Can anyone relate?

I wanted to know if anyone out there has had the same issues that I am currently experiencing right now?  I have a CT scan to check things out on Tuesday.  My blood test had a very high white blood cell count which could be inflammation or possible infection. The rest of the blood test was all good.

Symptoms:  An achy pain that shifts from my back to the front.  It is located under my left rib and under my left shoulder blade to the right a little.  It feels like a muscle cramp in the back and when I lay down it goes completely away.  I also have sore hips and buttocks muscles and I did not work out at all.

I am taking my meds like a good boy and juicing each day as well.  Do I need to get worse before getting better?

It is super annoying and I would love to hear from those who might have had similar symptoms.

Let me know:)


14 thoughts on “Can anyone relate?

  1. I’ve had similar issues, with mid-back pain terrible in the mornings and evening, but easing during the day with movement. Have you been tested for the HLAb27 marker? It’s highly indicative of ankylosing spondylitis, which could act this way. Mine is negative, so I chalk it up to generalized inflammation related to Crohns.

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  2. I have hip pain a lot and none of the drs have determined the source yet. Oddly enough mine seems to correlate with weather- humidity or extreme cold. Is yours similar? Also I think the butt pain is either low back pain from spine or from your muscles overcompensating from the hip pain. :/ keep us posted on ct scan results!

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  3. I have never had the pain, but I have had Crohn’s for 30years. It sounds like you need to see a hematologist and it doesn’t hurt to see a rheumatologist. Someone specialized in inflammatory disease/rheumatic disorder.

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