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Nicholas Hayden
North Carolina

Bio: ***Disclaimer: All of the information on this site is an account of what I did for myself and what has truly worked for me to treat my Crohn's Disease. I am not a doctor and the information on this site is a suggestion of what might work for you to help treat/heal your body. *** I am a 38 year old teacher and I have battled Crohn's Disease and IBS since age 31 diagnosis. I have taken 20+ pills per day for 5 years including Pentasa, Asacol, Steroids, IBS meds, antibiotics and Celexa for anti-depression. Since starting a 20 day juicing challenge on January 11th 2014 and continuing to juice daily, I was able to go medicine free and attain full remission for 1 full year. Right after my 1 year anniversary with no medication, my dog got sick and then passed away quickly. It was a super hard time and internally stressful. I landed in the hospital 2 weeks after this loss with a stress induced flare up that caused a small bowel blockage. After this, I continued to juice and go medicine free. I did not know that I was not out of my flare and a few months later I landed in the hospital for a second time with the same thing. This time I elected to start a round of prednisone and Lialda to help with this flare. I continue to juice daily and take my Lialda 2x a day to prevent what I like to call "the unknown". I still have had some bumps in the road due to recent stress, but I believe juicing will provide massive amounts of vitamins, nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties. It will provide you with the rapid nutrition that your body needs to help fight for its natural health! I hope that some piece of information on this site can help you to find better health. Please feel free to send me messages directly on this blog. I respond to every single message sent.

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72 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Great blog! I’m looking for anything to help me in this terrible flare up. Do you have any suggested juice recipes you could offer?


  2. Hi Nicholas! You started following me on Twitter a few days ago. I like your website and mission.
    I actually got into juicing because my husband was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and after 4 surgeries the inflammation is just uncontrollable and the doctors want to put him on a biologic such as Remicade, and we started searching for other ways to deal with inflammation before taking this immune-suppressant drug.
    Do you have any favorite juices that seem to work well for your inflammation?
    I own the website and I post a lot of juicing tips and recipes and I would like to dedicate a section of my blog to Crohn’s disease and helping others find great tasting juices that will help with inflammation.
    If you want to share your juices or experience with my followers on my website we would be happy to blog and link to your website and create an informational network.
    Please let me know your thoughts.
    Thank you,


  3. Awesome!! You have my email address from the first comment. Can you please email me directly so we can discuss further? Thank you. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  4. Hi Nicholas, thanks for your awesome blog!!! Could you give some ideas of what is good for breakfast, what do you eat yourself? Do you include organic soya yougurt in your diet? Thanks for your comments! Dominique


    • I usually eat eggs whole or scrambled. I eat a banana, cold cut roll ups. Certain organic cereals that are not dairy or wheat and low in the fiber. I don’ t eat yogurt anymore but i might want to try it again soon. I really need more variety for my breakfast and I am also looking into a shake for the mornings too.


  5. I stumbled upon your site and you’ve peaked my interest. First let me start with a little background. I’ve been living with Crohn’s since I was 10 (1988). I was considered in remission since 1990. And didn’t have any symptoms until around 2002. I had surgery to remove some of my colon around the same time. I have been on a variety of medications since with the latest being Remicade. And now my doc is talking surgery.

    I’ve been really interested in juicing for a while now and feel like I have some options now unlike before when I had emergency surgery.

    First, when reading your info page you say you are symptom free and off meds. Have any doctors stated that you are still showing signs of Crohn’s and it’s just not active or have the visible signs been eliminated too? I know this is personal you don’t have to answer.

    Second, I haven’t looked all the way through your blog but what equipment do you use for all the recipes? And do you have any instructions if someone has a lesser made appliance πŸ™‚

    Thanks in advance and I’d like to discuss more with you. You are the first site not trying to sell something that if found.


    • I have not gone to the doctor to tell me that I am symptom free. All they do is ask me questions and listen to my stomach. I know I am symptom free by looking at the stool each day to monitor. Highly different from before I started juicing – blood/mucus undigested food. Now completely normal without medications to make it that way. It has been about 6 months with no medication and no symptoms since starting the juicing.

      I use the Breville Juice Fountain Plus for all my juices. It is fantastic and will juice a tree branch if needed – hahaha. I always look at it like I bought it one time and it saves me on all the prescriptions that I would be buying – I save there.

