The Vegan Diet Experiment

I have seen countless videos from real people with crohn’s disease that say their symptoms have literally disappeared while trying to avoid meat and dairy.  They have gone off all medication and have been symptom free for many years.

They say the reason is that meat, dairy and eggs are not easily digestible and cause inflammation for those who are sensitive. I love eggs and I have been avoiding dairy even before diagnosis.

I decided to download an app that can scan bar codes to see what is vegan and what is not.  I was surprised to see that many of the foods I was already eating checked out vegan anyway.  I now just need to find a way to sub in ingredients to take over the eggs in the morning, the chicken sausages and the turkey burgers.

I found a good site to give it a try called It has a shopping list and a meal plan to give it a good try.

Now the ultimate goal here is to make foods that are not overly processed and are in their natural state.  This will take some time and for now I will just try to sub in ingredients for the meat.

This should be interesting and it is worth a good try in addition to my juicing.  Those individuals that are juicing every day and eating vegan are doing fantastic!! They are never sick, they have not medication for any disease and they are bursting with energy.  I kind of want to test this to see if I can join them too:):)

Here is one of them and she is fully raw vegan:


5 thoughts on “The Vegan Diet Experiment

  1. Would highly recommend you look at “forks over knives” if you haven’t done so already. Our family have been vegan for over a year now. My daughter’s crohn’s disease has been about as good as it can be.


  2. Nick, I would be very careful with vegan lifestyle…I’ve been a vegetarian and later vegan for a long time and I got Ulcerative colitis…I thought how healthy I’ve lived, but…Now I’ve been following GAPS diet for a while and my symptoms disappeared. I still have a long way to go, but I haven’t felt so good in years!! Now I eat meat and drink chicken stock every single day!
    If you decide to become vegan, you should consider about supplements!! Check Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Fish Oil! I also recommend Gut and Psychology Syndrome book by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. In the book she explains how every disease begin etc. She also explains how you can heal your gut permanently! So far, after many diets and trying to heal UC, this method was the only successful one… The best part of all (for me) is, that she supports juicing very much:)))


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