Daily Juicing: One Year Later

It has been one full year of daily juicing dedication!! It truly has taken some dedication and time management to juice for all, but 3 days out of the year.  I have learned a ton of information along the way and not just about juicing.

2014 Highlights:

Juicing: The act of daily juicing can have numerous positive effects for many health problems.  It seems so logical now that if you juice ingredients with live enzymes, vitamins and super anti-inflammatory properties it can do amazing things.  If juicing gives you the nutrition that you need in a 99% digestible form, then why is it not pushed by doctors.  I’ll get to that answer in the doctor section.  There is an unexpected sense of energy and clarity that I got after a month or two that has really enhanced my mood and daily drive.  Juicing is an easy preventative for other future problems and as you optimize how your body works, you avoid sickness.  I do not intend to stop juicing each day.  It has become part of my daily routine and I will continue as long as my DNA allows me to.  In celebration of this one full year of daily juicing, I am doing the same 21 day juice challenge this year through allaboutjuicing.com! Perfect timing:)

Supplements: In talking with many people from around the world, I realized that juicing needs a partner to really allow it to work/heal. I realized that when I was taking antibiotics long ago, my symptoms improved and there was some connection there.  Doctors prescribe probiotics for Crohn’s because it helped with an overgrowth problem of the microbiome.  Enter oregano oil, garlic and coconut oil.  These three do the same as antibiotics, but are more powerful and safe.  I realized that the harmful overgrowth needs to be destroyed before, during and after juicing is introduced.  These supplements kill the harmful bacteria only and leave behind the good bacteria.  The juicing comes in and strengthens the good bacteria and creates an environment were it can flourish.  When I tried bread again and had a reaction few months ago, I recreated an overgrowth that juicing just couldn’t tackle on its own.  I introduced oregano oil at that time and I went right back to normal within 2-3 days.  I was pretty amazed!  My newest supplement trial is with HCL/Pepsin to see if it will help with digestion due to low stomach acid.  That post is coming soon if I see any positive effects.

Diet: This year my biggest struggle was my diet.  I was so limited with foods because I was afraid to try new foods and mess up the progress I made.  I found out that chewing your food is super important especially if you are eating large quantities of nuts.  I learned also that my body is beginning to tolerate fiber from fruits and vegetables.  I now do not avoid or fear fiber.  I try to have a balanced diet, but still avoid dairy and wheat.  I have a juice/smoothie/veggie based cookbook coming soon by Joe Cross to help add even more variety.

Doctors: I truly believe that doctors are there to help you and they provide the best care that they know about.  It just bothers me that they say a digestive disease/disorder is not connected to diet!! The first choice for the medical approach is medicine.  I know that it makes a lot of money for all involved except for the individual who is suffering.  I guess if I were a doctor, I would look into every possibility to help others as I have done with this blog.  A digestive disease is most certainly connected to food and identifying your trigger foods is just not enough advice.

People: There are so many people out there searching the internet for an answer and it shows you that we are not happy with how we are currently treated by the medical field.  It is not just those in America searching for this blog.  I have seen many countries from all over the world with very similar searches.  I have spoken to individuals from many different countries and they all have a very similar treatment.  They are searching for something to heal and get them back to a normal way of life.  They don’t want to take drugs and get surgery.  These people are looking to treat the root cause for their ailments and unfortunately the answer is just not popping pills for the rest of your life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I hope that some of what I have learned has helped you in some way.  More to come in 2015!


5 thoughts on “Daily Juicing: One Year Later

  1. Keep posting
    I started juicing as a last resort before I was to began Humira. As a nurse I never believed juicing would work. I changed my diet in April but could not acheive remission until I juiced for 30 days in Sept. I have continued to green juice every morning with a non-processed, gluten free diet. I am still in remission. Thanks so much for your posts.

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