Set Back or Motivation?

I have had some recent set backs in health in the past few months that lead me to speak to my gi doctor recently.  It has been about 1.5 years since I contacted him.   I was experiencing nausea, appetite loss, fullness and a bit of anxiety that I just could not explain.  He looked over all of my tests that were all normal and suspected another possible blockage.  After taking colon blow, I still did not find relief and I called back again.  He suspects that my gi tract is mildly inflamed at the ileum where I had my first blockage and prescribed a steroid.  He said a CT scan does not always pick up mild inflammation and that makes sense with a blockage there.

At first I saw this as a set back, but now I am motivated to turn this around both medically and naturally.  I do plan on taking the steroid and I plan on focusing my juice to fight inflammation and bacterial overgrowth.

I am also going to start a round of Candibactin AR an BR.  I plan on taking the Candibactin AR long term because I believe that the inflammation is driven by bacterial overgrowth deep into the intestine.  Each time I have started an Oregano oil supplement, I saw results in just a few days.  I truly believe that bacteria is a key factor to Crohn’s and the inflammation.  This is why doctors prescribe strong probiotics, but you need something else to kill the overgrowth as you repopulate.  This is also why many do well with a fecal transplant.

I believe that my system might always have trouble keeping the balance of flora and this is why I am choosing the Oregano oil along with powerful mixes of fruits, vegetables and herbs daily.

After going through this set back, I thought that this blog was coming to an end because the idea is to basically cure yourself from Crohn’s through juicing, diet and supplements.  I still believe that this can happen and there will always be some road blocks ahead.

I have made tremendous progress through juicing for over one year and who knows why our bodies decide to go a little crazy sometimes.  I blame it on stress – haha!

I think this is also a perfect opportunity to do some self-testing and bring in the Candibactin AR, Juice and Probiotics to monitor what it does for me.  I will be reporting back as I see results and pass them along to you.  Have a great weekend!


25 thoughts on “Set Back or Motivation?

  1. We are glad you are getting some ideas of what may be happening and what to do to feel better! It sounds like you have a great plan to get your health back 🙂


  2. Sorry for the set back, and that you’re taking steroids. I’m sure that was a very hard decision for you to make. I am thankful every day for my remission. That fear of steroids is always in the back of my mind. Healing thoughts are going your way.


  3. Stress is a definite cause to throw your body into inflammation when we are eating what we are suppose to! I know last time I went to the doctor I was explaining how I was worried that my stools were getting lose again. She asked about stress- it ended up being the flu because that was going around. Best of luck repopulating the flora! I hope you bounce back quickly!


      • I think it’s my job as a teacher that does it…I need to take your advice and do something relaxing…..I feel like this inflammation is in a different location because of the lack of appetite but doc thinks still at end of small intestine??? Any experience with nausea fullness and appetite loss??


      • The inflammation could be anywhere really. I do have experience with nausea and appetite loss and feeling full soon after eating. But I don’t have the end of the small intestine lol. I have that part removed along with the first part of the large intestine and no ostomy bag. I was feeling awful like that up until October when I started seeing my holistic doctor. Then things started to change. The first thing I noticed right away was the change in nausea instantly. She put me on a pretty bland diet- primarily fish and mashed potatoes. A few other things if you read my first blog called holistic healing it details it. But I think you should try slippery elm and get it in powder form. This will help heal the colon and also help with mucous production which when we have inflammation the first thing that is eroded is the mucous membrane which protects our intestines form food irritations. She recommended to me mix 1 TBSP with 2 quarts boiling water and you can add herbal tea too it. I can’t tolerate that much fluid so I cut the dosage in half and am trying to build up. Drink it daily if you can. That is like my go too now when I start to feel crappy or start getting a lose stool. You are already doing a probiotics which is good. But I was also wondering if you have taken two different probiotics. For example- I usually take HMF 1/4 teaspoon 2 x a day. But my doctor told me that pretty much is kind of a maintenance thing. I also did 2 rounds of HMF replete which is 10 times the strength or population of regular HMF to repopulate the good bacteria inside my body when I was on an antibiotic. I did one round during and one round after. She said that I will have to do HMF replete from time to time. I am guess its going to be like every 3 months or every 6 month type deal depending on how I am feeling. So I was curious to if you ever had done something similar. Especially if you are using oregano oil to do some “house cleaning” in the digestive tract- do you change the probiotics at all? Where is your inflammation typically?


