**A One Day Gi Rest**

If you have gotten the chance to watch Joe Cross and his first movie “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”, you watched Joe drink juice for 60 days with little to no food.  That is an amazing accomplishment that takes a ton of mental/physical strength.  His goal was to lose weight and he sure did.

If you are someone with Crohn’s Disease your goal is to try and keep or gain weight.  This is where a shorter time frame would be more beneficial than 60 days.  Jason Vale is someone to follow for this as he has designed some 3 day, 7 day and other programs.

I am doing a 1 day bowel rest/cleanse today since I am off and I can make juice all day long. Benefits to a bowel rest for Crohn’s and overall health:

  • The first thing that I did was to clear out the whole colon completely.  You can do this with either a ton of juice/water or give it some help with a few caps of Miralax.  It is important to clear out the colon before you add in all of the good stuff.
  • After I was all cleansed out, I took some probiotics and some organic turmeric  and went to bed.  I woke up feeling awesome by the way!
  • I started my day with green tea and honey.
  • I next made a green juice 32oz for breakfast.
  • For lunch I made a juice with avocado and banana blending in to curb hunger.
  • Later on I made a bit more green tea to curb hunger.
  • At dinner time I had another juice with blended in avocado for hunger.

Resume food intake the next day and feel great!!! Your body will love this little break. If you do this once a week, which I plan to do, maybe it is just that little edge your body needs to win this crohn’s battle!

All the best everyone!


8 thoughts on “**A One Day Gi Rest**

  1. What probiotic do you use? I ask because I’ve read some doctors say probiotics don’t work & its a waste of money.

    I Feel like that might be true for normal people but It might be more beneficial for people living with IBD, thoughts?

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    • Hey Jeff,
      I use Garden of Life 50 billion Raw probiotics colon care. Anything in the fridge section of the health store really. This has a high count and a good variety of strains.

      Lately, I have not depended on probiotics and trying to get these from the raw juice and or foods I eat.

      It is extremely beneficial for Crohn’s patients. I don’t think the docs really want to cure us unfortunately and that is where we need to supplement with our own knowledge and research.

      Normal people can get away with yogurt or taking align, but not us.


  2. That movie is what started me juicing. Juicing has had a major impact on my husband and my life. I would like to add that Joe did the juice reboot for 60 days not only to lose weight but to help with his auto immune disease. Fortunately for him, he is symptom free and no longer takes medication for his Urticaia.

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  3. It’s really amazing how juicing helps a lot of people. For sure you serve as an inspiration especially for those with crohn’s disease. By the way, Fat Sick and Nearly dead was also the documentary that inspired me to juice.

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  4. I just found your site and I wanted to thank you. I have very severe Crohn’s disease and unfortunately, a host of other autoimmune diseases that are secondary to my Crohn’s. I just found out that my pancreas is not working correctly either. I’m gluten free and recently have discovered that I’m extremely sensitive to an additive called carrageenan. Food is not something I have a good relationship with since I was first dx with IBD over 12 years ago and having an emergency proctocolectomy (GI surgeons removed my entire colon, large intestines, all but 1/2 of my rectum and my appendix). The GI surgeon that was on call is one of the best and she created a neo-colon out of the end of my small intestines, called a J-pouch. It’s much smaller than a colon and can easily be irritated or blocked.
    Sorry for the long story but I share my experiences so that they may help or shed light on difficulties others are having.
    But the best days I have are days when I don’t eat food. I’ve been on TPN before but I wanted to be able to eat real food through my mouth, but have it not cause pain. People have offhandedly suggested juicing, but I’ve never found a place to really learn about juicing as it relates to IBD or GI issues. Juicing is the next step for me and reading through your site has convinced me that I can do this in a healthy and responsible way.
    Much gratitude!!

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