MAP: Possible Crohn’s Vaccine

I stumbled upon some exciting news, a potential Crohn’s vaccine is in development and it makes a lot of logical sense.  It also gives credibility to why juicing put me into remission for a year along with natural antibiotic supplements.  Above is the main link for the website.

This link takes you to a sequence picture of how MAP bacteria potentially infects the body and manipulates the immune system causing Crohn’s and many other autoimmune diseases.  Basically, animals that we get milk and food from are infected with this specific bacteria.  We then eat and drink from this animal and infect ourselves.  Some people develop greater problems such as Crohn’s from this and some just do not.  There are 3 antibiotics that specifically target this MAP bacteria and remission has been very successful with this treatment. The only problem is that this is a new idea and many doctors just don’t believe in it yet.

The vaccine itself has been very successful in animal trial and is ready for human trial testing.  My guess is that they would treat the individual with these antibiotics and then give them the vaccine.  Those so far that have done the antibiotic route have attained remission, but when stopping the treatment they get their symptoms back.  With the vaccine in place, they are hoping that the symptoms never return and you would be medication free!

Why this all makes sense with Juicing:

When I began juicing and taking my supplements, I was flooding my body with antibacterial, antifungal juice that essentially killed off this bacteria and others.  I also took oregano oil which is highly anti – yeast, bacteria and potentially anti-map.  I stopped the oregano and continued juicing and symptoms came back again slowly.

We shall see what happens with all of this.  I have contacted 2 doctors who believe in this treatment to ask if they might even prescribe the antibiotic protocol to me from a distance.  It does not hurt to try:)

BTW – I drank a ton of milk when I was younger and was on dairy overload throughout high school.  It all started as IBS, but maybe was developing slowly over time.  The research suggests that this bacteria take a long while to fully develop and cause Crohn’s.  Interesting stuff!!


2 thoughts on “MAP: Possible Crohn’s Vaccine

  1. Hi Nicholas! I am a mom of an 18 yo son with CD. I have just begun to research MAP and its implications. It is intriguing! What have you found tx wise? Our GI has mentioned a MAP study and I know there are researchers in the Orlando, FL area.

    On an aside, it is your blog that turned us on to juicing. He drinks 1-2 qts of “noots” a day. Thank you!

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    • Great that you were inspired to juice!! The map study seems great and I hope it works out for all of us!! I’m not on the protocol yet but maybe one day all docs will support it 🙂 🙂 take care guys 🙂


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