Juicing Radio an Excellent Resource!

“Juicing Radio is a podcast aimed at motivating, inspiring and educating people who are interested in starting juicing, sustaining juicing or renewing their interest in juicing.” ~http://juicingradio.com/about-us/

I had the pleasure of speaking to Shane for his podcast last night for an interview about Crohn’s Disease and how juicing can be a natural treatment to combat the harmful effects of Crohns.

Shane has a fascinating juicing story of his own where he lost 80+ lbs while juicing and running.  He went on to complete 4 marathons! He has spoken to many well known individuals who are experts in the juicing world.  His podcast is unique in that there are very few dedicated toward juicing specifically.  His mission is to spread the word that juicing is one of the most healthiest daily habits that you can practice to improve your life. He wants to help others and show them that juicing may be the answer to numerous health struggles.

Below, are two highly informative and inspirational links that Shane has created.  Please take the time to visit these and follow his efforts.

Don’t forget to like juicing radio on Facebook and Twitter.  My interview for his podcast will be out in the beginning of March, so stay tuned for that.

I hope you are all well and that the information above will enlighten and guide you to better health.

~Nick 🙂



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