      I do not wish to sell anything, just free information passed along to hopefully help others. I am a 3rd grade teacher and I’m in the business of not making money. haha.

      Message me with any questions that you have. I will always try to respond. Take care!!


      • Good to know. Thanks for the reply. I like some of the recipes that you have posted so far, look forward to trying more.


  6. I have been suffering from crohns for last 10 years. I have been on various medications. Now I am approaching 40. I decided to do something about it. My doctors never talk about diet or nutrition. As I am doing research I came across your blog. This is very informative. Thanks for taking time to put this together. How many times you drink juice per day? What is the right time to drink? Do you use any probiotic?


    • Hey Mike – well I too was at a loss with the doctors who don’t see the benefit of all of this. Going off on my own was the best choice ever!!
      I juice 1x per day on an empty stomach at about 16-24oz
      Drink on an empty stomach so that it goes right into your blood stream!
      I use a probiotic from the vitamin shop called Udo’s choice high potency 8 strains 42 billion count. In the refrigerator section.


  7. Hi Nicholas,

    I am a 32 year old female, diagnosed with Crohn’s in 1992. In the beginning, (perhaps atlantadolfans experienced the same?) I was treated by taking flagyl, an antibiotic, for 2 years. I have had a bowel resection, I have been on all forms of mesalamine (asacol, pentasa, rowasa, canasa…), prednisone, entocort, budesonide, azathioprine (imuran), Mercaptopurine (6mp), adamimumab (Humira), Infliximab (remicade)… and I am sure I could go on and on and on. There have been a lot of meds in the last 22 years…

    About a year ago, I decided that I would change my eating habits. I had a food allergy test from an ND and tested intolerant to gluten, wheat, yeast, cane sugar and eggs. I removed gluten and wheat and cut down on the others and removed all preservatives from my diet. I also began juicing every day — cucumber, sunflower sprouts, celery, pea sprouts and additionally I would juice wheat grass alone.
    Immediately I noticed a difference. I went from blood and mucous in my multiple daily stools to more minimal stools and less blood and mucous.

    I had to go to an extremely remote location for work for 3 months this year. Right before I went, I began to get really ill again — I was still juicing, I was doing everything the same and nonetheless, I became sicker than I had in years. So in an emergency situation, I went to my disapproving gastroenterologist (as I had come off all meds) and had a colonoscopy the next day — Crohn’s flare up, 2 places, bad.
    –As I couldn’t postpone or change my trip, I dosed up on steroids and mesalamine and went. I ran nearly everyday, took the meds, ate clean — and no juicing — I improved. In fact, I felt as though I was nearly in remission again.

    Upon coming back to the US, my symptoms again returned in full force — still on the steroids and the mesalamine and eating correctly — I began juice again daily… Weeks later, the mucous and blood and urgency are even worse (hard to believe). The gastro wants to put me on 6mp and maybe go back to biologics…

    I’m pretty lost. I would love to say that Crohn’s can be fixed with juicing. I, too, experienced the same resolve…. but it didn’t last.

    I will begin a raw diet this week and up my juicing in hopes that this cleaner way of living is the answer and again helps my system because I do not want to be on medication for the rest of my life… But, I fear that the problem is in the proper ratio of gut bacteria — and individuals with Crohn’s disease have immune systems that don’t support that proper ratio and in fact promote a ratio of gut bacteria that promotes inflammation.

    In any case, I enjoyed reading your blog posts and recipes and I will surely try them at home. I use a green power juicer kpe 1304.


    • It looks like you had a rough road thus far. I am glad to see that you tried to change your diet and habits and tried to break away from the same old thing.

      The only difference between your story and mine seems to be the supplement cleanse that I did for about 1.5 months to clear out candida and bacteria before adding the juice in. That might be something you might try as your last ditch effort. That is the post about metagenics I just did. It talked about that imbalance and correcting that first before flooding the system with juice and probiotics. The imbalance might be so strong that juice just can’t knock it out on its own. I always think it is worth a shot, but I know you must be tired of trying things out and not having them work. I have done that many times and this was the final try for me. Dr. Gotro of indian trail nc was who treated me that way and then I added the juice after I was clear of all bacteria and yeast and fungus. I wish you all the best and I hope you can get control of this horrible disease. :):)


  8. Thank you for this information and I will actually look into ordering these products today. I am definitely up for a “last ditch effort”!!!!


