**Current Natural Plan**

I seem to be always changing my strategy when it comes to natural remedies, but I think this whole thing is a changing process.  I have adapted my thinking on medicinal interventions and having natural remedies added has not changed.  You need it!

Diet:  I remain on a soft low fiber diet called Low Residue.  It just means that all food will break down easily and leave little waste to clog me up.  This means eliminating insoluble fiber from fruits and veggies.  Without these, where do I get nutrition? http://www.nmh.org/ccurl/84/948/lowfiber-diet07.pdf

Medical Interventions: I take my Lexapro 1x a day and this keeps the stress down very low.  I internalize all stress and I keep a smile on the outside.  I take Prednisone 2x a day and I will be off to the doc this week to see about weaning down and replacing with a longer term – Which I will Take As Directed!!!! 🙂

Current Natural Plan:  The afternoon when I come home from work is natural intervention time.  This is when I get my maximum nutrition to help with what I can’t eat throughout the day.

  • I make a 32oz mason jar of juice.  It usually ends up red or green, but the key to all the juice combos is to think anti-inflammatory.  Kale, Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon, Beets, Celery, Pineapple, ect…This is when I get more nutrition than the average joe who eats a normal diet.
  • I take 70 Billion Count Probiotic.  I purchased Dr. Mercola’s Probiotic brand because I like the work he does and what he speaks about.  His also has research that backs up some of the strains.  The juice also helps to feed the probiotics with prebiotics to keep it healthy.
  • I take a liquid vitamin. I take a highly potent vitamin from Alive.  It has vitamins, green foods and tons of other good stuff in it. It does not taste awesome, but I have juiced garlic, carrot and parsley once and I can handle it:)
  • I take my Oregano Oil.  This is my natural antibiotic that will only kill any bacterial overgrowth and not harm my probiotic strains. Doctors do prescribe an antibiotic like this, but it might kill your probiotic.

In addition to all of this, I still need to take a tablespoon of Miralax with dinner to keep things super easy.  I also take a Metamucil fiber supplement in the morning with breakfast to get my fiber that I miss.


It is not, but it is my current plan and I deal with it daily.  I have a routine and I tweak it if needed.  I am trying and not giving up.  That is the key!! Later ya’ll:)

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6 thoughts on “**Current Natural Plan**

  1. Hi Nick,

    I’m happy to see that you’re doing well and that you’re still blogging. You are such an inspiration to all of us that suffer from Crohn’s disease. We all feel like we are going through this alone and that there is no cure and your blog gives us hope and new ideas.

    My husband has been on Humira for 10 months now. He just got his antibodies checked and it looks like he has built up resistance to the Humira so he had to do another introductory dose. But it seems to still be helping a little.

    After all of the different medications he has been put on in the last 6 years there is only 1 thing that I can say seems to be helping him the most. It is the Probiotic. Since he has been on a very strong Probiotic (about 4 months now) he has been able to reintroduce some foods back into his diet. He can finally eat meat again (chicken, turkey, steak) but still stays away from pork, cheese and milk because those seem to cause very bad inflammation and pain. Although he cannot eat whole fruits and vegetables, that’s why we have turned to juicing so he can get the nutrients that he is missing in his every day diet.

    The probiotic that his GI doctor recommended is VSL#3. https://shop.vsl3.com/vsl3—30-pack-regular-p3.aspx. Each sachet contains 450 billion live probiotic bacteria and he takes 2 sachets a day mixed with water. It’s $87.72 for 30 sachets (so this lasts him 15 days). It’s a little expensive but it is really worth it. In the past he had tried several other brands and none of them seemed to be doing anything. He can sometimes get free samples from his doctor, but they run out very quickly.

    Thank you for sharing your juicing recipes as I include some of them into our juicing schedule to mix things up a little bit. 🙂

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    • Hey it’s been a while 🙂 🙂 I have heard of this brand and I just can’t afford it. One day when I win the lottery or change from being a teacher I’ll get them. Glad to see you guys are surviving. Thank you for the compliment as always 🙂 🙂


  2. Just thought I would add that the low-fiber, low-residue diet absolutely helps me as well. I wish someone had handed me a copy of that when I was diagnosed some 15+ years ago, as I’ve personally verified through trial-and-error nearly everything on that list and it’s surprisingly accurate. Well, except I have no issues with oatmeal but I only eat that in small amounts. Thanks for posting, I’m sure folks will find it helpful!

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  3. Thank you for your website!! I have been sick with crohns for 14 years now but was only diagnosed 2 years ago. I have been wanting to try juicing because too many fruits and vegetables upset my stomach terribly and I’ve tried smoothies but that’s no good for me either. You have motivated me to go ahead and juice! I’m excited about the healing juicing will provide to my poor intestines. I’m currently on remicade and 6-mp so I need to keep my body healthy and full of good nutrients.

    Just wondering if there is a certain oregano oil that you recommend? I looked at the grocery store yesterday but too many options and too costly to risk buying a poor quality one.

    Thanks for your posts once again! I can relate to so much of what you are going through.


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