A 3-Day Juice Fast/Cleanse

Since I enjoyed my 1-day juice fast last week, I decided to give a 3-day fast a try.  I did the same thing as I did last week where I cleansed out all of the waste on a Friday afternoon.  I actually made a very red juice with 2 beets so that I could tell everything was all clear.  After this, I took some probiotics to seed the gi tract.  The hardest part of all of this is the hunger that you feel throughout.  The key here is to blend in ingredients that will curb your hunger at the major meal times.

The graphic above is from Joe Cross and gives you an idea on how many juices/smoothies you would consume daily.  I like to blend in either avocado or banana to really solve the hunger problem.  The fresh juices can be between these blended hunger drinks. I did not really follow the recipes above, but I did try to create a good variety for my plan.

Friday: (After work)

  • Cleanse everything out
  • Probiotics/Turmeric Supplements
  • Green Tea with honey
  • Dinner juice with blended avocado and or banana for hunger.


  • Morning Green Tea and Honey
  • Breakfast juice with avocado and or banana
  • Water
  • Lunch juice with blended
  • Mid-afternoon green juice
  • Dinner juice with blended
  • Green Tea and Honey


  • Morning Green Tea and Honey
  • Breakfast juice with avocado and or banana
  • Water
  • Lunch juice with blended
  • Mid-afternoon green juice
  • Dinner juice with blended
  • Green Tea and Honey

Monday Morning:  A light breakfast to bring in solid food.

I have to say that I feel energized and light/agile.  I can’t explain the feeling really, but I feel more aware and clear headed.  It is quite amazing!

Give the one day a try and see how you feel – All the best to you:)



9 thoughts on “A 3-Day Juice Fast/Cleanse

  1. Hi Nick,
    it’s great this is working for you!:) I’m also getting better…finaly 🙂 I’ve been on LDN for almost a year now and it’s really helping me…which probiotics are you taking? This is the only thing that I can’t figure out yet…none of them seem to be working for me…
    All the best to you, Mojca

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    • Believe it or not I’m taking trader joes brand 10 billion count. I don’t think that these probiotics are really what is helping me though.

      I would take garden of life 50 billion count refrigerated. Many many strains at a high cell count.

      I’m glad you are doing better and great to hear from you. 😀😀


  2. Hi…I’m a long time Crohnie with incredibly severe disease. While I don’t think I can go over to a totally-juice diet, I CRAVE fruits on a daily basis to the point that I think my body is trying to tell me I’m missing something nutrition-wise. In perusing your blog I noticed you have some juices for “cleansing”…and I’d rather not stimulate my gut. It’s got plenty of forward motion without my help😉 . I’m wondering if you could share some fruits/juices that are less-stimulating and more soothing. Something that isn’t necessarily going to CLEANSE me, but will be delicious:) Thanks for sharing!

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    • I totally get the forward motion thing!! For a long while I did not want to stimulate anything so I get it:)

      Soothing ingredients: fennel, mint, cucumber and some citrus fruits to sweeten it up.

      1. Cucumber, fennel, orange, lemon
      2. pineapple, mint, cucumber
      3. Orange, Pineapple, lemon, mint

      I have never found that the greens were cleansing in that way. Add in spinach first as it is the most mild. Then go for the kale and herbs later on.

      I wish you all the best in health!!


  3. Hi Nicholas,
    I always read your blog with interest as you are very knowledgable. Recently I have been experiencing more pain than normal in my joints, especially my fingers and knees. I was thinking about sourcing some turmeric tablets to see if this would help but I’m unsure which brand is good. I wondered if you could recommend any?
    Thanks in advance!

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  4. Hi Matt, I am an RN who’s son was just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I truly believe in juicing and the medicinal effects of herbs. Do you have any ideas as to how to make an 18 buy into it.

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    • That’s a tough one. A good movie to watch is super juice me. It has a young girl with crohns who greatly benefits.

      The other possibility is the energy you get. It could give an edge on working out or exercise.

      If he attacks this head on early, he may overturn it before it gets really bad.

      A trip to the hospital unfortunately would make anyone try alternative medicine.

      Sadly that is what it takes sometimes.

      I hope he can get into it and he can start off sweet. Don’t jump into a mean green right away. You need to rope him in with sweetness👍👍👍


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