    • I was not sure that it would work for me when I did it back in December. You do have to be careful of killing off too much candida too fast with that program. Follow the directions for dosage if you decide to try it out. I remember starting slowly so that you don’t kill off too much too fast. I remember starting with a half dose of that shake for 1 week and then a full dose for the next week and finishing up with 2 full doses in a shaker bottle by the end. Just follow the directions and maybe inquire about the best schedule for taking such supplements with the website. My doctor wrote me out a plan for taking them. Even contact an alternative doc who would know about them and could give you an amount to take and how many per day. I am truly starting to realize that it is not just the juicing that can knock this out. It was what I did leading up to it to clear out the imbalance!! – next post – haha


  9. Hi Nicholas,
    I have a question. Why not go natural with probiotics too? I have started making Kefir at home which is very easy and natural way to get probiotics. I did lot of research before jumping on to Kefir route. I thought of taking easy option with store bought probiotics but there is lot of research there that supports Kefir. Here is a link on how to make Kefir


  10. Hello. I was recently diagnosed with chronic last September. I was diagnosed without any normal symptoms except severe abdominal pain in the right side. Where would I start with juicing? Thanks in advance.


    • You need to find ways to get your internal bacteria levels in the normal range. Now that you have crohns you have a severe imbalance that the doctors don’t really tell you about. If you start taking oregano oil supplements and probiotic you will get your body ready for juicing which heals and brings your bacteria back to strong levels. Start juicing apple carrot ginger lemon to start. Really look into my site for recipes and a plan to heal your crohns before it gets out of control. 9+ months of no medication at all for me based on what I have done! πŸ™‚


  11. Hi Nicholas! So glad I came across this. I have a juicer and am ready to start, but have one thought; when I eat veggies raw, I flare a little bit. Must be one of my triggers, and I wish they weren’t! I try to eat them anyway just because I don’t want them to irritate me. Do you think veggies as juice will have the same effect?


    • Good question!! You should not flare up because you take out the bulk of the fiber that is insoluble. This fiber will go into the back of the machine. There is a small amount of soluble fiber in the juice and it is easily digestible. I can’t eat the veggies either because it is too much fiber for my system. It is not a flare anymore for me, it just makes my intestines move more than they should and I get IBS symptoms, but with perfect movements. Tmi haha Get started and go easy on the green juice at the start – ease into that:)


  12. Hi Nicholas,
    I was lucky enough to stumble upon your blog as I was searching for juice recipes related to Crohn’s. I was diagnosed at age 32 (in Dec 2014) with Crohn’s and it has been a battle since then with tests, doctors, hospital visits, and all types of medication combinations. I have kept saying to every professional I have met, OK, i am taking these pills to help my “inflammation levels decrease”….but what causes the inflammation in the first place? Shouldn’t we be focusing on treating the CAUSE and not the symptoms? AND then BOOM I end up here on your blog and your bio says the same thing I have been thinking since the beginning of all this! THANK YOU!! It feels like I am surrounded by people who think i am crazy for wanting to treat the actual cause and not just the symptoms. It can be very hard to swallow that same pill over and over and you being to almost think maybe you are crazy. But I know deep down i am not, and now i know i am not alone, so thank you so much for sharing your story.

    I have tried a 7 day juice detox and the first day was heck, but after that i felt great. But i know i would need to do it for longer period, it is just finding recipes that work, and that are also targeted toward helping my Crohn’s. I can’t wait to keep reading more on your site and checking out some of the recipes and methods that you have used and found successful. I am on a cocktail of antibiotics and Imuran right now and i would really love to be able to eliminate them.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story!

    Amanda Rafuse
    Chester, Nova Scotia


    • I am glad you have found my site. You are at the exact same point that I was at 32!! What I did not know at 32 was that the antibiotics were great for killing the harmful bacteria, but it also killed everything else including the good bacteria. It creates an endless cycle where the bad bacteria simply grows back and the docs then prescribe more antibiotics again. The more natural way to bring the balance back was when I started juicing and took oregano oil capsules and or garlic/coconut oil. All three are powerful natural antibiotics that only killed the harmful bacteria. When I juiced and took a probiotic I was then able to grow the good bacteria back only and get back on track. Sounds pretty logical right?? These docs are just out to keep you just healthy enough unfortunately. You can get oregano capsules from any wholefoods or good grocery store. I strongly recommend that route. You are going to witn this battle like I did! You just have to make some big changes in food. Search for the 30 day juice challenge and she can start you for free with recipes and a schedule – 30 day juice plan – all free:):):)


