The Cause of Crohn’s and Treatment = Crohn’s increasing 300% over the past 10+ years!

The article above is a bit scary to know how sharply Crohn’s has increased in a short period of time.  Sure detection methods have gotten better and you can blame it all on genetics you want, but to increase by 300%!! To increase that much there has to be much more to it than just genetics and better technology.

As I read about the MAP vaccine and many other articles, I believe Crohn’s is caused by a bacterial infection.  I believe that our air, drinking water, GMO processed food, Milk and wheat are responsible for causing this bacteria imbalance.  All of these things have changed over the last 10 years and are highly processed.  The chemicals used to keep these foods fresher longer must have a horrible effect on the gut flora balance.

So far, when testing Crohn’s patients for MAP over 93% test positive for the infection! Those that receive the triple antibiotic therapy to kill MAP go into remission rather quickly and that points to infection not heredity.

I remember taking Cipro for a month way back and I remember that my symptoms for Crohn’s greatly reduced.  At the same time though the Cipro was killing off the good bacteria as well.

Everything seems to point to a bacteria imbalance and I don’t think the immune system causes this.  I think the flora imbalance causes the immune system to begin the aggressive attack on everything.

It makes sense that strong probiotic therapies work.  Fecal transplants have worked as it changes the gut flora dramatically. Juicing works because many ingredients are antibacterial and anti-fungal.  The garlic and oregano work because both have anti-MAP properities.

So there are two schools of thought here I guess:

1.  Heredity/Genetics cause your immune system to go on the attack that creates a bacteria imbalance and food/environment has nothing to do with it.  300% increase of Crohn’s this way??

2.  Our food becoming void of nutrients, GMO/Pesticides go into the body and start to slowly change the good vs bad bacteria balance.  The MAP bacteria begin to grow out of control and your immune system starts to go on the attack.  The immune system needs to kick it up a notch and starts to attack everything even healthy tissue. Crohn’s begins and so does the endless cycle.


Immunomodulators:  Suppress the immune system so it does not attack healthy tissue, but the bacteria is still there.

Anti-inflammatories:  The immune system stays the same and creates inflammation.  The drugs soothe the inflammation, but the bacteria is still there!

Anti- MAP:  The triple antibiotic therapy seeks out to kill the bacteria first.  The immune system calms down and does not need to fight so hard.  Inflammation stops due to the immune system calming down.

My Natural Approach:  By taking the Oregano oil(antibiotic) and juicing daily, I was killing off this bacteria that was driving the immune system.  The juicing was also healing and nourishing.

It is hard to say what school of thought to go with.  I think it seems pretty obvious that for most people it is not heredity because there are just way too many cases popping up in developed nations when compared to those that are not industrialized.  They do not have the processed everything that we have:)



2 thoughts on “The Cause of Crohn’s and Treatment

  1. Yes I have thoughts on this subject. I think number 2. I have been trying to go various places on the internet reading about MAP and crohns/colitis. I now think from your experiences as well that infectiom is key to starting the IBD. Why some are hit by this disease and others not might be due to state of nutrition and of course antibiotics, amalgam fillings, exposure to certain chemicals and maybe a contributing secondary infection that would normally clear in days but the MAP takes permanent hold and the body somehow recognizes the presence of this foreign invader but cannot clear it. But inflammation is the only way the body knows how to battle bacteria and this keeps going on indeffenantly intill you perish or remove the infected intestine or kill the bacteria or at least suppress it through diet or medication.

    Also I have stumbled upon some anecdotal cause and causation where MAP infected cattle e.g. would crap in a stream and people down the stream using water from the stream had many new cases of crohns disease. Also this doctor I don’t recall who that infected himself and cleared himself of MAP to again prove cause and effect.

    So if you are able to clear the infection diet does not really matter much in the beginning of the disease. But I have been sick with diarhea for 20 years straight and I think I will need some serious restoration of gut bacteria. I did a capsule FMT for 14 days a while ago. It stopped the diarrhea from the one day to the next but after the treatment the diarrhea, smelly gas an so forth returned. Now I will use a protocol to kill the infection. Then restore bacteria. I have heard many explain from a group on FB that they had antibiotics for a secondary infection but their Crohns disease improved while the treatment lasted.

    Also everyone I have heard of that went into total remission for years did use some kind of antibacterial approach besides strict diet and probiotics. I think diet can maintain remission but a cure is found from ridding infection no matter how bad your diet is.

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