Crohn’s is a flora problem First!

Juicing works so well because it seems to correct flora imbalance to restore good bacteria over harmful.  Oregano oil also works because it only kills the harmful bacteria unlike antibiotics that kill everything.  As you do these things you notice that your symptoms subside and bathroom frequency normalizes.  A few years ago my symptoms got better when taking heavy doses of antibiotics, but they returned because all flora was killed off.

Crohn’s begins with flora and what you put in your body over time, disturbs the perfect balance for those that are more sensitive. This flora is strongly connected to your immune system, which then goes on overload and inflammation begins to occur. The endless cycle begins to happen = Crohn’s

Try this simple change for one month to see if your symptoms subside:

  • Take a highly rated refrigerated probiotic with a high cell count and wide array of bacteria 2x per day. Morning/Night
  • Take oregano oil capsules 2x a day along with the probiotic. Morning/Night
  • Start juicing 8oz+ 1x per day.  (Best to include greens with high chlorophyll and oxygen)
  • Go easy on sugar and food that turns into sugar to starve the bad bacteria.
  • Try to eat natural foods and just limit the processed as much as you are comfortable with.

Let me know if you try this out and if you feel better.  I have tested all of this on myself and it seems to be working very well!!


6 thoughts on “Crohn’s is a flora problem First!

  1. Good evening Nicholas. Okay, I will try it. By the way. I go back to work tomorrow so I will be able to get everything I need. Glad to be working again. Have a good night.

    Thank you. Val


  2. I wanted to thank you so much for your blog. Always interesting and well written. I appreciate how you put things, making it seem achievable!! 🙂 it is!


  3. Hey Nicholas!

    My boyfriend and I have been following your blog for over a month now and have found it so inspiring. Bf is 28 and has Crohns since he was 15ish. He’s a pretty typical case with all the associated secondary issues that comes with the moderate– severe category. He’s purchased the Oregano Oil and we’ve been reading up and preparing to try juicing. Since his case can be very debilitating he wants to sample various fruits and veggies before trying combinations to make sure we only use recipes with ingredients that won’t have him calling out of work for 1-3 days. (Fruits and vegetables are huge irritants) Have you had experience or know someone that has toe’d the water before jumping in? We’re wondering if there were any F/V we should start off with, absolutely avoid and any expectations we could have from the first exposure. Thank you so much for your posts!



    • The cool thing about juicing is that it will remove almost all fiber from the F/V. This is what would keep me home 1-3 days if I ate the fiber part. You can also juice something and then pour it through a strainer to get 99% + of the fiber removed. It would be best to try out single to double combos to feel it out if you are worried about the effects.

      Apple, orange, ginger
      Pear, Fennel, ginger
      Apple, Carrot, ginger

      Something like the above to start and then add in things like cucumber, celery. Spinach can be the first green item because it is a bit mild. Later you have the big stuff like kale, parsley, cilantro ect. Those are your major healers!

      But really try to strain out that juice and you may just experience just straight improvement!

      The breville juice fountain plus that I use has been the best at removing almost all fiber from the juice. Then I just pour it through a small strainer into a glass and drink right away!


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