  13. Hi Nicholas, great blog man. My name is Fadel, and l live in Jacksonville, Florida. I accidentally found your blog while I was searching on the Internet for a cure for Crohn’s disease. I was diagnosed with it about six months ago. Doctors told me i have to be on medicine for the rest of my life, and i really didn’t like this idea, especially because im still 24. But I fell in love with your blog now that i found it, you and many other individuals out there have managed to cure yourself using natural ways, I read so many stories on the internet and youtube which gave me back some hope in living a normal life again. my doctor try to put me on all kind of medicine, including cimzia, (mind as well have HIV right?) I never liked taking medicine and I don’t intent to. Thats why I’m reaching out to you and begging for you help man. you see I’m new at this, and you’ve been at for a while. Could you please help me get started on an organized plan like yours, your blog has a lot of good information, but I can’t seem to put an organized daily plan in order. I fully agree with you that doctors only treat the symptoms and not the cause, I agree on the idea that this disease thrives on acid and we should be more alkaline (but how?). I read that you attribute your success to juicing and an antibacterial diet and specialized herbal supplements. Could please tell my what to juice, what antibacterial diet should i try and what herbal supplements should I get. Here is my email I will be very thankful if you get in contact with me and help me out. GOD BLESS.


  14. great news you’ve reversed your crohn’s. truly amazing story. was curious if you’re using hemp or coconut oil as part of your maintenance routine as well as turmeric. i don’t have crohn’s myself but am a disabled veteran who went from fat, sick, & not very functional on 20+ pills/day (told me i needed them the rest of my life) to 125 pounds, NO PILLS, and an excellent quality of life in under six months by getting rid of big pharma meds & all household chemicals and eating organically. it’s absolutely crazy beautiful how much better i feel. thank you for sharing your story.


  15. Hi Nick. I was just doing some research for my husband and came across your website. I have been reading some of your posts and have to say I am very impressed and intrigued and can not wait to read more! My husband has been struggling with UC for the last 12 years, He had a colon resection with J pouch surgery back in 2004 after being extremely ill for 2 years….all medications and treatments failed so this seemed to be his only option. He had a few complications since then but for the most part has been pretty healthy up until last year. He began with flu like symptoms, fever, abdominal pain…. then a painful abscess which turned out to be a fistula….he had to have a seton put in to help the infection….now we recently just went back to the dr thinking all was good and instead he was told he now has 2 more fistulas which will turn into the abscesses again if not seen to….again he must have the setons put back in. They also told him now that he has Crohns. I just feel terrible for him and almost feel like this is a never ending battle. I am looking into to ways to help him….Hes a strong guy and I know this gets him very down. I don’t want him to give up the hope that he will get better. This is a very scary and frustrating disease that I wish they would just come up with a cure for! I am going to continue to read through this website and have him try the juicing and hope that it can help. Thank you again for posting this. I look forward to continuing to follow you and your journey! Stay strong!


    • Wow! He has been through a rough journey. I would say that he needs to begin the juicing, experiment with going dairy/wheat free for about 1 month and get either garlic or oregano pills into the routine. The best juice for colitis and those with ulcers or sores inside is cabbage juice. You will need to sweet/cover it with apple and lemon but also get that ginger in there for inflammation! I would make cabbage, 2 apples, 1 lemon and ginger


    • Hi Bridget,

      My husband also has been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and from what you have described of your husband’s symptoms sound very similar to what we’ve been going through. He had a fistula surgery in 1998 and no problem until 2009. In 2009 he had 2 abscesses that needed to be drained and then another fistula popped up. Since then he has had 3 fistulas and only 1 of them has healed after surgery. The other 2 have had seton’s in them for 4 years. He just went for his yearly colonoscopy and he now has a 3rd fistula that he needs surgery on.

      The biggest battle is the inflammation and the flu like symptoms. Everything he eats sets off the inflammation and joint pain. It’s a constant battle on figuring out what he can and cannot eat. So far we have eliminated all processed foods that are kept in the pantry. Anything in a bag or a box. Cheese/Milk and any other dairy products set off the inflammation right away and he’s sick for days so no dairy. He can’t even eat meat. Not even something that should be easily digestible like a ground up turkey or chicken or even fish.

