The Food We Eat: Food Matters  = Food Matters the movie and many other eye opening movies about juice, food and health.

I was watching the movie Food Matters featuring David Wolfe and he kept on repeating throughout the film “let food be thy medicine”.  It got me thinking not about what I eat, but what I have seen from other people who have realized this way of thinking.  Many videos on youtube and around the web have proven the above statement when it comes to disease and health.

When you watch Dan McDonald through youtube, he states that much of the food we eat today is not designed to truly feed your body and give it what it needs. It is designed unfortunately to cause inflammation and disease.  Why does this happen?

Before we get to that answer, another observation that I have found is that every well known person out there who is promoting juicing and super food eating has had a life long illness plus medications.

  • Jason Vale = psoriasis and gastro
  • Lou Corona = Cancer
  • Joe Cross = weight and Urticaria
  • Tracee Sloan = Lupus
  • Jay Kordich = Cancer

All of these people are juicing and eating super foods now because before that they were not, and they were sick.  Some of the above were not given long to live and they are all here today.

Why is disease and especially autoimmune conditions on the rise? I have learned that processed foods cause inflammation because your body thinks its an invader or virus if it is not natural and what the body needs.  An inflammatory response occurs with food that is not what the body needs.  It does not need chemicals and preservatives so it creates inflammation and attacks not only the food, but you in the process.

So what am I doing? I do not eat processed foods that contain extra chemicals or preservatives.  Instead I am trying to eat foods in a natural state more often.  I realize that some of my food is processed and not perfect, but I hope to balance that out with natural foods.  I tried this yesterday with a salad and it was amazing.  It is almost like the food we are told to avoid at the doctors office is that food that might actually heal us?

Joe Cross Super Food Salad = Amazing Stuff!!!!

  • Mixed power greens
  • 1/2 chopped avocado
  • chopped basil
  • 1 orange cut up
  • 1/4 fennel diced
  • cherry tomatoes
  • Dressing – TJ’s Olive oil and Red wine vinegar

Surviving this salad will be a big win for me and an open door to many new varieties of food.  I believe that through juicing and smart food choices that we can all achieve what the individuals above have achieved.

I also realize that the doctors are there to help, but only know one way to do it.  It is up to you to research and understand that covering the problem will not solve it.  Use the medication instead to help get you to a place so that you feel healthy enough to make some big food and juicing changes.

I hope you all have a good week.  I’m off to cut up a pineapple:)


3 thoughts on “The Food We Eat: Food Matters

  1. Hi Nick,

    I liked this post. Did you survive the salad from yesterday? Any adverse symptoms from it or digestion problems? This is a big step because I know it’s the first thing the doctors tell you to avoid.


  2. Nick,

    I really liked this post. Did you have any adverse reactions with the salad? I know this is a big step because it’s the first thing that doctors tell you to avoid. I hope you got through it alright. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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