New Understanding: The Food We Eat

Spring break came along and I decided it was the perfect time to try a pretty drastic way of eating.  I have been listening to Dan McDonald and others brag about feeling great on a raw vegan diet for over a year now. I said to myself “how could I ever process all of that fiber?” I decided to give it a go for one day and if it hit me too hard, I could recover as I am not working during spring break.

The idea behind this way of eating is that nothing is cooked and essentially killed by heat.  So you are getting live enzymes, nutrients, water, vitamins in their beginning normal state.  This concept got me really excited about the fact of using what is in the juice, but all day long through food! I also continued to juice daily as well.

Well I am 5 days in and I have been able to do what the doctors has said not to do.  I seem to be processing all of the fiber and my system seems to be really loving it.  I am even keeping weight at current levels too!

Here is a sample menu

Breakfast – Normal oatmeal based cereal, couple bananas, melons, pineapple.

Lunch – Power greens salad, tomato, avocado dressing, oranges, fennel,


Snack – Fruit

Dinner – Zucchini pasta, tomato olive oil cilantro, basil sauce, halved tomatoes topped.

I love the creativity of these meals and I am having fun making up new ideas.  Plus it was cheaper at the grocery store when not buying all of the sausages, turkey bacon, burgers, chicken nuggets, waffels ect.. It is fun to create new ideas and actually have them taste good.

I think I am going to continue on this path and learn all I can about it.  It seems like anyone with a digestive disorder/disease would benefit from eating like this to get live food into their tract all day long!

How to begin:


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