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***In addition to juicing, health and product review, I like to plug companies who are really great and have a superior product.  If you are into growing a beard, choose this company first!  They send you free samples to try out and are very generous with these samples. Check them out below! (Organic and all natural products)!!! = Link to main Site

About us

Artius Man means “Complete Man” the Artius Man team is also bearded.  We believe a beard completes the man, creates a manly man and frankly, looks awesome!We are men. But, we’re not like every other man out there and neither are you…See, like you, we care about what we put in and on our bodies.Sadly, the men’s grooming industry doesn’t always have our best interests in mind.They want our money but the products aren’t always geared towards our well-beingof mind and body.

Nope, often this industry is padded with dollars and bottom line thinking and it means in many instances, low-quality products with terrible ingredients at high prices.

We Bring Change

We want to change all of that. We want to bring you the best and purest products possible. We source numerous high-quality, natural and organic ingredients and we use them in our products.

We spent months searching for quality ingredients and finding them was not easy.  To source natural and organic ingredients is much harder than it sounds.

We also don’t want to use girly products that are not built for us! No longer do we need to sit by and wonder why our hair smells like roses or lavender.

A Scent For Men

Our proprietary scent is a mind blowing, manly citrus-burst backed with the likes of mandarin, cedarwood, patchouli and grapefruit for an aroma designed to wake up the savage beast within.

It’s time to be bold with a men’s grooming line that is actually created specifically for men!

We Test!

We test every formula we create on ourselves first and for months.  We want to make sure our products work as we say and do what YOU need.  So when we get a new formula we test it vigorously!

Our Handshake Agreement

Something else we pride ourselves on here at Artius Man is the power of the handshake.

Our handshake agreement is our way of making sure you know that we stand by our products. If for any reason our products aren’t as awesome to you as we think they are we will give you your money back.

**Content above created by Artius Man**


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