There are many activators for Crohn’s Disease flare-ups.  Your diet is a major activator, but it is easy to control what you choose to put in your mouth.  Quality sleep can be another, but you can control the time you go to bed and when is best to wake up.

I have found that stress/anxiety is the hardest activator to control by far.  Sometimes you do not even feel the stress during your day, but it could be there slowly activating a Crohn’s flare. I got to the hospital thanks to stress/anxiety on 2 separate occasions. I was controlling my diet, sleeping fairly well, but work and personal life stress produced a Crohn’s flare that blocked my intestines twice!

After the second trip to the hospital, I promised myself and others that I would take my Crohn’s medication as directed.  I also asked to be placed on a daily stress/anxiety medication: Lexapro and now Celexa.

 I literally can’t control the stress on my own.  I try to mentally do it, but I just can’t do it without medical intervention.  I know it is not great to take SSRI medication, but I just can’t do it on my own and I cannot land in the hospital again. 

I still juice daily and take my turmeric supplements/vitamins.  I eat a lot of garlic and take probiotics here and there.  I find that this natural approach helps to keep tissue healthy and is wonderful for the entire body.  Too many benefits to list!

That said, the medical approach helps to control the stress that the natural method can not seem to treat.

I am sure many of you experience stress like I do and find that it really influences your symptoms.  Send a message and get the conversation going.

Thank you all:)


14 thoughts on “Stress-Anxiety-Crohn’s

  1. Whenever I am stressed I take tension tamer tea by Celestial Seasoning(that instantly calms me) or I use my roller ball of stress relief aromatherapy that I got from Marshall’s. It really helps to block the stress receptors that cause my stomach to hurt when I am dealing with anxiety.


  2. Yes! My son is 16 and I truly believe that his anxiety and stress started Crohn’s and continues to aggravate his symptoms. He is on one medication and many supplements including fish oil, turmeric, ginger, multi vitamin, good probiotics, dairy free, and gluten free. I believe stress is the number one reason he flares at all. I have spoke to him about anti anxiety meds but he doesn’t want them. His age plays a big part and maybe with time he will accept an anti anxiety med. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  3. I have a stressful life and it does contribute to flares. I have found drinking chammomile tea during times of high stress helps reduce the anxiety. I also eat calming foods. There is a book called “Eat Yourself Calm” that discusses foods to calm yourself. I have had Crohn’s Disease for 32 years and its always a battle. Another helpful measures I found is “Talkspace”. If you are willing to spend the money each month then it might work. It a month to month fee. The site has trained professional therapist that you can talk to everyday via text message. If you choose to do a video session you can. This allows the person to vent to a neutral party with privacy. I joined the site and did my homework on the clinician. It was legitimate. I lack sleep with my lifestyle and having Crohn’s Disease makes life more challenging.

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  4. Stress and sleep are two biggies. I find that when I get a bit tired in the day, I get more anxious, but taking a nap can help quite a bit. I think it has more to do with some detoxing going on that can get more drowsy, like the iodine in the kelp supplements taking out bromide/fluoride, or perhaps the magnesium supplements throughout the day. I put a lot of effort into my diet-

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  5. Hey dude,

    I just spent the past 2-3 hours reading your story, articles, and a lot of the comments on the site. I just wanted to personally drop a note and say thank you for the time you put in to sharing your journey and methods to make yourself better.

    Crohn’s is a possibility for me. I’ve had 6-7 years of struggle and just a hell of a time trying to navigate the medical system. I’m in “research mode” on my own again and would love to connect sometime when I get more of my thoughts together. Stress and lack of sleep are pretty big triggers for me and it seems like it just takes SO long to get back on track. It’s been a rough 2016 so far.

    Thanks again, and I hope to talk more soon!

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    • Well thank you for taking the time to read and search through the site.

      This disease is such a sneaky little devil and stress and poor sleep are big triggers for sure.

      In your research, really focus on transforming the gut bacteria. I believe this truly drives the disease.

      I’m always looking for ways to purify the gut and bring the good Bacteria in.

      I’ve been through your struggle sir and I hope you put the pieces together for what works for you.

      Have a great weekend brother!


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