Medicinal Juice Recipe

Someone that I have been following for over 2 years now is Dan Mcdonald.  I started out watching all of his youtube juice recipes.  Follow him on youtube here:

If I were to be able to live his life for a month or so, I could probably cure myself of Crohn’s.

Dan McDonald – 

“I just made this juice
and it is super healthy and healing
for everyone. It’s really dark green
but loaded with everything you need
to thrive. Cleanse, purify, heal and
regenerate with this amazing green
juice. Fresh food gives life to the

2 Cucumbers
1 Coconut Water
1 bunch Dill
1 bunch Cilantro
1 bunch Parsley
1 bunch Kale
1 whole Lemon
1 piece Ginger


2 thoughts on “Medicinal Juice Recipe

  1. Hey Nicholas, I love Dan Mcdonald and have been following him for years also! I’ve tried going 100% raw on and off myself, and have found it challenging to maintain in the long run. I figure if I can at least incorporate more raw vegetables and fruits into my diet, this is better than just giving up!

    This is a great juice recipe to share, I’m going to drop this on our Facebook, Twitter, and G+ page. Have a good one!

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