Crohn’s Disease + A Lifestyle Change That Works!

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Hello everyone! It has been quite a long while since my last post.  Rather than post daily about everything that I am doing, I thought I would give it a year of trial/error.

What’s new:

  • I can now eat/digest all foods with the exception of heavy cheese, spicy food and fried foods.
  • I am able to drink liquor, wine and beer again and survive the next day.
  • I usually only use the bathroom 1-2x per day as opposed to 3+ on most days.

Here is what worked for me and it takes a Lifestyle change to get there:

#3 is a big part of why I can now eat mostly anything!

  1.  I create and drink raw juices daily and alternate them with smoothies now.
  2.  I try to eat a whole foods diet where each ingredient is real.
  3.  I do a one day fast/cleanse on Sunday to flush everything out.  I then fill up with juices and probiotics to start the week.


  • Lialda – Crohn’s medication- ( 2x per day. Taken for fear of another obstruction happening)
  • Celexa – Stress that brings on a crohn’s flare–(I am a teacher)

My supplemental meds:

  • Fish Oil – This one is for triglyceride levels.
  • Digestive Enzymes – This is the key to help eat almost any food once you are healed.
  • Vitamin D – Docs orders!
  • Metamucil/Miralax – Keeps things from backing up leading to a possible obstruction.
  • Probiotics – Used on the cleanse day only to repopulate.

My newest addition to this lifestyle is the whole foods diet and exercise.  I am trying to get back down to my normal weight after being able to eat more of a variety.  So far after just 3 days – +5 pounds lost!

I do not know when I will post again because I really have said all I know in all of these posts.  Until then, have a great day! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Crohn’s Disease + A Lifestyle Change That Works!

  1. Nice to see a blogpost from you. I appreciate the update and glad to hear you’re tolerating more foods. It’s very interesting how Crohn’s effects everyone so differently. Take care and enjoy your summer.


  2. Nicholas – so good to read another blogpost from you and know that you are in a path that lets you lead a relatively normal life. I have followed you for some time since I found your blog during a difficult crohn’s time and have enjoyed your recipes and suggestions, specially if I’m having a difficult day. Recently I had a bad spell with my crohn’s and spend 5 days ( I do not do this frequently so it was a shock) at the hospital, so time to reset again. So this message from you is very providential for me. I am a retired teacher, so laughed some when you metioned the Celexa. Blessings, take care and most definitely enjoy your Summer!!!! Saludos, Elsa


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