**Advice Needed**

I went for my yearly check up at the GI and he ordered a blood test along with a quick x-ray to see how things were going.  My goal for this appointment was to get a new IBS management medicine that I could take after using the bathroom.  This would prevent having to run to the bathroom 1-2 hours later which is annoying when teaching 20 students.

The x-ray said that I was a little constipated along the gi tract and the new medicine would cause a big problem for me down the road.

Here is the problem: I cleanse out completely on Sunday.  There is literally nothing left in the colon.  By Wednesday for the x-ray, I was already a bit constipated????

It is obvious to me that I am not breaking down, digesting and using the food I eat! It literally builds up to so much waste.  This was a clear colon on Sunday and constipated by Wednesday with normal movements mixed in!

I am obviously lacking something that breaks the food down so that there is not so much waste left behind.

I know digestive enzymes would do the trick, but which type can you actually trust?? What are your experiences or thoughts?



8 thoughts on “**Advice Needed**

  1. I agree with your need for digestive enzymes and your wariness with brands! We have been dealing with CD for 10 yrs now and have used many, many brands. Metagenics, Transformation, Garden of Life, and Premier Labs are just a few we have used. I would also encourage you to try Betaine HCL. It can be super beneficial also.

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  2. I havent completely researched that but, the dig enz were prescribed to my 9yo with CD by a functional medicine doctor who I trust (with my son!). We had the CDSA test done and it indicated dig enz would help. Have you seen a FMD?

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  3. Hi Nick,
    I too use natural first. I had to tell you to use organic raw apple cider vinegar with the mother. It’s not a typo I said, mother. I use Braggs and buy it from amazon
    It has many uses one being to help digest food. I suggest research raw organic apple cider vinegar with the mother. You always are so forth coming with anything to help us. I just had to tell you this. I hope this helps. Donna

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  4. Hi Nicholas

    I was having the same problems with not digesting a lot of what I ate. I’ve tried a lot of different diets that were of little help until I found the low fodmap diet developed by Monash University from Melbourne Australia one of the better known universities here. They have an app that colour codes what you should eat or avoid. You should research it your self as since I’ve had crohns I’ve learnt to not just try things people recommend.

    I also avoid coffee, chocolate, sugar, alcohol and any beverage with bubbles. Also only lactose free dairy.

    I rely on psyllium (fine powder only) to cut down on bath room visit. 3 teaspoons every 8 hours.

    I start the day with a smoothie containing 2 not quite ripe bananas(prebiotic),5 dates, 1 teaspoon chlorophyll(no more or things go very bad),berries(whatever is available-stops gas)1 teaspoon glutamine with 2 tablespoons wpi. All based on things I’ve researched and trailed. Glutamine with wpi is from clinical trials I’ve read. I take my medication (pentasa) 12 hours after this so the chlorophyll doesn’t interfere with absorption.

    Also try to increase intake of omega 3 and limit intake of omega6.

    Hope this helps Lee

    Lee’s Surf’n’Skate


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  5. I know it sounds extreme but can you try this please.
    Vegan mixed raw salad centered diet, avacados and hummus and tomatoes and a little bit of pineapple for taste to the salads. Goal of 500g-1kg of raw salad greens per day.
    Then for your calories lots and lots of WHOLE boiled legumes, lentils, brown rice, whole corn, millet, etc. Use a site like myfitnesspal to count all your nutrients to make sure you are getting enough per day since you will underestimate the calories of salads and legumes, you need to eat a lot more of them compared to meats, fats and dairy.
    No meats or fish or any dairy or processed or canned foods anymore.
    I based this raw salad very high fiber based cure on some recent research I found here.
    Then added to that the work of Dr. Burkitt

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