Food Digestion and Variety

I recently found out the hard way that it is important to choose foods that will digest well in the gi tract in addition to daily juicing.  I just landed myself in the hospital due to a food/bowel obstruction.  I just started eating some new items and I went overboard on these foods before realizing that they do not digest well.  I was making raw almonds, cashews and pecans into recipes.  I made some muffins from almond meal along with a breakfast item made of almonds and almond milk. All of these foods contained small pieces that just did not digest and went all the way through the gi system and were seen at the very end each day.  Some of these did not make it through and built up creating a blockage.

I actually need some help out there from those who are super knowledgeable on a gluten/dairy free diet that contains foods and recipe ideas that are easily digestible.  This is the area where I struggle and need assistance, a food list, recipe blog, ect.

The one story that was pretty shocking was one of a girl with the same problem here at the hospital. The bowel obstruction turned out to be completely made from salad items for her.  She ate super healthy and still had a problem due to excess fiber that just does not digest fully.

I have had no food during this time and the first thing I am going to put into my body will not be food. It is going to be the following recipe for a fresh start.

Green Cleanse

  • Cucumber
  • Dill
  • Cilantro
  • Celery
  • Lemon
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Ginger

4 thoughts on “Food Digestion and Variety

  1. One of the best things I’ve found to soothe my gut after an obstruction is flax seed tea.

    2 Tablespoons whole flaxseed
    2 Cups water
    Bring flaxseeds and water to a boil for two minutes, reduce to simmer for three minutes, then remove the pot from heat and let sit for ten minutes. Strain flaxseeds out (don’t eat!); the remaining liquid turns into a gelatinous goop. Once cool enough, drink the liquid. Has a nutty taste that isn’t too bad.

    After an obstruction I drink this twice a day. I found the flaxseed tea recipe online for treatment of gallbladder pain which I’ve since cured. I also learned it is a great gut soother for me as needed. (Crohn’s for 26 years, J-pouch & try mainly to follow a gluten-free diet, recently started going dairy-free as well.)

    Good luck & get well soon.


  2. Hey, sorry to hear about your time in the hospital. I’ve definitely been there. In addition to juicing which is amazing of course, a high in meat diet is actually one of the most digestible diets. I know a lot of vegan nutritional opinions tend to discuss how harmful and slow to break down meat can be, but for my symptoms and the research I’ve done, high quality beef and chicken is very easy to digest. If you read a bit by Robb Wolfe his research is phenomenal. I started with some simple steak burgers basically involving antibiotic free range beef without gluten covered in avocado an excellent healing fat with sweet potato fries on the side. I’ve added a lot of avocado, olive oil to my diet and feel a lot better too. Of course everyone reacts differently and I’ve met elite runners who eat a vegetarian diet and I’m ecstatic for them, but for those with compromised digestive systems nutrients from high quality meat is actually highly absorbable.
    Notice how this is almost the opposite advice of the low residue diet were often prescribed for crohns in the hospital, full of white bread and sugar. If this helps at all I’m happy, your blog is an inspiration
    For me and many others.


    • Thank you very much for this advice. Robb has some excellent ideas on food and health and I watch his videos often. I like the idea about high quality meat because I don’t want to give up that option for food. Very interesting comment here:):)


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