Intense Dr. Appt

Doctors just don’t get it!

gut-wrenching truth about crohns

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Thursday I had the most intense doctor apt with my GI to date. I told him that I was not taking any medications and he was upset with me. He asked me WHY? I explained: Cimzia was not working, I reached the plateau point with TNF blockers and 6-MP was making me miserable. He asked me to further explain how 6-MP was making me miserable. (In my head, I was like really? Miserable is not a good enough descriptive word for you?) With teary eyes, I explained it makes me lethargic and I hate it.

I watched him try to process what I just said. I don’t really think he felt my answer was substantial, but he accepted it. He then replied, so you aren’t ANY medication then? I said no.

He then proceeded with a physical examination of pressing on my stomach and checking the rashes on my rear. o his surprise, I had…

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