Target: Immune System for Crohn’s Reversal

Our doctors are currently giving patients immune system suppressants as a means to treat Crohn’s Disease.  This is usually a last resort for many and they are just plain sick of not feeling relief.  This practice is just so dangerous! It increases your chances for so many other sicknesses, bacteria and viruses that you would normally have fought off.  It is kind of like they are giving you AIDS to treat your Crohn’s Disease.  The worst part is that they are simply trying to treat you and never really trying to cure you. They say that there is no cure for it because they are not trying and do not want to cure it.  That is a strong statement, but I think we all know that this is true.

I don’t know if you have ever researched information on your “second brain”.  Your second brain is your gastrointestinal tract. This second brain is controlled by the trillions of bacteria within your gut.  This bacteria is in full control of your immune system! These bacteria control your cravings for foods that become food for this harmful bacteria.  One of these is Candida yeast and this eats sugar.  When you eat a ton of carbs and sugary treats, you feed this yeast and it can grow out of control.

I have said this many times before that food is the true root cause.  I also think genetics plays a factor, but only to make you more sensitive than others to an overturned flora.

Sequence of Crohn’s in 5 Steps (My personal Theory)

  1. Food GMO,preservatives, sugar, wheat, processed food
  2. Bacterial overgrowth (for those who are sensitive)
  3. Immune system responds and attacks everything
  4. Inflammation, poor absorption, malnutrition
  5. Crohn’s and severe damage as the cycle repeats

When you stop step number 1 and really work on the health of your second brain, you can overturn the imbalance going on. Your immune system returns to normal levels and the inflammation stops.  You then are able to absorb more of your food, vitamins and nutrients.  This heals your damaged intestinal system and the Crohn’s cycle begins to stop.

Focus on feeding your body healing foods and liquids.  There are many foods that are causing damage and that is why I do not eat wheat or dairy.  These two throw my good bacteria off track and I just don’t want to go back there again.  It takes a great diet, daily specific juicing and supplements like oregano and garlic to reverse the imbalance.

I don’t know, but this makes a lot of sense to me:) I hope there are others who are thinking this way:)

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6 thoughts on “Target: Immune System for Crohn’s Reversal

  1. Great post! I’m on my way (trying) to get where you’re at. Question for you: what do you eat in addition to your juices. What does a typical day look like?


    • Breakfast is like eggs ham gluten free waffles with almond butter and jelly gf cereals with almond milk. Lunch is usually the last night’s dinner. Chicken sausage with rice pasta and sauce, any fish or shell fish, brown rice, chicken, ect. Snacks are usually almonds, other nuts, gf rice treats from trader Joe’s, almond yogurt, rice chips, bananas.

      I want to try getting into salads and actually eat some fruit and veg, but I still worry about too much fiber.

      Against all is a great source for new ideas and the author “had” colitis and cured it with food changes!


  2. My son was just diagnosed with mild Crohns. He is 12. I am obviously devastated. I have eliminated most dairy and am trying to go gluten “reduced” as well as giving him a probiotic. I am only buying organic meats. He is on Pentasa which has made him feel better. My husband has ulcerative colitis and was on Prednezone and is now on a Humera type drug. This is crazy. Thank you for your site and for any information. I am going to start juicing for our whole family.



    • Yes it is becoming a disease that attacks all ages at this point. I am glad you are making the changes. I am coming up with a post that really explains why certain foods could cause major problems for those with crohn’s. A really friendly menu that shows what to eat and what not to eat. Good luck and shoot any questions my way for starting up juicing.


  3. I agree with all the steps. I have had severe Crohn’s disease for 30 years and followed similar steps. Only 3 major flares during this time and medications during high stress periods of life. I would like to add taking a multivitamin, iron, vitamin D and fish oils have helped. The biggest help is going gluten free. Despite the links of gluten free and Celiac Disease, I think it is has been helpful for me. An Endocrinologist specialized in Crohn’s disease will help determine appropriate supplements and monitor vitamin D levels.


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