So what have we learned??

To start off, it’s great to be hopeful.  There is nothing wrong with being hopeful that the doctors might be wrong and medication is not needed for these issues at all.  Now this got me into trouble and I am realizing that Crohn’s is quite a complex issue. A combination is needed of medical and natural treatments.

I believed so strongly that if I put foods and drink into my system that are 100% healing, my body would not react to it and get inflamed.  Sounds pretty logical, but again I am not a doctor and I am working on hope here that I am right.

Why do I need medicine? I think the medicine is truly needed to keep the unknown away.  Why is the inflammation still happening and I don’t think we really know.  I also think everyone is completely different like a fingerprint.  It could be stress for one, bacteria overgrowth for another and sleep of all things for another.  We need the medicine for the unknown.

Why do I need the raw juice? Now this one I will never stop!  As long as I am able to put this down my throat or IV -haha. This is needed to give you all the vitamins, nutrients and everything your missing by being so careful with diet.  This gives every cell what it needs to help your body stay in tip top condition and heal.  I feel this needs to be prescribed by doctors if it could be.

Why do I need a balanced diet? This is the hardest one by far.  I have struggled with this for far too long and I simply hate it.  I don’t think many really understand how hard this truly is for me.  This is so individualized that it is pretty much impossible to discuss it.  For me I would like to eat a balanced diet and one that would digest very easily.  This means that I would avoid raw foods that are hard to break down and this is why you need the raw juice above!  The juice is going to fill in the gaps of the diet.  I just love it and I don’t care if it takes long to make and clean up.  Who cares!:)

When I get out of here today I will be taking my medicine as directed!  I will be making a juice at some point today and I will still struggle to question every bit of food going in.  It is going to be a daily struggle as usual, but I think i’m up for it.

Take care and keep the tips rolling in.  Some little tip might help somebody out there and give them a moment of relief:)


8 thoughts on “So what have we learned??

  1. Nicholas,
    I am sorry to hear of your bout in the hospital but am glad you have decided to maintain your blog. I do think you enjoy passing on your wisdom and should continue. I believe you are correct in stating that the medications are for the unknown: they are very good at stopping the immediate inflammation and letting your body stop eating itself while healing. Unknown is a great label for what do I do next…. I also applaud your determination to still juice and provide your body the chance to heal with good nutrients. (I have been on again off again over the years with juicing but you inspired me this past year to be more consistent so thank you. I can tell my own system is thanking me!)
    With that said, I believe that this nasty disease is far from just diet and nutrient related. There are so many additional factors involved such as environmental toxins creating allergies which create inflammation, buried feelings in the gut from traumas or past issues, not living your dream life or feeling less than we think we “should be”, or just not being overall content and happy and so many more. Just the daily stress of thinking you have to focus on the disease itself, diet and “making” yourself well will cause more symptoms and dis ‘ease’. I have to admit that when I started my Live Healthy With Crohn’s website last fall, I suddenly could feel the effects of reliving and focusing on being a Crohn’s sufferer. The more I lived that role again as I wrote about the experience (after more than 8 years since my last flare-divorce) the more I could feel symptoms. It was a great lesson to me in releasing the disease again and not letting it get to me – so to speak. All emotional and all powerful in my case.
    I wish you the best. We all need to keep sharing the love and our experiences to help others and after a short – different health issue hiatus, I am back online this week. You are in case a blessing. Good luck and keep us posted!

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    • Hey Rebecca – Finally home and had a nice big juice to fuel the body. Taking a look at the low residue diet for now and chew chew chew!! Thank you for your kind words and advice:):):) I wish you all the best:):)


  2. Hi Nicholas, found your blog today, I too am a fan of juicing. I was recommending it at a digestive healing group, and several people expressed that they thought juicing could actually be detrimental to those with gut issues. I went searching, found your blog, and shared some excerpts. That seemed to give them juice for thought 🙂

    Anyway, you said to keep the tips rolling in, and I thought I’d share that bovine colostrum could possibly help with Crohn’s as it is a powerful gut healer. I’ve been using it myself and experiencing improvement in my LPR symptoms. Here’s a link for your exploration:

    Thanks for your sharing here, and juice on 🙂

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    • Thank you for writing in. The great thing about juicing is that you get live digestive enzymes and anti-inflammatory components from food that you cannot normally digest.

      Have these people personally ever juiced before or was it just what they heard? Cool thing is you take out 99% of the undigestible fiber and absorb all the nutrients into your blood stream very quickly.

      Some might get loose stool or unwanted side effects from beginning juicing. It is most likely your body cleansing out and one needs to juice for a few months to truly see how it effects the body.

      Thank you for sharing the link and I will check it out:)


  3. Thanks for your reply Nicholas, shared it with that group 🙂 Now it’s juicing time for me. Pineapple/kale today (though I generally do just veggies).

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