Writer’s Block…

Nothing seems to be coming to mind these days for the blog.  So if you have any questions or ideas to activate my brain, send in a message or two and i’ll get on it.  I make it a point to answer every single message received.  Many out there do not respond and maybe that’s because I am being annoying or something – haha.

Well here is a juice idea if you happen to have some watermelon on hand:

  • 1/4 pineapple
  • 2 cups watermelon
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1 large orange

BTW:  Watermelon is one of the most alkalizing things you can consume.


6 thoughts on “Writer’s Block…

  1. Hi Nicholas, I have a couple if questions? I wondered if you eat the following foods, bell peppers and tomatoes? I have been told by numerous people they are not good for Crohns, what’s your opinion?

    Thanks, and your blog is not annoying, in fact it’s very insightful! Have a great day x x

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    • Hey Michelle, I used to eat those foods in salads, but through trial and error they just did not digest in my particular system. I just juice them and get the same benefits without the insoluble fiber that just goes through my body unchanged. The bell peppers are heavy in vit C and anti-bacterial and the tomatoes are filled with lycapene and great for juices. Sorry for spelling above:) Thanks for writing in:)


  2. I don’t have Crohns, but had a sibo infection for decades causing symptoms of ibs that developed later into autoimmune conditions. I have a theory that it is the starting point that leads to degeneration into conditions that eventually take us home, one way or another. Digestion is impaired first. Food sits and ferments where it should not, small intestine. The vagus nerve should propel that organ to move it along. Another impairment. Bacterias abound, inflammation ensues along the intestinal tract where are nerves, lymph, microbiome are and things grow out of control, thus the symptoms and eventually damage to something, somewhere along the lines from the esophagus-out. Dr’s are recommending food that does not ferment and is easily digested. Juice of course fits this bill, along with Predigested stabilized rice bran soluables. Dr. Stopka of the WHO says it is the most nutritious food on the planet and the most antifungal agent known to man. There is predigested collagen protein from Great Lakes. I find that as I heal these sort of foods are of upmost importance. I am looking for ways to juice that are more green and less fruity to avoid sugars, nourish and cleanse, to devise a sort of elemental diet of my own that meets my dietary needs and is natural vs the type you purchase from Nestle or Absorb. Once the bacterial load is removed, keeping it from happening again is key. It takes time to restore digestive ability and develop ways to enhance vagal nerve function and allow healing to commence within the intestines until more is learned to help this along. Maybe a thought into looking into these matter and writing about them, more recipes or a book? hmmm. Love the blog! Thank you ever so much. By the way, the gut brain axis is addressed by Dr. Kharrazian in his book Why Isn’t My Brain Working. He is one of the few dr’s addressing brain function in gut and vice versa and natural remedies. I also found that psyllium seed not husk is essential for creating butyrate and short chain fatty acids that is another key to reducing the inflammatory load.

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    • Very very good information!!!! I completely agree with all of that sequence stated above. I will have to look into some of this for future thoughts. Thank you for sending that detailed info in.

      I would even accept an article or two from you and post it directly to the blog as a post if you wanted?? Just let me know and you can e-mail juicing4crohns@yahoo.com and I can then form it to this blog for a post:):)


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