      We have found that he can eat a baked potato (no skin), toast with Earth Balance butter and frozen waffles. That’s about it. He is scheduled to have a food allergy test done this month and just had blood-work done to check on his pancreas and liver.

      He started on Humira about 14 weeks ago. There was a slight improvement in symptoms for the first couple of weeks but since then he’s been regressing. He is starting on Imuran in conjunction with Humira on Monday. Supposedly the Imuran should give the Humira that extra boost it needs. (I highly doubt this will work, and if it does it will only be for a few weeks).

      My husband’s body is not absorbing nutrients and that’s when I decided I needed to do something. We started juicing everyday about a year ago. Juicing has helped with the nutrients since they get absorbed right into the blood stream. Without juicing there would be no way for my husband to get the nutrients that his body needs since he can barely eat anything.

      I include a large piece of ginger root (about the size of my thumb) in each of his juices that I make for him. This helps with inflammation. He also takes oregano pills and chews on raw garlic. He is going to start drinking an organic ginger tea that we found at our local health food store.

      Since everyone is different it is hard to say what will work but from my experience you need to stay away from processed foods and dairy products for sure.

      I hope one day there will be a cure for this terrible disease as it’s becoming more and more common.


  16. Hey Nick! I hope you’ve been doing well. πŸ™‚ I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of the probiotic called VSL#3. It’s quite expensive but it has 450 billion live probiotic bacteria and consists of 8 strains of live freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria. It also comes in prescription strength with 900 billion live probiotic bacteria. My husband was given samples and this is the first probiotic that hasn’t caused him discomfort so we are going to try to get the prescription strength one and hope insurance will cover it.

    Primary Ingredients: VSL#3-DS contains 1 strain of Streptococcus, 3 strains of bifidobacterium, and 4 strains of lactobacillus.


    • I did hear about that one a while back and I heard it is a very good quality and high cell count. I don’t think I tried it at the time because of the price. I just ran out of my probiotic and I am attempting to go without to see if the juices can keep things balanced. I think it would be a great idea to get that probiotic a try due to all of the positive things I have seen about it online. Let me know how it goes???:):):):)


  17. Hi Nick. I know you said to tell my husband to take oregano or garlic pills. I normally cook with a lot of garlic so i figured i would go with the oregano….however when I was in whole foods they had pills and oil. I went with the oil bc of the high potency. Do you think thats ok? Also we’ve been juicing since wednesday! Seems to be going good so far! Do you juice 1x or 2x a day? What would be sufficient?


    • The oil based one would be the most potent and it is like the one that I took for a month. Should digest and absorb faster when it is oil.

      In the beginning I did only once a day. I started with just 8oz and soon I was having fun with it and juicing 16oz-32oz one time per day. On the weekends I sometimes did it 2x per day just because it was fun to make up drinks.

      Shoot for 12oz+ 1x per day at the same time of day to make it part of your daily routine.

      I am just about to make a major healing juice with pineapple, cilantro, parsley, celery, lemon and ginger – maybe I might add some carrot in there:)

      I wish you the best of luck and have faith in this – it takes some time:):):)


  18. Hi Nicholas- have you or anyone else on here tried a Cleanse? I am a little cautious with Crohn’s but wanted to see if anyone has tried it and which one(s) worked.


  19. Hello Nicholas thanks for putting this page up.
    I was diagnosed with crohns back in 2012 and for 2 years my life was pure hell, took about everything they gave me, prdnisone, remicade, humira, etc…. didnt get any better just got worse, then about january 2014 i started getting better by changing my diet and taking out dairy and most meats and exercising, by august I turned vegan and lived pretty much symptom free. Now about 1 month ago I started wavering from my nutrition, going out a lot, drinking alcohol, and eating stuff I was not supposed to eat (like cheesecake etc). So I got a flare, a bad one, I have been at home for about 4 weeks lost 20 pounds again and im vomiting and running to the bathroom more than 40 times a day. Im going to try a juice fast and I am positive that it will help me and I want to document it via youtube videos. I hope I can come back in 30 days with some wonderful news. Thanks a lot


    • let me know of the link that you use for youtube and i can share that out to others as you make progress. It sounds like diet is a major factor here for you. It also sounds like you have the drive and determination to get yourself healthy. Best of luck to you with your fast – that’s awesome!!


