Defeating Crohn’s Through Bacteria

The more and more I read about how doctors are beginning to see a major link between Crohn’s and the microbiome, the more I want to experiment with creating the healthiest bacteria strains in my own gut.  I believe that individuals with severe Crohn’s Disease symptoms have a tremendous bacteria, yeast and fungi overgrowth and a simple probiotic cannot overturn it on its own.

Recently, I decided to switch my probiotic for something that had different strains that were mainly dedicated to IBS symptom control.  I still get IBS symptoms on a Monday morning when I am waking up early for the first time that week (stress).  I chose a brand called RenewLife with 10 strains and a 50 Billion cell count.  It is highly important that you get a probiotic that is refrigerated with multiple strains and a high cell count.

It is also important to get a probiotic with both Lacto and Bifido bacteria strains.  One is for the large intestine and the other is used for the small intestine.  It is also a time release capsule so it does not get destroyed by stomach acids.

In addition, I am trying out a product in place of Metamucil called FiberSmart.  This stuff seems really cool and could be super helpful to you.  This product contains flax seed, L-glutamine and a probiotic blend of both strain types.  It also has fennel for gas, marshmallow root to sooth the intestines and slippery elm bark for easier bowel movements.  It is a world apart from simple Metamucil!  The L-glutamine in this product helps to heal the walls of your intestine and helps you to digest food better.  Pretty cool stuff!

In summation, if you are having severe Crohn’s symptoms and your medicine just does not seem to be working, here is what I would do:

  1. Research which strains of bacteria specifically help Crohn’s and IBS.
  2. Take oregano capsules to kill the overgrowth so you can repopulate with your strong probiotic.
  3. Try the Fiber Smart product because of the L-glutamine and additional probiotics.
  4. Drink one fresh juice daily at about 12+oz to get your enzymes, vitamins and phytonutrients.

All signs point to the bacteria levels in your gut.  When I work on fostering a healthy bacteria level in my own gut, I see such great results.  This is what juicing along with natural supplements has done for me.  Its’ ability to create a healthy microbiome is truly amazing.

BTW:  I just passed 11 months of daily juicing an I’m closing in on my 1 year anniversary date.  Prescription medicine free as well for 11 months!!!!!:):):):)


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