Crohn’s: Reset the Flora

***I know this post seems repetitive, but it is vital to anyone’s treatment protocol***

Crohn’s Disease is the result of the immune system attacking healthy tissue, harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria.  Did the poor bacteria balance activate the immune response or did the immune response cause the imbalance? This is the chicken or the egg for Crohn’s.  So what is the answer?

The answer is, I don’t know or care – haha.  All I know is that good vs bad bacteria is involved in this whole mix. I can manipulate the flora at least.

Here are my prescription drugs: I consider this to be level #1 and not the most extreme.

  • Lialda = Crohn’s inflammation drug: Keeps a potential future blockage at bay.
  • Viberzi = IBS-D drug: Slows down the gi to limit surprise bathroom trips.
  • Celexa = Anti-stress/Anxiety drug: The stress of life and my job.

These drugs are great and they work for me personally, but they are truly band-aid options and I am fully aware of this – haha. The problem is that many people will just take these medications and avoid certain foods without doing something to improve or change their flora.  

  • Taking a strong probiotic is just not enough on its own – I know, I’ve tried!

I am in the middle of my Sunday Cleanse, where I have evacuated everything like a colonoscopy would do (no TMI here).  I used a lot of water and a natural cleanse supplement to flush out everything to start with a clean slate.

I am now about to create a juice and now take the probiotics to create a super healthy environment.  This probiotic now has a chance to work and overtake anything that still remains after the cleanse.

My goal is to truly stay on the first level of drug management and not to get to the immune system suppressing drugs or surgery.

Order of Attack:

  1. Cleanse = Water, Juice, Herbal, Supplement:
  2. Replace = Juice, Probiotics
  3. Maintain = Juice, Oregano Oil, Garlic, Digestive Enzymes

I leave you with Dan McDonald.  Follow him and learn!  Take care ya’ll :):):)



4 thoughts on “Crohn’s: Reset the Flora

  1. What is the best probiotic for me? I was diagnosed with moderate to serve Crohn’s disease. My doctor wants me to take a probiotic called vsl#3. Never heard of it, have you? I have no faith in my doctors. What do you suggest?

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    • I have heard of vsl#3 and I have heard many great things. It is probably the strongest probiotic you can purchase. The only reason that I have not tried it was because it is expensive. I would totally get this if I were not a teacher – haha. This probiotic would have the best chance at repopulating the gut with a ton of good bacteria strains.


  2. I have a question about the juice recipes. Candida and Crohns says to stay away from fruits for the sugar but recipes include apples and pineapples. Could you please address?

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    • Yes candida feed off of sugar but adding one fruit with natural sugar is a way better choice than white refined anyday. Plus, unless you are a super juicer, you need to make the drink drinkable.

      I would stick to green juices with just one fruit choice if greatly concerned with candida yeast. To get the benefit of those less tasty greens, its worth adding a little sweet. Have a great day😀


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