Crohn’s Reset and Elimination

I was recently hospitalized for a bowel obstruction made of food which did not digest.  I usually over do everything so eating large quantities of nuts without drinking liquid sort of made a cement block in my intestines.  I know, stupidity!  I did ask if there was any evidence of Crohn’s Disease on Ct scans or blood tests and I was all clear!  No doctor even got into conversation about how I stopped medication, switched my diet and healed with juicing.  It was almost like they knew that would work without saying it.  shhh!

I was not allowed to eat from Tuesday to Sunday and only was allowed to consume liquids.  When I got out of the hospital my liquids became fresh juices and I started a 2-3 day juice fast.  Along with this I added my strong probiotic.  I also added Miso soup which contains active cultures.  I essentially got all of the stool out of my system and was now repopulating my gut with beneficial bacteria.  Now, my gut has been repopulated for a while, but for someone with full blown Crohn’s this might just flip the switch!!

This is similar to a fecal transplant in which a healthy person’s stool is placed into someone with Crohn’s Disease.  The new stool contains very healthy bacteria and it overtakes the unbalanced system.  I strongly believe that someone who has moderate to severe Crohn’s Disease would benefit from a juice fast reset.

  1. Start a liquid diet full of soups and broths
  2. Add in green juices 3-4x per day
  3. Take a strong probiotic 2x per day
  4. Eat foods that encourage good bacteria
  5. Take oregano oil to kill any left over harmful bacteria

I now believe that if you continue to eat processed foods and foods containing sugar while juicing, you really don’t make any progress.  Someone with Crohn’s Disease needs to do more than others to get back on track and stay there.  With all the above said, it was not that easy to fast for 2-5 days as I did.  You can eat here and there, but make sure that the food you select will foster strong good bacteria growth.

Juice Fast Green Recipe: This is the ultimate detox/healer when your system is already flushed out!

  • Kale
  • Parsley
  • Dill
  • Green Bell Pepper
  • Celery
  • Apple
  • Pineapple
  • Ginger

2 thoughts on “Crohn’s Reset and Elimination

  1. Dear Mr. Hayden,
    I would really appreciate it if you could email me. My father is 80 years old and has suffered with Crohns for many years. He has been in a flare since last March, has been on many medications, and is now getting infusions; none of which are helping. They do not talk to him much about nutrition, just that he should be eating a bland diet. He has lost a lot of weight and has aged tremendously since last Christmas. I do not want to lose my father to this horrible disease. He has been seeing a “specialist”, but to no avail. Do you think this is something that could possible help my dad? I know you’re not a Dr. I am just looking for answers and where to start.
    Thanks so much in advance. I guess I can’t really put my email in here as others will see it too. I guess you could go to my wordpress account and leave a message there.

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