**When the Meds stop working**

I have tried all forms of treatment and none of them seem to be working, what do I do now?

This statement above comes from countless blogs, forums and comment sections from the web.  The medical response to this question is surgery to remove parts affected or even the entire colon.  This never really solves the problem since Crohn’s can affect from your mouth all the way through.  Even after this final procedure the medical suggestion is to resume your normal diet!  That is just so crazy to me because this normal diet has gotten you sick in the first place.  

First, I am going to tell you what I have experienced recently from juicing and finally switching to a raw vegan diet and then I will go into the steps you need to take to really heal and give your body what it needs.  

I have been having pains/aches from the front under my left rib to the back under my shoulder blade.  The doctor told me to take miralax 2x daily for the rest of my life.  This relieved the pains for the most part, but they were still there.  I was also prescribed a steroid and pentasa again, but they did not seem to make much of a difference.  I finally got fed up with all of it after watching a video of a man who tried out juicing and raw vegan eating.  He said just do it and I did!

The doctors said to stay away from the food I was about to eat all day long – raw fruits and veggies.  I started and I am now on day 7.  I have stopped the miralax because that ache/pain is gone.  I have decreased the steroid and I am weaning off. I have decreased the pentasa from 8 pills to 4 and I intend to wean that off completely.  This change seemed to help very quickly compared to the few months of pills.

My end goal is to take ZERO pills of any kind.  I plan to be off prescription drugs, vitamins and even probiotics.  My goal is to get all that I need from the food and juices.  With that said, here is what you need to do to make some major changes and get your health back.

  1. Get rid of all processed foods:  This food got you sick in the first place for those who are sensitive to it.  All of the chemicals, preservatives, sugar, GMO’s and other unrecognizable ingredients have destroyed your gut flora and rewired your immune system to attack your body.  The body actually creates an inflammatory response to certain foods and ingredients.  
  2. Eat more raw living foods:  When you eat foods that are alive and not cooked, you get live probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrients and other components that your body needs to heal.  
  3. Drink one raw juice daily:  When you drink one juice daily, you are getting the same thing from the raw foods but it is 100% digestible and your body does very little work to process it.  Refer to my 100’s of posts on juicing for info on that one – 🙂

Crohn’s has caused a complete life change for me, but I do not believe that change needs to be filled with meds and surgery.  I think to get out of the endless cycle I need and you need to make a major change.  This is not easy and it takes pure drive and determination.  It is your choice when the meds stop working for you…

http://www.fullyraw.com/ = Fully Raw Kristina with recipes and videos – I started here for ideas.

http://www.bigjuicespringclean.com/ = Get started juicing with Jason!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhhnHA8c_Y0 = Learn about what is in your food.


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