***Treating Crohn’s With Oregano Oil***


In my most recent posts, I wrote about how there is a crohn’s vaccine up for human trials and an Anti-MAP treatment using 3 different antibiotics in one.  I tried to contact a few of the doctors who support the Anti-MAP treatment and they were not able to prescribe medication out of state due to obvious reasons.  My local doctor would not prescribe this either as it is too new and not many know about it.

The idea is that there is a specific bacteria (MAP for short) that these antibiotics kill off and those that are able to use this treatment are doing very well.  This bacteria is believed to be present in 93%+ of Crohn’s patients and the possible cause of crohn’s itself!

I got to thinking, what if there are natural antibiotics like Oregano that kills this specific bacteria just like the hard to get antibiotics? I then found quite a few studies that showed how Oregano Oil does very well at destroying MAP bacteria.  

Next, Remember when I started this blog and I was taking my oregano oil along with juicing?  I went into remission without any prescription drugs.  The Oregano oil taken daily killed off the MAP bacteria which stopped its influence on the immune system.  The juicing further flushed and killed this bacteria while healing and I went into full remission for 1.5 years using zero medication.  It makes sense why this happened based on what I was doing naturally.

Now I did have a flare a year later that was stress induced.  I was not taking the oregano and I was still juicing.  When you do the antibiotic treatment and then stop it, the symptoms slowly return because not all of the MAP is killed.  This is where the vaccine comes in to stop the MAP from its return after it is destroyed.

The link above is a great quality product I found on amazon.  This is the product that I will be taking 1-2x a day.  It has the correct form of Oregano and a great potency.  It has very good reviews and gives you a 90 day supply for only $15.

Until they test and make this treatment more available, I will give this a shot once again, but make it more long term.

***Let me know what you think of this logic***


16 thoughts on “***Treating Crohn’s With Oregano Oil***

  1. Nicholas,

    How long have you used Oregano Oil for and have you felt a noticeable difference? I was diagnosed with CD almost eight years ago and suspected MAP long before I ever heard of Dr. Baroudi. How are you able to determine whether MAP has been killed or suppressed? I’d be very interested to learn more about how you’re able to maintain remission. I’m stuck in an eight month flare and am willing to try anything to break it, especially if others had success with something specific.



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    • I have taken oregano oil on and off for about a year. You can tell it works due to less gas and normalization of stool. You just have analyze the changes in the toilet unfortunately lol.

      I still take one crohns med.. lialda these days because stress is a big activator and I get obstructions without warning.

      I still juice and take my oregano to go along with that.

      I achieved full remission by juicing green 24+ oz a day along with 2 months of a.m.and p.m.oregano capsules.


  2. Hey Nicholas. There is a book from Jini Patel Thomson describing a protocol with oil of oregano and probiotics that I found inspiration from. Very interesting result you had. Given that I am doing oil of oregano since yesterday 3 times daily and the very recent posting here should we not try and follow up with the experiences we each will have in a while. I can get back with some experience in a week or so. I found the very potent Oreganol p 73 from American herbs and spices to be the best for a start. Please keep us posted on how you do and I will do the same. I haven’t bough the Natren probiotics that the protocol explains but are using different probiotics to make sure that bad bacteria does not take over when infection clears.

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    • That sounds perfect..keep me posted on your progress/results. I have only been taking a probiotic that is mixed with my multi vitamin. I don’t feel that it is strong enough.

      I need one that is high in cell count, a variety of strains and one that does not cost so high like vsl#3


  3. Well the cost of an effektive probiotic is what have kept me from splashing out on the recommended kind because I simply find it too expensive. I need to order it from the UK and the cost will be around 200 GB pound. And that is just enough to keep the correct dosing going for a month. I will try and use local products and see what progress that might provide. Seeing others pointing to oil of oregano as a way of remedy gives me great confidence to keep doing at least that part and then figure out the rest if/when I see some real progress.


  4. Im doing 10 drops 2-3 times a day of the North American Herbs and spice oreganol p73

    Not noticing much difference in a week. But the protocol says keep going till the infection clears. I just hope that things will start to settle soon. I really hope I’m dealing with an infection after all. The information I have read about oreganol tells it is not gut irritating but I’m not too sure I completely agree about that. But I’m not getting any worse at least.
    I will keep it up for one month and see if any changes. If not I don’t trust this approach to be working for me at least.

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  5. Hi Nicholas.
    Do you have any update regarding your progress. I have not been doing the oregano Oil regularly the past 10 days. I was a bit afraid if it causes harm on the gut bacteria. I had the runs a little too much. Will try again now.
    How are you doing?
    I did not feel like my stomach calmed down just yet.
    Im looking solaray super mighty acidophilus 24 now. Should be potent im told from an other sufferer of UC.


    • I am pretty much the same. I have switched over to a product called candida cleanse from high energy solutions. It has the oregano in it as well as capriylic acid from coconut oil, digestive enzyms, aloe, and wormwood which all help to kill harmful bacteria. We shall see about this one.

      I like the idea of using a natural antibiotic with probiotics and treat crohns and UC like an infection.

      They did not know why people had chronic stomach ulcers until they discovered that H pylori bacteria was responsible.

      I think UC = bacterial infection that we just have not pinpointed yet.

      For the runs – maybe add in metamucil fine powder – keeps that under control and well formed


  6. I was diagnosed with CD in 1997, I heard about Oil of Oregano on the radio from a Christian Doctor. I took it for 2 months along with the Oregamax pills. All my symptoms went away after a week! Herd about oregano in 2002! Well with in 2 weeks I cut my medicine down from 6 pills to 2 pills a day! A couple of months later I came off all medications!!! I had a colonoscopy in 2014!!! My new Doc said that there was no sign of Chron!! Oil oregano works! I only took 2 bottles of it!!

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  7. I just stumbled across your blog after googling how to take oil of oregano to treat crohns. I was happy to see you mention the Map Vaccine. I just started oil of oregano yesterday and I am looking forward to good results. I have read what I can find on the MV and at one time I had the list of antibiotics in the vaccine but I have misplaced them. Do you know what the antibiotics are?

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  8. Hi. I think you are mixing up things between the vaccine and the antibiotics cure. The same man is behind research that you can Google “crohn’s map vaccine”. Besides the vaccine program that is being developed, the same man has had great success treating crohn’s with macrolide antibiotics and 2 others. This is now in a phase 3 from “Redhill biopharma” Google that and find the research. This is two different approaches with the exact same aim, namely to kill of the MAP bacteria causing crohn’s in humans and Jones disease in cattle. People just need to wake up to understand that we have been betrayed all these years.

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