**31 Day Juice and Plank Challenge!**

In honor of October, I invite you to give yourself an inside/outside tune up for the entire 31 days of this upcoming month. The rules are quite easy, but it will take some dedication to stay on board.  I feel like feeling awesome this month so give it a shot and join me!

***Try to juice at the same time every day and make it part of your routine.  My time is about 3:30 after work.***

Juicing:  There are no specific recipes for this.  The only rule is that you create one fresh juice per day.  You must juice a minimum of 8oz of freshly extracted juice.  It can also be a smoothie if you wish.  I enjoy going on to https://juicerecipes.com/health/ and trying different health ailments to see juice recipe ideas.  What ever your goal is, just click on the health ailment to get some interesting ideas. You can also adapt and change them to fit your taste.  Try to vary your ingredients and make a green juice one day and follow it with another color.  Just mix it up and have fun with it.  If you come up with anything unique tasting, leave a comment below for all to try out.  

Planking:  This is a personal goal of mine to get back into simple planking.  I was doing these for a good couple of months when I messed up my shoulder doing extreme push-ups.  I always seem to over do it and hurt myself doing a bit too much. For this challenge it is just the classic plank position either on hands or with elbows.  If you have a lot of difficulty with them, just try knees instead of full leg extension.

Here is the schedule:

  • Oct 1st – 7th :  Hold for 1 minute per day.
  • Oct 8th – 15th : Hold for 2 minutes per day.
  • Oct 16th – 23rd : Hold for 3 minutes per day.
  • Oct 24th – 31st : Hold for a full 4 minutes per day!!!

**If you have trouble jumping between minutes when we switch weeks, just do what you can and increase at a slower rate.  Stick with it because it really tones up your entire body. Another tip is to distract yourself with tv or music and not try to focus on your muscles burning:)


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