**A New Year: Overall Wellness**

It is that time of year again for resolutions.  Many begin a resolution and lose sight of it after just a few months.  They should be commended on at least starting something to improve themselves.

I see a new year as the opportunity to create a new lifestyle and not just a quick resolution.  The resolution that you choose should become part of your daily routine so that it just feels natural and easy.  This is what I did with juicing for one full year. My routine was always to hit Trader Joe’s each weekend with a list of ingredients for juicing.  Each day I have a certain time that I like to create some juice recipes and I try to stick to that.  Of course having a juicing blog helps to keep going as well 😉 – Thanks Tammy!

My resolution this year does not deal with juicing because it is just daily routine at this point.  I will certainly continue that each day.  My resolution is to attempt to attain overall wellness through food choices and diet.  To add more variety, colors and new ideas to each meal.  My RD has assigned me the FODMAPS diet plan as of yesterday and I love that I have a structured plan to go by.  I was eating some things that might not have agreed with my system since learning about this diet and it is very interesting.

Health Lifestyle Routines / Resolution Choices:

  • Start a juicing challenge online – There are three about to start that I know of.
  • Add juicing once daily to your routine and stick with it!
  • Buy a juicer and leave it in full view – make it your new lifetime hobby!!
  • See a different type of doctor than your specialist for new ideas – RD or Holistic Doctor.
  • Try some of my supplement suggestions daily to work on your microbiome.
  • Share your trials and success with others.
  • Never stop researching for new ideas and ways to heal rather than just take pills and give up.

What ever you decide to do this year, make sure that it is realistic enough to make it at least one full year and beyond.  If it starts to work for you, share with as many people as you can.  You never know who you might help out there with just one small tip they have never thought of.  

Happy New Year Everyone!


2 thoughts on “**A New Year: Overall Wellness**

  1. So glad to find your blog! I’m actually SEARCHING for juicing recipes and was dx with Crohn’s a couple of years ago. I’m not wanting to gain weight, however. I just want energy and health! 🙂 I would LOVE to know how you go about juicing — do you use it as a meal replacement? I have a great juicer but my problem is that I’m NOT a big fan of ginger and it seems to be in every recipe…and frankly, I am thinking it takes some getting used to. I made three or four and they are SO heavy in the greens, it really tasted like GRASS! If it doesn’t taste good, I just can’t make myself eat it. Any pointers or tips on a newbie? Thanks and you have a new subscriber. I’ve added you to my RSS feed reader! 🙂


    • Welcome!! I use juicing to supplement my meals and I don’t skip any. I just do it at the same time each day and drink it right up. You can get even better anti-inflammatory effects from turmeric root in place of the ginger and you can’t taste the turmeric like the ginger.

      To ease into juicing without being so heavy on the greens I would recommend that you try this free 30 day challenge. They start off very tasty and simple and get your pallet used to juicing slowly. You get an e-mail of a shopping list and recipes:


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