  20. I have had Crohn’s for 35 years and the only time I have ever had consistent relief from my symptoms was when I switched to a plant based diet. Personally, I have been a big fan of the McDougall Diet, but I don’t limit myself to only that. Thank you for sharing your success with us!!!

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  21. Hello from Mr.Hayden. I saw the many benefits of your site. Thank you. I have gastritis acute sometimes making juices pain . Do you have a suggestion for this problem? Also, morning, noon and evening what you eat solid foods? Greetings from Turkey.

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    • Hello! I am glad that you have found us here. Seems like you would need ingredients that would help get rid of gas or not form gas itself. Fennel is a good ingredient to add that eliminates gas. Also I have read that cabbage juice can also help, but everyone is made so differently.

      I would think a mild juice recipe like apple, celery, fennel, ginger would be the way to go, but you have to play around to see what your body likes.

      I have been eating more normal meals these days, but i stay away from dairy products. Wheat is another that I go low on, but if organic it seems to digest well.

      I think they are poisoning us with our food these days – I don’t trust my own country honestly.

      My diet is not that special anymore these days and I am able to eat more variety.

      I wish you all the best and I hope you feel better. Have a great week ahead:)


  22. Hi Nicholas, it’s been a pleasure to read through your website, and read your comments on this page. The idea of someone giving such valuable advice without monetary gain is a rare occurrence in the world we live in! I’ve had Crohn’s since a young age (10 years old, 25 now), and have been in remission for many years now thanks to remicade. That said I’m a strong believer in natural medicine and will be attempting to get off my medication soon. I have been seeing a great naturopath who has put me on a gluten free, dairy free diet. Basically 10-12 fruits a day (4 juiced for breakfast every morning), and around a kg of vegetables raw in a super vitality salad with apple cider vinegar, olive oil and honey as dressing. I realize that my north american diet has definitely built up a lining of rotting food in my gut. How long do you think it will take before my intestines are cleared out? If I stop remicade before my tract is cleaned out will I have symptoms? Do you find gluten, and acid forming foods have negative effects (eggs, grains, meat)? I also take the following supplements: coconut oil, magnesium, probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamin c, omega 3. I will prepare a cannabis oil solution to help get off of biologics, although hopeful I won’t need it after a few months. More of a precautionary measure. Any other suggestions? My naturopath has had huge success with his patients with the theory that ulceration and inflammation is caused by a strong immune system which goes into overdrive to eliminate toxins and clear out the acid found in our lymphatic system. Our healthcare system revolves around patches and big profits, but this is the year I plan to take control.

    Happy holidays to everyone, and let’s all keep our guts inflammation free during 2016.


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    • Andrew it sounds like you are doing all that I would suggest already – excellent ideas and natural approaches to getting well! Everyone is so different in their lifestyle that it is hard to say when one is fully clear of toxins. Or how going off of medication will effect you.

      I believe in the cannabis oil from what I have heard and read. I would like to try that approach myself one day.

      Just be careful as you go off of medication so that you don’t have any major complications such as blockages from inflammation.

      I also agree that our healthcare system will never look to fully heal us so it is up to the individual to take control and supplement his or her care. You are on your way already:)
      Have a great New Year Sir!!:)


  23. Hello Nicolas,
    Thank you so much for sharing your juice recipes here. Is of a great help. Iwas diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 18years back when i was 10years old. Since then been on all sorts of medication. Has helpedtme at times and one time i think it saved my life. But i am tired of taking the pills now and want a to achive a long time remission and hopefully reverse this condition.
    I am very much interested in juicing and see how it helps. My question is, what else did you eat when you just started to juice? And how many times a day did you juice to being with. And apart from gluten and dairy free foods what was it that you had for lunch and dinner?
    Does juicing multiple times a day help?


    • Hello and welcome. I had a pretty limited diet while juicing. Rice pasta chicken sausage, brown rice, rice cereal, almond milk, Rice Krispies. Turkey burgers, avocados. I juiced once a day at about 24-32oz. Always included ginger!! Juicing at 32 oz once a day would be plenty.

      Just eating foods that work for you, taking probiotics and flushing your system with juice is the key. I hope you are able to get started.

      Oh almost forgot, make sure you look into how juicing green or red cabbage can help heal ulcerative colitis specifically!!!

      Cabbage apples and ginger!!


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