Post-Thanksgiving Belly Soother

The Thanksgiving holiday can be a real problem for many with Crohn’s, Colitis or IBS.  Here is a juice recipe to help soothe an irritated intestinal system:

Belly Soother

  • 4 carrots – Very soothing, healing and calming to the gi tract
  • 1/2 Fennel Bulb – great for gas and bloating
  • Cucumber – Super cooling for your gi tract
  • 1 Bunch Mint – Calms intestinal upset and stops spasms of the gi tract

If you need additional relief, I bought a product from amazon at the link below for myself for my Monday mornings only.  These pills are composed of mint, fennel and ginger.  They are cheap and developed by an individual who has/had IBS issues.

I also recommend looking into a good digestive enzyme that you can take to help digest foods that may be difficult on your already sensitive system.  My theory is that if I take one capsule with each meal, I will be able to break down and absorb more nutrients and leave less waste for elimination.  This product below is in the mail as we speak.

They have HCL to increase your stomach acid which can both cure acid reflux and also enzymes to break down your food.  Yes adding more acid to your stomach can cure acid reflux – look that one up:)

I hope you enjoy the drink above and you can find a way to break free from the drugs and go more natural.

My current daily plan:

  • 1 16oz fresh juice
  • 1 enzyme capsule at each meal
  • 1 probiotic at dinner
  • 2 mint pills on Monday morning – stress

You can get to this level if you follow many of my prior suggestions to get to this point.  You have nothing to lose except for your Crohn’s.


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