but surgery/doctors are expensive.
  • Try a 2-3 day Gi rest! The idea of this is to actually give your gi system a break from digesting and moving food.  This is where you only drink juice or smoothies for all meals.  I do this once a week on Sunday!
  • When all cleared out, I replace with strong probiotics and a potent green juice.  Let it all sit in your gut and repopulate/heal.

Repopulate GI Green Juice Recipe


  • 1 Bunch of Mint
  • 1 Bunch of Cilantro
  • 1 Bunch of Parsley
  • 2-3 cups of Kale

Sweet Cover

  • 1/4 Pineapple
  • 2 apples
  • 1 whole lemon
  • 3-4 clementines

Super Foods+Probiotics

  • Ginger or Tumeric Root
  • Naturewise 30 strains/30 Billion Count Time Release!

I hope you all enjoy your Easter Holiday and really take the time to look into this natural approach.  There are way too many people on Social Media that are having a very hard time with just the medical approach.  Some of the above needs to be added in my opinion.  Take care!! 🙂


**The Beet Transit Test**

**Photo credit:

The article link above provides some excellent information on how to check your colon health and to keep it as healthy as possible.  I do a beet transit test each Sunday as part of my mock fecal transplant therapy that I have posted about many times.

For a normal human you should start to see beet red stool after about 18-24 hours of consuming it.  When you have cleansed everything out as I have mentioned before, you see that much faster and you know you are now clear.

This test can tell you a lot of things.

  1. If you never see the beets: you are really constipated and slow moving in the gi.
  2. If you see it too quickly and you have not cleansed, you have IBS-D active.
  3. If you see it in about 12+ hours, you are doing pretty well.

Here is my recipe for today and it was pretty tasty also:

Beet Transit Juice + Choice probiotic

  • 3 small/med beets
  • 3 apples
  • 1/2 bag cranberries
  • 1/2 lemon
  • Coconut water to taste

Please consider the weekly cleanse.  I cleanse out with herbal and PH water.  I drink this juice and take probiotics to reseed the gi tract.

Have a great week ahead :):)

Crohn’s: Breaking the Cycle

Hello everyone!  It has been a while, but I guess it is good to be busy with life.  I wanted to talk about what I believe to be the sequence that starts the cycle of Crohn’s and how we might break that cycle.

The Crohn’s Cycle: My View(opinion)

  1. Antibiotics throughout your lifetime+ possible genetic predisposition.
  2. Food going in that has the wrong nutrients and tons of chemicals/preservatives.
  3. Gut flora begins to do a flip flop of good vs bad bacteria.
  4. The immune system reacts and attacks all bacteria and tissue. 
  5. Crohn’s develops due to a compromised immune system and harmful bacteria overgrowth.

The medication used is for inflammation and lowering immune response, but not aimed at the compromised topsy turvy flora.  Some don’t know what to eat or try to eat the right food. Some try taking probiotics, but they get lost in the trillions of harmful bacteria and yeast.  The cycle keeps on going until something drastic is done like surgery.  Now I would never question someone’s decision to go with surgery.  They have had a unique path and they should be the only ones to make decisions.

How can we brake the cycle?

(Take your medicine as prescribed throughout) = I have learned the hard way to stop.

Picture a garden full of bugs, weeds, mushrooms and other crap you do not want in your garden.  You can put pure water on it and fertilizer for food.  You can put seeds all around as well.  Your garden may respond to healthy additions, but odds are it will not survive with all that harsh stuff in there.  (This of course is your Gi Tract)

I know I am repeating myself, but this is why fecal transplants begin to work!! Everything is evacuated and replaced with healthy flora, bacteria and yeast.

Here would be my steps: ( I am currently doing this weekly)

  1. Eat more organic/pure food and get rid of the commercial food from big companies.
  2. Begin to drink pure juices of course to help flush out the bad and bring in good. 
  3. Do a weekly cleanse once a week. (IMPORTANT)
  4. RIGHT After this cleanse bring in the juice, turmeric, strong probiotics, ECT..
  5. Repeat from #1 and start to totally change the environment inside the Gi.

This is all based on what I believe to be common sense.  If you have crazy stuff growing in your gi and or garden, you need to clear that stuff out and then add in the good stuff/seeds.

(I do take my medicine for Crohn’s to prevent any swelling from stress)  I call stress the silent poison!!! I strive to be chill at all times!! – I am a teacher – haha

Have a great week!!:)





Juicing + Blending for Crohns

Instead of arguing if juicing is better than blending or blending is better than juicing, why not just combine them!  If you are doing neither of these, then I suggest you close your eyes and pick one!

Juicing tends to be the best for those with Crohn’s Disease because the body does not need to spend any energy to digest the insoluble fiber. I personally have been trying both and I am enjoying the new variety of recipes.

I feel that when you get to a place where you have healed through the juicing and medical interventions, you can handle adding blending into your juice.

Jason Vale is an absolute expert on this and has created amazing recipes and diet plans. He also runs a challenge from time to time as well.

I love to make ABC juice along with lemon and pineapple, but with blending you can take it a step further and also feel full after drinking it. I also enjoy the natural tan color my skin gets after drinking this one for a while.

Natural Tan Juice (ABC Juice)

  • 2 apples
  • 1 large beet
  • 1 whole lemon
  • 7-8 carrots

**Add all of this to a bullet/vitamix along with 1/2 avocado, frozen pineapple chunks and half a banana.**

This one is sweet and creamy.  You are getting so much nutrition out of this and it tastes great!!

Send me any recipe that you have created or found.  I will give it a try and then make up a post about it, giving you the credit:):)

**Juicing4Crohns Podcast** = *Podcast Link*

The link above is from the podcast interview that I did for Juicing Radio about a few weeks ago.  Shane Whaley runs the Juicing Radio podcast as well as

I was able to discuss the juicing therapy I use for Crohn’s Disease and overall health. Please take some time to listen and share.  Also, please follow Juicing Radio on Facebook and visit the Juicing Post link below for some really great information. = **Excellent Resource**



**The Ultimate Lemon Ginger Blast Variation 3+4**

I only make this recipe once and a while, but if you follow Lou Corona or Dan McDonald they drink this weekly and Lou drinks this daily now for 40+ years.  Lou Corona basically has his grand master black belt in juicing and diet.  He is 63 years old and looks like he is in his 30’s.  He has the energy of an 18 year old and if you don’t believe that just take a look at this quick youtube video:

This lemon ginger blast has a few new ingredients in it and I will be making this later on today when I have more of an empty stomach.  This green drink is so energizing and detoxifying it is no wonder why Lou has such amazing energy and strength.

The Ultimate Lemon Ginger Blast V3

  • 1-2 apples
  • 1 whole lemon with skin
  • 1/2 bulb of fennel
  • 1 large stalk of broccoli
  • 1 cup of kale
  • 1/2 bunch cilantro
  • 1/2 bunch dill
  • 1/2 bunch parsley
  • 1 inch ginger

The vitamin C stats on this one is right at about 500% and the Vitamin K is over 2,000% percent!!!!

If you want to heal your gut and entire system from Crohn’s or pretty much anything, then drink one of these as much as you can.  This drink is like hitting the reset button for yourself.  I can’t wait to make it later on!!

**I will be using a hand crank juicer for the herbs and the Breville for the other hard ingredients. You can load the apple into your juicer and then pack in the herbs behind it to get the most juice out of your machine.  This technique is in place of a slow cold press juicer**

***Tastier Variation:  Sub out the broccoli and add in 2 oranges and 3 carrots.  This version was easier to drink and that puts it at 625% vitamin C and a whopping 3,000% vitamin K!!!!***