      • Great advice – I usually had my inflammation in the ileum at the end of the small intestine. I never had this nausea and appetite loss/full after eating a little bit ever before. It is just so different from my first bout of Crohn’s that I am doubting where it is. I feel like it could be at the start by the stomach and the beginning of the small because those symptoms match better.

        I have never heard of those probiotics – where do you get them?

        Do you have a link for the slippery elm supplement?

        I just can’t stand this lack of appetite and nausea feeling – just so weird to just start up after 1.5 years

        Thank you for your help!!


  4. Good luck! I am sure you’ll manage to turn this around quickly. One question though: what’s keeping you from doing a fecal transplant? It is a lot easier in the US (and Australia) than in Europe, so? Best wishes!


    • That fecal transplant is such a weird option, but seems to work for others. How does one approach someone and ask them to do that – haha. I got my oregano oil today and started along with the steroid and juicing. We shall see I guess. Thank you for your concern:)


  5. My computer was being fussy so I had to post the links in two different comments. But the probiotics you can get from amazon. The kind I take daily is HMF super powder the brand is genestra.
    The HMF needs to be kept in the freezer. This should last like 3 months.

    The HMF replete is the one that is 10 times the strength. It comes is a weeks worth of packets. Break it up so you are taking it two or three times a day so you are not overloading your system all at once. This does not need to be mailed with ice packets but does need to be kept in the fridge.

    I have order the HMF replete online before. 🙂

    Also for the slippery elm- look into if different size bottles are available. And maybe start with the smallest size to start to see how it works before you commit to it.

    I hope these work for you!


    • Thank you for your help and I just read your posts on your natural methods – very good info and progress for you. I am going to look into the probiotic first because I am not so sure that mine is the best at this point. Thanks for all the suggestions:):)


      • I don’t understand why I have nausea and appetite loss when I never had this the first time. My doctor is treating the same location as last time, but it is not the same? Where was your inflammation that went along with nausea. My medication is mainly for the ileum area – would prednisone take care of any location all over??


      • Yes, prednisone affects inflammation anywhere in the body- its referred to as a systemic drug. Whereas, budesonide- another steroid-only affects the colon. My nausea was said to be a result of inflammation of the esophagus which was severely eroded. I had silent GERD so I didn’t have the typical symptoms. However, it did get so bad that I started coughing a lot and choking on spit and sometimes food. But I also had inflammation in the large intestine as well. I think the small intestine was okay, but I can’t recall. I just remember everyone thinking that I must be in so much pain because of my endoscopy results of esophagus. But I said no that doesn’t hurt but I feel nausea every day til like 1 pm. I think that each flare is going to affect you differently and you are right to suspect a different area of inflammation. When’s the last time you had a scope done?


      • Doc said it was too soon for a scope and that was back in 2012 or so. I am getting there with the present steroids and placed on anxiety/stress meds now that I know it is a major trigger for me.


      • They can do a scope every 2 years if needed. Also, interesting fact I learned at the doctor is that 90% of serotonin is made in the gut not the brain. So it def explains, at least for me, why my anxiety got increasing worse with the rest of my systems. I too turned to meds. And they did help. But I have since stopped because it’s hard for me to manage both meds and diet- if that makes any sense.

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      • Thanks! I am doing well. I thought I had a setback recently because I was feeling a lot of pressure in my gut- turns out it was just my colon doing it’s job and holding poop and my body is not used to it lol


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